Walgreens: Stop selling ineffective homeopathic AsthmaCare!

Walgreens: Stop selling ineffective homeopathic AsthmaCare!

Hi everybody, this is Christina the Amputee
OT. In this video I want to talk about a product that I found that is being sold in stores
that I believe is really unethical. In my opinion, it is absolutely unethical to sell
this product at Walgreens, and here’s why. This product: AsthmaCare, is marketed for
– as it says on the box – for temporary relief of minor asthma symptoms, and it lists some
of the symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing, and tightness in the chest. It also
says in it that it is natural, safe and smart, has no known side-effects. If you look, in
really tiny letters, you’ll see that it also says, “NOT A RESCUE INHALER.” So the problem
I have with this product is this: if, for some reason, you are having symptoms of asthma,
and you can’t get a prescription for an Albuterol inhaler which is a regular rescue inhaler,
you might be tempted to – in your state of mild hypoxia – to travel down the aisles of
Walgreens, looking for an over-the-counter remedy that you don’t need a prescription
for. And what is very likely to happen if that you’ll come across this product. The
problem I have with this product is that it’s homeopathic. and it’s meant to treat asthma.
and, that is a problem because homeopathy has not been scientifically proven in any
way to help people with asthma or any illness, for that matter. There’s absolutely no credible
scientific evidence that homeopathy is effective for anything, much less something as serious
as asthma, in fact if you read on the side of the box, it says, “This product has not
been clinically tested.” That means that nobody has tested this product to see if it works.
Now, that might not be a huge deal if you have a cold or some other self-limiting condition
that’s just gonna go away on its own, but that is a big deal if you have asthma. Asthma
is a problem that could lead to – if not treated properly – with the proper medication – a
hypoxic brain injury, death, or very serious consequences. And this, is exactly what is
meant by an ineffective treatment. This has not been clinically tested, there’s no way
it could possibly work because it’s homeopathic, and this is a misleading product. Not only
is it a misleading product, but it’s a misleading product that could cause somebody to die because
they are not getting the proper treatment that they need. …and it does say on the
back, “Do not use as an inhaler.” it also says, and I quote, “Asthma can be life-threatening.
if you’ve ever been hospitalized for asthma, consult a physician before using this product.
This product is intended to complement, not replace, standard medical treatment.” So that’s
great, it’s written on the back of the box, but the problem is that if you are having
an asthma attack, or your child, or your family member is having an asthma attack, and they
are unable to get an Albuterol inhaler, maybe they’re poor and they can’t afford an Albuterol
inhaler, maybe they are poor and can’t go to the doctor, who knows? For whatever reason,
and they go down the aisles of Walgreens and they find this, which by the way is $22 – they
are likely not to read the fine print. And they are going to buy this and they are going
to take it home for themselves or for their loved one without realizing that this is not
meant to really treat asthma symptoms and not only that but, again it’s homeopathic.
It doesn’t work. Homeopathy supposedly works by serial dilution. So you take a substance
that causes the problem that you’re trying to cure, you add it to water, you shake the
water very vigorously, and then you dilute it until it’s so dilute that there’s very
little likely chance that there are any molecules of the original substance remaining in the
water. And supposedly the water remembers the molecules that were in there that are
now NOT in there, and when you then put the water on little pills, or ingest the water
directly, or in this case spray it down your throat, it’s supposed to cause your body to
heal itself naturally. If you’re thinking, “this really doesn’t make any sense”, you
are right. It doesn’t make any sense, it’s completely pseudoscientific and there’s no
scientific evidence that it works. At all. Most people who go to Walgreens to buy over
the counter medicine, in fact most people in general, probably like 99.9% of people,
they don’t really know how homeopathy is supposed to work. they don’t really know about homeopathy
and what it’s supposedly supposed to do or not supposed to do, and they don’t know that
there’s absolutely no credible scientific evidence that homeopathy works to cure any
illnesses. Okay so this is Christopher. He has mild asthma, and he actually went to Walgreens
and purchased this product. Accidentally. So, can you tell me what happened? Yeah. Um,
so I have mild asthma. At the time, I couldn’t get a prescription for, say, science based
effective medicine like an Albuterol inhaler. So I went to the pharmacist and I said, “Hi,
I can’t get a prescription. Is there anything you have that I can get over-the-counter that
might relieve my asthma. And he pointed me to this.” Wait, wait wait… so, you went
to the pharmacy, and the pharmacist said, “I’m sorry I can’t give you a prescription
for this science-based medicine, but you can get this instead?” Yes. And this was basically
the only asthma relief that they had available over-the-counter without a prescription. And
the pharmacist directed me to this. Even worse, I got out to my car and I started to open
it, and the box was opened before I saw that it was homeopathic. And once this box is opened,
it can’t be returned. This bottle of water is about $22. I’m a person who is familiar
with homeopathy. I’ve been educated. I have an amateur knowledge of the science and scientific
method behind homeopathy and I know it doesn’t work. Because I was suffering from mild asthma
at the time, I didn’t even read the “warnings” on this package saying, um, “Not a rescue
inhaler”, “This is not a replacement for” other drugs that might be prescribed by a
physician. These warnings are in very small print, or on the back or on the bottom, compared
to “For temporary relief of minor asthma symptoms” printed directly at front and center. If somebody
who didn’t know that homeopathic products don’t work, go this to try and relieve symptoms
of asthma of themselves or a loved one.. there are serious, serious health consequences to
not treating asthma at all.If you absolutely don’t have access to and effective, science-based
asthma treatment like Albuterol, you have no choice but to go to an emergency room.
There are serious health consequences for not treating asthma. That’s exactly what this
is – it is not treating your asthma, at all. So basically, the way homeopathy works is
by serial dilution. If you read the fine print on the back of this, it reads, “HPUS” which
stands for the homeopathic pharmacopea… of the.. I cannot pronounce that word. It’s
a homeopathic organization, they make up words just in the same way that they make up evidence
Okay. If you look at the back of this box, you’ll see that it reads, “HPUS active ingredients.
Equal volumes of each ingredient in 10X, 30X and LM1 potencies.” That might sound like
this has a 10 times potency of all of these ingredients, but “potency” in homeopathy actually
means “dilution”. So what that means is, for example; a 10X potency they took the original
substance already mixed with water, and then they diluted it with another part of water
with 9 parts water and 1 part the substance, shook it up very vigorously and then diluted
that. And then they did that ten times. So they’ve got that and then they also got 30X
potencies which means that they diluted it 30 times, and then LM1 potencies, which is
a 1:50,000 dilution. Did you know that and equivalent of an 8x is the dilution is the
allowable concentration of arsenic in your drinking water? People are not getting arsenic
poisoning from their drinking water in the United States. You can drink all the water
you want and you will never get arsenic poisoning. You will actually get water poisoning before
you get arsenic poisoning. The lowest concentration of any of the substances that are supposedly
in here is 10X. That’s even less. and 30X is WAYWAY even less. In fact, at 24X, you’re
not even likely to have one molecule of the substance remaining in the end dilution. So
basically what that means is this is nothing but water, and it’s being masqueraded as a
treatment for asthma. Gluten free! Yay! Also some other interesting things on the box – it
says it’s a taste-free oral spray. Well it’s probably taste free since it’s just water.
If says that there’s no known side-effects and no known negative drug interactions. Well,
there’s probably no known side-effects and no known negative drug interactions because
it doesn’t do anything. And in fact, if you read the fine print on the side of this box,
it says, “This product has not been clinically tested” so nobody has even tested this product
to see if it works. By the way, if you’d like some proof that homeopathy does not work,
I will include some links in my description box below so that you can see the mountain
of evidence that is contained therein showing that homeopathy is ineffective at treating
anything. So basically, this box is giving people conflicting information. And if they
don’t read the fine print very carefully – which people are maybe a little less likely to do
when themselves or their family member are having an asthma attack and this has just
been pointed to them by a pharmacist as an over-the-counter remedy to replace an Albuterol
inhaler, in my opinion, that’s really just wrong, and I am urging Walgreens to stop carrying
this product. If you really care about your patients, and you really care about people,
and your business is built upon the whole idea of helping people get better and helping
people not be sick, this is potentially going to cause people to not get the proper treatment
that they need. At the very least it’s a waste of $22. Okay everybody, that’s all for now.
If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below.
You can subscribe if you like. You can follow me on Facebook, that’s Facebook.com/AmputeeOT.
Walgreens, stop selling this. Please. Thanks and bye!

92 Replies to “Walgreens: Stop selling ineffective homeopathic AsthmaCare!”

  1. Thankfully, here in Australia, there are a lot more restrictions on advertising that make these sorts of claims on a box impossible to do.

    But yes, this pseudo-science is stupid and, as you say, hurtful. The worst I have had was when I was in a "wellness" store picking up a particular tea for a friend, I was told, when the subject of my own health came up, 'Oh yes, with the right cleanses and diet you can cure crohns.'

    At that I left the tea there and had to apologise to my friend. Charlatans and snake-oil merchants all of them.

  2. Homeopathy claims that by diluting a substance, it becomes more powerful.. which means I should start using it, otherwise by not touching it at all, it must be an infinitely lethal dose :O (james randi joke I stole :p)

  3. People that would buy this are the same people who think you can pray to jeebus and get healed. " I took an aspirin and prayed for my headache to go away and it went away…PRAISE JEEBUS!"

  4. I 100% agree.

    Before I became physically disabled by Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, I worked as a yoga teacher, and a very dedicated employee of healthfood stores. I worked as a manager, a "supplements specialist" an "enzyme expert" and health consultant. I started working in this field as a career (I was working towards my dream-at-the-time of becoming a naturopathic 'doctor') and was very pressured into and fed a very militant-like attitude which rejected real doctors almost completely (one of my bosses who is very well respected for her long time work in the healthfood industry-she's about 80yrs old now- literally taught me that Drs were only for things like if your arm were chopped off, literally.)

    Now to try to make a long story shorter, my husband has severe lung disease (which we kept calling asthma and chronic bronchitis, truth is its COPD with emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and asthma). Also I have what is now very severe progressed EDS, that was undiagnosed at that time and I blamed it on everything from my scoliosis, to every new problem presented by supplement company representatives in their training sessions selling products claiming to make you better. We both tried everything in the healthfood store. And my husband used OTC inhaler which just contained epinephrine and made his condition worse. One day Walmart was out of the normal OTC inhaler so he got a few boxes of walgreens brand. That night he was coughing up pink phlem and had to go to the hospital with extreme respiratory distress. The herbs and supplements and natural inhaler never helped him, he continued to get worse, catch pneumonia extremely regularly, etc, eventually leading up to him becoming physical disabled by his condition.

    I was taught within that industry that literally everything was somehow fixable with their natural methods. …. well… nothing could be further from the truth and we certainly learned that first hand.

    A bit over 7 years ago, We finally found my husband an amazing pulmonologist (all thanks to our great family doctor) and figured out a regimen of real medicines that truly helped him. He's almost 67 now, but I believe that without the care of our wonderful Drs and real medications (levelbuterol, antibiotics, etc), he wouldn't be here with us today.

    And as for me and my EDS, I'm 27 now (my EDS was finally diagnosed by my Dr in2009), I couldn't survive this condition without my doctor and real medication. All of the expensive "herbal supplements" in the world are no match for congenital mutation.

    -Sandi Schmidt

  5. homeopathic cures are dangerous. i know firsthand because of one of my exes tried one on me. 45 days later ….dont try this crap people. and never allow bleach in any dilution on your skin.

  6. So glad you are posting again. As a left BKA I have enjoyed your posts and passed your information along to other amputees, who all have commented positively.

  7. I honestly don't understand HOW there are not consumer protection laws in place to regulate these products. Where I live, they sit on the shelves right next to the ACTUAL medicine, and if the pharmacist thinks they'll make more money from selling that product, I have seen, on more than one occasion, them recommend a homeopathic product over a real one to some clueless mother with a sick child at home. This makes me so angry!

  8. Sentorei,and,yellow nettle is a past I find very helpful as I can't use real drugs for some thing I was pasted with it when they removed my right leg,and,I am fine.

  9. Trust me, finding a mom and pop pharmacy in your community and using them will be the most rewarding thing you will ever do. They care and they know their job. The girls at my pharmacy cried and hugged my mom when she went in to get my script filled when I had my amputation two weeks ago. They have been through everything with me and emotionally it registers to them. Anyway most (not all) mom and pops are the best choice. They are also more willing to work with you and often will have coupons for your prescription meds. I remember when I was on one antibiotic that was 800 dollars for a 20 day supply they got the cost down to 500 dollars. They also do special orders like say if you need medi-honey and they don't have it they'll order it for you. In my opinion they are just the better over all choice for over and behind the counter meds.

  10. Okay, let me get this straight.

    You’ve had asthma for a time before going to the pharmacy, and for some unknown reason you couldn’t get a prescription for an inhaler this time around. (Which I don’t understand at all because I managed to get prescriptions and inhalers while uninsured for ten years, but we’ll just go with that part for now.)  So you asked a pharmacist what you could buy since you couldn’t get the prescription you knew you needed, and they directed you to the only over the counter product…and you’re mad at them for doing their job? 

    Were you expecting the pharmacist to give you a prescription-controlled medication without a doctor’s prescription? Were you expecting the pharmacist to write you a prescription? Were you expecting there to be something as useful as a prescribed medication to be sold over the counter? 

    I don’t get the indignation over the situation. 

    The pharmacist couldn’t help you with a scientific proven prescription that I’m sure he would have loved to give you, because legally his hands were tied. You asked for an over the counter alternative instead, and he sent you to the only one they have, which was his only option.

    What outcome were you expecting out of the situation?

    Not to mention that the product does state all over it, as you pointed out, that it isn’t a rescue inhaler and might not be helpful. If you were so far into an asthma attack that you’re going to blame hypoxia on not reading a package and warning labels before buying or using a product, that’s not really the product’s fault. You should have realized you needed to go to an ER or quick-care clinic before your lack-of-breathing got to the point of impaired judgement. (Hell, you could have even gotten the prescription through clinics that they even have at Walgreens.)

    I get you’re pissed you wasted $22 on garbage, but just chalk it up to a learning experience and accept responsibility for not having your brightest moment.

    All of the above aside, I felt this video was just a medium you used to vent and not nearly as good as your other videos. Not only does it have nothing to do with amputation or life as an amputee, but nearly everything was repeated and it could have been half the length without losing any content. Even if I loved the subject matter, it just isn’t nearly as good as your past videos have been, which was rather disappointing as this was the first video after months of nothing.

    I’ve enjoyed many of your videos before, and I hope this video, while a misstep, means you’ll be adding content regularly again.

  11. Welcome back Christina, missed your videos!  Homeopathy proponents belong in the same basket as anti-vaccinaters ie science deniers / people who pick and choose what science they believe.  And for conditions like asthma it can be life threatening.  I am going to go and drink some tap water so I dont get asthma….

  12. @AmputeeOT wow I'm reading a lot of hate and ignorance in the comments. It's really disappointing. Fighting pseudoscience is really important to me and I applaud you for posting this. As for people saying that you should "stick to amputees"? I'm interested in hearing about other aspects of your life because you're a person, not just an amputee. Anyway, I really love your videos and have been missing them on YouTube! Your videos are always informative and are part of the reason why I want to work on prosthetics (I'm studying to be an electrical engineer).

  13. Chrissy!!!! RICK DELAIR HERE! GOD, I NEED you to EMAIL me! I MISS you so much! [email protected]  OK–now to the 2 things in my life you need to know! 

    FIRST, I have Asthma. I use Advair 100/50 twice a day, and have a rescue inhaler, which, fortunately I rarely need. I have it "in case" though! Always in my pocket, with an extra external catheter in case that fails, too, and believe me they DO–I use the Hollister InView EXTRA caths, and it took me about 7 years (in a chair of course!) to get these things to work even remotely right! I also use a Hollister bedside bag as a leg bag because the Hollister is made like a leg bag, and holds MUCH more, which is a real convenience for me! I made a leather cover for it and it works great as well. I always partially bypass the reflux valve, not so much that it will cause a back flow, but eniugh that the reflux valve flap doesn't stick together–I blew off a zillion caths because of those ridiculous, too-long vinyl reflux valves believe me! I wouldn't buy that product anyway, and get prescription meds, so no probes there. I also have Sarcoidosis, which is really not much of an issue, and is doing fine–get regular check ups along with my asthma. 

     OK–FOR THE BIG ONE!!!!! I have been in SHEER AGONY despite considerable sensation loss and incomplete paraplegia from my (very stable, thank God!) MS, because last July (2014), I was out back in my Terra Trek (yup still have it!) using an old fashioned hand sickle to knock down the overgrown weeds out by my shop out behind the house, and somehow a friggin' BROWN RECLUSE spider got on me, it never bit me, but probably "rode" into the house on me, maybe in a fold in my pants, and when I went to bed, apparently that EVIL critter (the thought of them makes me cringe, and I never really had issues with spiders, but do NOW!) crawled into the left leg of my pants, which I tossed as usual on the floor to wear the next day, since I was gonna get dirty again anyway, so why get clean pants for that, and when I put them on the next day, that little bastard BIT ME 3 FRIGGING TIMES UNDER MY TOES! I never felt the bites, and never saw the spider because he fell free of my bed once I got my foot through the pantleg! I am STILL in utter HELL. I was treating it myself initially because would care was clueless and made it worse. All I got from them was "it MUST be a diabetic ulcer, as there are NO Brown Recluse spiders up HERE, and we won't treat it as such!" SORRY but there ARE some up here now and everyday I am hearing of someone else getting bit–Albany Med Hospital is SWAMPED with recluse bite victims since last June! SO–eventually I got badly infected, and in fact wound care admitted they probably CAUSED it, by not treating me correctly! I went back to my primary DR, DR Santos, and she immediately admitted me to St Mary's hospital that day, in October as an emergency patient. Chrissy, I was so sick and had so much antibiotocs put through me that it could actually SMELL it through my skin constantly, and the smell is NOT pleasant, and it got so they couldn't even get a PIC line OR IV needle into any of my veins because of what the antibiotics did to them! The pain in my foot was beyond explanation–I found out later, after the surgery I had a week after being bombarded by antibiotics, that I was bit 3 times—initial bite on the base of the second toe, second bite on the base of the third toe, and third and last bits on the big toe just above the base knuckle, to the inside, this one has actually been the most stubborn and painful despite probably getting the least amount of venom. The venom moved around the top of the second and third toes, and took the flesh off to about second degree burn level! I haven't REALLY cried, in mean uncontrollable sobbing, shaking, etc, probably since second grade! I was doing this! I would cry almost every day—4 Advils and 4 Aleves barely touched that kind of pain, and this is with sensation loss no less! I was actually on Ocycontin for a while afterwards, and I HATE it—the "high" from this garbage is chaotic and scary, and it only lasts 4 hours, then it's back to the nasty initial effects when you take it again! I am possibly finally approaching actual healing–that initial surgery left me with a huge split up into my foot between the second and third toes, because my new podiatry doctor, Dr Bauer, who I will go for a regular checkup tomorrow at 11:30 AM, had to go into my foot to remove massive necrosis! He had to excavate the 2 wounds from the bites under those 2 toes and had to pack the wound and I dreaded having the packing changed like the plague–it hurt more than anything I ever felt, and hurt as much going back IN! After those craters started filling in, then the split between my toes required packing after the stitches were out, back to hell again! My second surgery was about 4-5 weeks ago, mainly for cleaning up and doing skin grafts on the wounds under the toes, as well as a small would still on top where the split between the toes is still not quite healed. The skin on the 2 toes has grown back, color is coming back, and the grafted wounds are trying to skin over. I was using a compound of Lidocaine, Santyl, and Mupirocin applied to Hydrofera Ready and wrapped in place, until the grafts were done, then a break and having to keep the dressings on for a week at a time–no Hydrofera, so the grafts could take–the week after surgery, the dressing was actually stitched to my foot! those were regular ones and had to be taken out and it wasn't fun, the ones on the grafts are the self dissolving ones and are slowly falling out now. I went back on the compound again this past Tuesday, and the nurses come every day–before the graft surgery they came every other day, to change the dressings and get new compound on, and there is now a fourth component added–a type of steroid. It is working, but I could NEVER tolerate being touched on the wounds, and the tolerance has gone more downhill in the past few days, probably because of nerve and tissue regeneration. Dr Bauer tried to debride the woulds one time and I went into AD! Yup Autonomic Disreflexia, from the MS! I nearly passed out, and he can only work on my foot when I am 100% anestheticized. Even then, my leg spasms severely and Dr Bauer has trouble working on me even totally under! I almost lost the 3 toes, but am kinda wishing Dr Bauer just took them off, as this is going on WAY too long—one good thing–being para and in a chair has been a Godsend for me, but since I have a TiLite ZRA, elevating the foot for pain reduction has been a pain. The biggest current issue is that the sores are hyper sensitive, and the compound tends to get used up at night, and the Hydrofera cause nasty stinging pain when it touches the would in even the slightest way! That kills my ability to sleep, and makes me tired during the day. Once it forms skin over it, it should stop being so painful and sensitive–right now I cannot even tolerate being wiped with gauze soaked in saline, and i could before. 

     GOD how I wish you were here to help me through this horrible ordeal! I think of you every day—also—when you email me, enlighten me on your foot crush injury and amputation, if you would! It might help me to cope with MY foot problem—an also, I don't have diabetes, so wound cares assumption could have killed me—Dr Bauer said 2 more days with the infection I had and I would have died. Wound care treats me WAY different now, and Dr Bauer is there, they are believers in brown recluse spiders in upstate NY now! My dad saw the bastard that bit me walking across the kitchen floor shortly after I was bitten, and knew it was a recluse because he NEVER saw a spider that looked like that around here before! He killed it with a rolled up paper, and we put it in a baggie on a paler towel, and Dr Bauer got a fast conclusive identification–it was for sure a recluse, and the venom that leaked after we killed it ate through about 8 layers of the paper towel! No other spider's venom can do that! It is caustic, and stays in the wound site and just keeps eating flesh–and retards healing to horrendously slow levels! I know I went LOOOONG here, but HAD to let you know of my terrible situation. I just want to be beck to normal–a paraplegic with little pain, compared to this, and no more nurse visits or constantly going to wound care. 

     As an aside, I also took up trumpet, and yes I still play drums too, started a rock band with my nephew and his friend actually, and met Chris Botti who autographed my horn twice on 2 separate occasions. That is a real highlight in my life! So is playing trumpet, still taking lessons, and getting there–had to learn to read music, too! Cheers, and love! Rick Delair [email protected] 

     (My old ricksbulbs email is DEAD, it got corrupted a year ago and is lost)

  14. Not sure how I ended up on your videos but I was starting to worry about you being absent for so long! I hope you are doing well! 🙂

  15. Hey.. you know ALL prescription drugs dont have ANY scientific basic either – Your FDA dont tell you that but it's true. All drugs ONLY have to show they are better than Placebo to be marketed to the public – they do NOT have to actually work -Thats the LAW – thats what all pharmaceuticals do – so i'd rather take that natural remedy even though it may not work over the dangerous synthetic drug – It is irresponsible to make blanket claims against homeopathy because some remedies do work better than others just like fda approved drugs – So tell me.. what remedy did you find thats Not prescription and that Does in fact work?

  16. Over-react much? Of course any OTC product will not help during an asthma attack – homeopathic or otherwise. The best non-prescription way to treat asthma is to avoid things that trigger it; strenuous activity, excessive humidity, allergens, strong odors, especially perfumes.

  17. Hey I'm an above the knee amputee and I just want to ask, does any else get air bubbles in their liners? My liner is well in condition but every block or two I walk, i can feel little air bubbles in the liner. I have to stop and push the air out every time. My prosthetic doctor tells my that he doesn't even know how air manages to get in. Any ideas or solution?

  18. Miss you Christina.  Your videos really helped me helped my partner following her amputation.  I hope you are well and happy.  Cheers.

  19. I totally agree. If wall greens acually cares for their people, they need to stop selling ALL homeopathic meds. Just not right that people do that.

  20. I have asthma so what if my mom comes across it and doesn't see that sing and then she gives it to me and then I guy and then I die that would be weird so what if she does that can you please call Walgreens and say to stop selling them you probably will though

  21. Christina nice to see you after long time…i was thinking you studied homeopathy after you failed my challenge….remember? Homeopathy works and is the most advanced science of healing

  22. Sorry to ask but, recently I an early video of yours showing your foot pre-amputation. May I ask what happened to your pinky toe on the process. Sorry if what I'm asking is too personal and I'd just like to say how much I respect you after watching all your videos for being so open. : )

  23. I think I MAY have body integrity identity disorder, an identity disorder which drives people who are otherwise fine to get an amputation. Please don't judge me because of this. Can you make a video about this please? You don't have to make it makes you feel uncomfortable.

  24. Of course it is not a rescue inhaler. Homeopathic products are okay but if you want to succeed you need a specialist to tell you what to take, when to take it and also how often and how long.
    Homepathic products were also an addition to my asthma cure which took approximately 3 years. For example in my second healing stage I got neurodermitis (all expected and usual in the healing procedure). The skin shed after taking a homeopathic product sometimes.

    I never decided which globuli to take – it was under observation of a holistic medicinist who is crucial for your way leading to the cure of asthma and allergies.

  25. I just found your channel and really enjoy the videos (and of course can relate being an amputee myself). Please continue making them!

  26. To a topic completely different to this I wanted to ask you a question as both an OT and a person with a disability.
    I've got EDS, POTs, Juvenile Arthritis and easily broken bones related to a collagen deficiency (not diagnosed as OI, yet, or maybe even ever). I'm at school full time and I am having a lot of trouble getting around. I'm having several dislocations every day, I can't stand for longer than a few minutes and I hate walking. I just wondered what your opinion would be of getting a wheelchair?
    The pros would be less pain, able to study easier, being more social, more independence etc.
    The cons would be losing fitness and getting dependant.
    Also, in my country I would get a custom wheelchair for free from the government 🙂
    I just want to know what you think I should do?
    I'm 19 years old and am sick of being in agony all the time

    Also, disclaimer, I have my own OT, GP, specialist, immunologist, rheumatologist, I'm just trying to get a lot of opinions 🙂
    Thanks, Winona xx

  27. They want your money.. nothing more and they really dont give a rats butt… its sad, but some place in the back room of the FDA it was approved or you couldn't have it. hummm and it has nothing in it.. Prob nothing more then 99% water…
    re: as you said its water…. had posted before the end of the video…

  28. so there selling 30 buck water, i have Asthma and i take the blue inhaler and the brown one, they need to stop selling that crap because there going to kill someone if they don't and probably already kill or hurt some

  29. It's more than just scientifically unproven… that would suggest homeopathy had just never been studied enough to know if it works or not. In fact the whole concept of homeopathy (the doses, etc) is both scientifically impossible to work, and proven to not work.

  30. i have brittle asthma and this is so right , asthma is somehting to be taken seriously and any worsening of symptoms like those listed on the box is something very important that you see someone

  31. Stop buying homeopathic "medicines" from anywhere for anything. Homeopathy has actually been proven to be entirely ineffective. You are just as likely to effectively treat your asthma with homeopathy as you are by hitting yourself in the head with a hammer.

  32. Hey I guess amputee it is dead. Thanks for staying here for a long time and entertaining me but you are dead. All those fun years we had. BUT YOU DIED WAHHAAAAAAAAAAAA. I guess this is the last video of you. Because you died of asthma care.

  33. Ok GUYS. AMPUTEE OT DIED OF ASTPHA. It is very sad that you pass away. But if you are REALLY sick,just make one more video.For us too ALL see.

  34. I'd have to disagree with your premise that homeopathic treatments have never been scientifically proven or studied in detail. If you search PubMed (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed) which has over 26 million citations online of scientific papers, studies, etc, you find quite a bit of study on most natural herbs and formulas consistently used in homeopathic remedies. Simply search any natural herb you can think of and see how many hits you get. Most studies and papers are written in other countries, of course, because the FDA (Food & Death Administration) keeps a tight reign on homeopathy to protect the monopoly the patent drug industry has here. Since you can't patent nature, the next best thing is to try and copy it, make a "bioidentical", give it a funny name and try to pass it off as the same. The body knows the difference, so you get half a commercial of side effects with the pharma copy and usually no known side effects with the natural product. I realize you work or worked in the health industry, so I can understand the bias against natural products used as treatment. The medical system here is just a giant golden goose and any attempt to bypass it with natural treatments will always be met with criminal charges. Patient choice be damned. Tumeric is too cheap. Garlic is too cheap. Hawthorn berry is too cheap. I lowered my blood pressure from a consistent 175/110 to 125/75-80 using those three products. No side effects and a hell of a lot cheaper than the big pharma meds for hypertension. To each his own for sure, but I'll take a healthy liver and kidneys by staying away from patent drugs and y'all can get some good reading in while you sit having dialysis because some pharmaceutical has ruined your kidneys.

    But, my wife has always enjoyed your videos as she is also an amputee. They are quite informative.

  35. Thanks for the info. I had no idea that homeopathy was actually just water. I'm curious where you stand in regards to natural remedies. Obviously, no responsible person would recommend natural remedies in a rescue situation, but perhaps as a treatment for the condition over a period of time?

  36. Hi, I am currently writing a book about a teen who lost her leg, and your videos have been helpful. I have one question, however, how do you shower or bathe? Does your prosthetic stay on or do you take it off? Thank you for your time and consideration and I hope for nothing but the best for you.

  37. Hola… saludos desde Ecuador.. te felicito por tu valentia.. me ha dado la fortaleza para seguir adelante… sabes que aca en el Ecuador no se puede conseguir las protesis y menos si no tienes las posibilidades… ojala algun dia vuelva a caminar… el corte de mi pierna es bajo la rodilla y cuando esto paso fue hace ya casi un año…. quisiera saber como podria hacer para ppder conseguir por medio de alguna organisacion que me pueda ayudar…. sigue adelante y espero que tambien estes bien…

  38. Chicken soup!………The drugstores don't really care as most all of the stuff those stores sell is nothing more than SCAM!  They make millions of dollars off these products.  Many times even the doctors will write you a prescription for a pharmaceutical product which will do nothing for your condition but the salesman for the product gives perks to the doctor for promoting his product!

  39. You go girl. That homeocrapic stuff at the dilutions listed (10x, 30x, and LM1 potencies) would not have a single molecule of the active ingredient if you went swimming in a pool of it. Walgreens still sells it for $25 for 2 oz.

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