Weight Gain – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Weight Gain – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

while most of us complain about being fat there are several people who weigh less than their ideal body weights and are referred to as underweight own loss heart problems and infertility are often a result of being underweight underweight people often suffer from lack of nutrition anaemia and a weak immune system leading to frequent bouts of illness too much physical activity skipping meals fasting and emotional stress contribute to a loss of weights sometimes being underweight could be in the family or may result from hyperactive thyroid which causes frequent bowel movement in some cases the body itself is not able to absorb the food properly causing loss of fat here are a few useful home remedies that can help you gain weight Sok six dried figs also known as injeel and 30 grams of raisins also known as quiche machine water overnight eat these in two doses throughout the day ashwagandha is a very commonly available ayurvedic herb take a glass of hot milk add two tablespoons of ashwagandha powder add 1 TSP of clarified butter also known as ki mix it well drink this daily for a month eat 1 medium sized ripe mango thrice a day followed by a glass of milk continue having this for a month eat well and take care of yourself for more such natural home remedies visit www.investlocalbook.com

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  2. having milk wit honey daily morning to gain weight and body. take more milk product like butter,chees , ghee,ice creem etc

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  5. i am 20yrs old and i followed ur remids but no use
    i am just 37kgs
    plse tell me some another remids for gain weight…….
    i am sufering a lot

  6. hi dear i used contraceptive pills 4 15 days and had 2 kg weight gain kindly help me any home remedy for the problem

    plz reply and solve my prolem

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  9. hi. i followed the mango and milk procedure, and is effective…..but now the mango season gone…..is there any other fruit to replace mango….i hv started eating apple, is it gud or bad.

  10. I just wonder whether the figs help weight gain or loss? as you said its for weight gain.

    I came across about tip of eating Dry figs…
    "Effective weight loss:
    Dry figs are a high source of nutritional fiber. If you are fat and considering losing some weight, fiber-rich foods are a good thing to opt for. Since figs are high in natural fiber, it’ll prove beneficial for your weight management program. It’ll help you in lowering your energy intake, while keeping you full right through the day."

  11. Hi,

    Please post a video of ayurvedic remedy for increasing appetite. At the moment I add cardamom powder to the smoothie of banana, honey, yoghurt and hemp seeds for my son. He can't drink milk because he is lactose intolerant.

    I really liked your video. Very informative indeed.


  12. M 2 mch slim…..m 19yrz old n my weight z jst 35…..plzzzzz help me in increasing my weight, height, breast size plzzzzz…..my height z 4'8 n breast size z 28….. 🙁 plzzzzzz help me out…. +homeveda……

  13. i have also listen that we can soak raisins and figs in milk overnight to gain weight…but as u said to soak in water i have researched on it..that it helps to decrease wait if we soak in water and eat in the morning….SO can we soak it in milk also overnight..does it helps to gain weight 

  14. these thing dont work, just eat more calories food and drink milk with banana added with peanut butter and oats with other foods.

  15. i m not able to find ashwagandha powder anywhere please help me where I would find it or what it is called in English???

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  17. Hello dear, some says dried figs lead to weight loss whereas u are saying it lead to weight gain, what's the mystery behind anjeer??

  18. Hello dear, some says dried figs lead to weight loss whereas u are saying it lead to weight gain, what's the mystery behind anjeer??

  19. I have been thin my whole life!!!I have a high metabolism and can't gain wait for anything!!!does anyone have any suggestions

  20. hello mam my weight is 38 and my age is 23 plz can tel me I can use ashwagandha my is have too much heat so I am asking u

  21. Can we consume milk in the morning?as per Ayurveda is not recommended to have it in morning? Please guide ur

  22. I have gained weight by kottakal ajashwagandhadi lehyam my weight is 65 kg u have to maintain a seperate diet ?eat sleep repeat ? happy weight gain ?

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