Weight Loss Special PART 2 : James Sloane, estrogen, fat, & what to do

Weight Loss Special PART 2 : James Sloane, estrogen, fat, & what to do

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  1. There are raw vegan people who aren't slender and the reason is mainly high fat high sodium. Too many nuts and too much oil (eg. salad dressing). You don't have to believe me, just experiment and see for yourselves. Eliminate oil completely for let's say 2 weeks and reduce sodium (all types of salt including Himalayan) and see what happens. In western countries 40% of people die from cardiovascular diseases (meat consumption, animal fat, stress, etc.) but heart disease is possible to reverse and one way is to totally eliminate oils, all types of oils. The proof is in the pudding, experiment ad see!!! If you are raw vegan and you are not slender, first thing to look at is your fat and sodium intake!

  2. James Sloane is so knowledgable, he really separates facts from fiction. I'm learning a lot. Keep those vids with him coming, if possible! Thank you!!

  3. Can you make a special pack containing of the green formula, night rebuild and Vitamin C, please? That'd be great!

  4. Who cares about some little wrinkles , you are missing the big picture , you should be grateful for this info and products, as we say in jamaica "bwoy unnuh fool brah" anyway thanks Markus and James. Keep the videos coming.

  5. Hello, Markus, I know that my question is irrelevant to this video, but I can't find an answer anywhere: do you have any energy supplements that pregnant women can take?

  6. What about the cholesteral levels of other primates who eat 95% plants? We make our own cholesteral

  7. this fucking guy is amazing 🙂 i am proud to be from NEVADA 🙂
    ketogenic diet !!! is amazing even reduces seizures

  8. I'm always so excited when James Sloane is on the show. I always learn so much. Thank you for keeping these amazing, informative videos coming.


  10. I'm a bit confused about your reference to the Mediterranean diet… They are not exactly known for a raw, plant based diet. Yes, they eat a lot of olive oil – but also a lot of stuff that you do not recommend??

  11. Hello Markus! I am a huge fan of yours. I've been following you on YouTube for a while and recently bought your 'Heal yourself 101' book. In your book you are a huge promoter of kangen water, where in your recent videos you say it's not good for you. Which one is it? Should I buy a kangen water machine or not? Would love for you to make a video on it as well in the future. Thanks you Markus!

  12. i'm gonna stick to whole food fats like nuts and seeds and not use any oils 'cos they are nothing but liquid fat. No thanks.

  13. Great interview! Full of useful, interesting information and comprehensivly put toghether – as always! 😉 Why doesn't anyone else talk about the estrogen link!?
    Thanks you so much @Markus Rothkranz ! 🙂

  14. There's a lot of good advice there, but I'm going to have to disagree on the consumption of oils if they come from a storage container.  Bottled oils are oxidized due to being in contact with the room air they are packaged with, which only increases as the oil is used up.  Oxidized oils digest down into free radical oxygen atoms which are known to cause oxidative damage throughout the body, leading to all degenerative diseases.  Get all sources of bottled oils out of your diet, and start putting in all 90 essential nutrients and you'll feel like a new person within a few days.  

    I prefer to get my healthy fats from nut butters, whole fat milk, whole eggs, whole fat butter, etc….

  15. Great video! I am excited for the Cara interview. She looks incredible, I can't believe her age! It is insane, she looks 25!! I have been making recipes from Love on a Plate and they are awesome!! The pizza is seriously insane!!! I used to be addicted to eating Dominos pizza, and since going raw vegan I couldn't find a replacement, but woah, since making your pizza now I have my replacement!!! The pizza sauce has such a great flavour. I even make the garlic naan, and then dip it into the pizza sauce, because it reminds me of the "bread stix" that pizza places sell. So outstanding! You two are inspiring and make being raw easy!

  16. i at one time thought eating nuts kept me fat , because of its high calorie content, but i guess that's not the case, i guess i have to reevaluate what im doing with my life, and maybe get rid of meat totally, i already eat it sparingly though,  what are your thoughts on beans and legumes?

  17. What are your thoughts on drinking TEA, I consume a lot of iced tea and iced green tea and iced white tea. Much of it I make at home, from high quality tea leaves sourced when I travel around the planet.  You commented in your video about coffee and caffeine causing estrogen dominance.  Thoughts on tea.  I probably consume 8-12 glasses a day.

  18. I love you guys especially James I wish he was still doing his 2 minute videos still Markus you rock too!

  19. I'd need subtitles in spanish, maybe not now if it's not possible, of course, but soon please Markus. Thanks a lot

  20. The father of James Sloane's business partner was killed by his doctor who gave him 150 milligrams of Iodine daily? Never heard of an MD prescribing iodine. 1 mg of iodine can be toxic? Hmmm …. The average dietary intake of iodine for Japanese women is 13.8 mg / daily. Japanese men, about the same. The goitrogens phytic acid and oxalic acid are not mentioned in regard to pathologies of the thyroid gland. Go to a raw food conference like "The Longevity Conference" with David Wolfe and see all the women following a strictly raw food diet who express nodules, cysts, small tumors and the occasional goiter. Thank you for the post.

  21. My son has colitis and needs to GAIN weight.  I thought avocados, nut butters and a little extra oil here and there would do the trick…. Doesn't sound like it.  What can he do?

  22. fantastic videos, i used to have really high cholesterol lvl, my doctor wanted to give me pills to reduce it. I told him, its because i eat to much beef, he said its because i eat to much eggs, so we made a bet. no more meat. so I ate 2 raw egg yokes a day, after work out( eggs are from my neighbor, he has 20 chickens running around in his yard, blue eggs) plus i take 6 "00" pills filled with dried Chaparral leaves, (creosote bush), 3 months later, my lvls are back to normal. he had to pay for my test, he lost. plus most of my food, i grow in aquaponic systems.

  23. Hi Markus & Hveragerthi.  I have recently been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (I have all the symptoms) by my doctor and he wants to put me on a course of drugs.  I have had the symptoms since I was 6 years old and was known as the kid that would not smile.  It's not that I wouldn't, I just couldn't!  But I never knew what was wrong with me.  Now in my late thirties, the symptoms have become much worse.  I struggle with a lack of motivation and of course smiling. 
    At around 6PM daily I suddenly become normal and feel euphoric!  It's an amazing feeling when I'm normal but how can I feel this way throughout the day?  It's gotten so bad that I only venture out of the house in the evenings. What foods/herbs would you guys recommend? Thanks. TW.

  24. Fat in general doesn't make you fat, its the type of fats that are bad. Cooked, processed oils are hard for your body to assimilate as fuel so they clog up your gall ladder, arteries, etc.

  25. wait…. so i can detox while eating fat… I've been trying to juice fast but i keep eating avocados… is it better to juice fast or just eat greens and fats…?

  26. Hi @Markus Rothkranz the reason that chocolate stays hard on the shelf is not because of hydrogenated oils – raw cacao/cocoa butter is naturally solid at room temperature. Only cheap/fake 'chocolate' contains hydrogenated oils – but still contains some cocoa/cacao butter solids to maintain it's shape on the store shelves. 

    High quality chocolate will NEVER contain hydrogenated oils.  Ever.

  27. Hey Markus, I am currently doing a candida diet cleanse and want to know if it is safe to continue using the green formula and the green protein powder or should I stop them temporarily while trying to starve the candida? Wll the fruit sugar in the green protein powder feed candida? Please let me know, thanks.

  28. Should vegans/raw people go to a physician to test cholesterol? What levels should we have if eating raw or almost 100% raw? I thought we didn't have problems with heart attacks if raw and vegan! What do you do to not die of low cholesterol? This is all scary as I thought raw vegans didn't have to worry about this stuff–please expand on what to do. What would a doctor know probably nothing intelligent. I avoid them!
    Not related but the other day I had 12 eggs in one day, (local free range of course) I was so starving from juice fast, avocado or raw nuts probably would have been better or coconut milk, I was craving egg yolks, heard or read somewhere that humans can't digest eggs it's just an energy boost.

  29. All the dandelions are gone and out of season! No way to find lechitin.   Should you find lechitin in your greens formula or a product to clean out the artery plaque? I think there are some other ways to do this too. Will harvest them all next time.

  30. My home is the stress how do I get out of it? It's ugly, cheap and by the side of a busy road. I can't afford to move or I would tomorrow. Hoping for a gateway to open.  
    I'll live in my dream castle in Europe with olive trees in the yard. I found it on the internet but don't have money to pay for it or visit. My life can become a fairy tale not a mundane nightmare! It has been.

  31. Probably better to bake or dehydrate corn into little chips if you're craving chips even if it's not raw! I used to love chips & avocado until I knew about this.

  32. Markus… please answer this. Last 3 days a was water fasting and after this my sisters noticed i've got yellow corners of my eyes (don't know if i had it before fasting) but I got it now. Should I be worried ? Do You know why is that ? I've read is something to do with the liver.

  33. Excellent info as usual. Thanks Marcus. Just watching some of these videos is a great reminder to stay on track.

  34. is lugols applied transdermally with magnesium chloride spray on the wrist ok or is that still easy to overdose on? I do it every other day or so.

  35. @MarkusRothKranz @JamesSloane I wish you guys would do a video addressing the V-Steaming that is gaining so much popularity. Is it for real? Can it be harmful?

  36. Markus, what happened to the video where You and James Sloane talk about thyroid and iodine and sea weed, I've looked for it through Your video uploads and it seems like it's gone??? I watched it several times before and I wanted to show it to my friends.

  37. James and Markus please help i have very painful vericous veins, any idwa what to do? It getting unbearable and is on the crease behind the knee down to the calf. Can it get serious and i trust u two more than any drs.xox

  38. This weight loss video was not boring at all..
    And Markus I am able to help my bro heal faster via experimenting greens and diet plans based on greens. He went through 3 laproscopic surgeries for liver abscess…
    I agree that greens have help me to look slimmer as I am 64 now I was 95kgs after my babies….
    This video widened my thoughts and ideas abt weightloss ..thanks James and Markus..once again a masterpiece

  39. I never hear anyone talk about the 90 minerals you need each day but dont get, it's always about the vitamins, so can you talk about staying away from things like meat with nitrates I know there are hormones but  arent nitrates even worse? also Fucoidan I hear is very good too

  40. Is boiled tap water better for you than actual tap water? Will it eliminate the flouride? I don't have access to destilled water . Thanks

  41. I was looking for Irish moss alone to purchase on your websites and I did not see it. Any suggestions? I have thyroid issues and you started it was effective. Regards

  42. Discovered Markus and James today. Both guys seem like very knowledgeable and trust worthy people. Really make their videos easy to listen to and understand. However, at first I was thrown off my Markus's bleached hair and odd choice in fashion ( guido style + Hawaii shirt mix) . Lol . Just kidding Markus, don't take it personally. Once I listened to what you guys had to say, all the preconceived notions were gone. Thank you for spreading good information with the world.

  43. Please tell me why my body should have 6000% or 3000% of anykind of minerals or vitamins, instead of 100%?
    Why should I overfeed my body with anything at all? Instead of balancing my diet to exactly what and how much my body needs?
    I'm not trying to question your methods.. I just want to know reasons before doing any drastic changes to my body.
    Thank you very much 🙂

  44. Hi Markus/James, I'm a very young 51 year old woman who has been in Menopause for 3 years now. My last blood work showed ( 0 ) Estrogen. I am sooo against hormone therapy so I'm wondering do you have any suggestions to help with my mood, skin, hair, depression and sex drive issues. I've had some extreme tragedy in my life in the last five years so I had blamed most of my health issues on that but still not sure if that's the cause.

  45. I love James Sloane. He is a very good & special person. A true Healer.
    Thank you – please keep bringing him back Marcus ♥

  46. I had no intention to do anything until I saw this video from "Autoplay" function.

    This is it, I'm getting healthy right away!

  47. Thankyou Markus, great upload!! What James said about depression is so interesting for me as so many things can be contributors, how can I get into contact with James please?

  48. talking about the med diet, don't forget that Italians eat a lot of bitter vegetables that most nutritionist forget about. radicchio, for example, is on the table as salad with every meal and its mildly bitter.  people are taught this from early on.

  49. I really like James and the info he gives, but I'm still confused about the animal 'product' thing. I didn't say meat because I'm also talking about the fat from animals too.

    I see too many good results from people doing a keto diet to believe that eating a high animal fat diet isn't a healthy choice for some people.

    Nuts can be a serious allergen and some of us can have a tough time digesting even sprouted ones or the nut butters. The human brain being made of mostly fat is in fact an animal fat…since we are a type of animal. So why would our brain not need animal fat?

    I'm not trolling or trying to be a smart ass. I'm just trying to make sense of all of this since I do have the issue of estro dominance. It's a problem I'm trying to solve.

    I understand that the animal has its own hormones but humans, when we lived in the wild did not have tasty sweet fruit to eat. Most fruits had too many seeds for them to be enjoyable. Plus they weren't as sweet as they are now. Humans did that…hybridized them to taste good. They did it to greens and other veg as well.

    Any nuts had to be cracked open. How much time would that have taken to fill up on nuts that way? (That's rhetorical.)

    Green plants were bitter, to defend against being eaten. So humans would not have wanted to eat them either. They had to have eaten a high fat kind of diet and that would have had to come from animals.

    The fat along with the animal protein would have allowed for longer fasts and since they would have been hunters, that would have been an issue, since they had to depend on actually catching/killing the animal.

    I know we live in a different world now and we need to compensate as well as possible. But we have much of the same physiology proven by the effects we are having from all the processed junk many people are eating.

    I know that there are many vegans who are well and even look good, which I do think is an indication of health and not just a superficial thing, although I know it's not everything. But there are also many vegans who look emaciated even if they are eating plenty of whole real food. I see wasting in raw vegans.

    And on the flip side, there are those eating keto (high animal fat with lots of greens, no fruit, no grains) and they look way better than some vegans, moods are more even keel, etc.

    Of course there will be a lot of problems with animals from CAFOs. I'm talking about eating animals that are actually raised by a farmer who has their cows outside eating grass all the time. And chickens outside foraging and eating whatever it is they eat. Not feeding them GMO grains and soy, which are not digestible, particularly for the cows. But when the animals aren't being crowded into cages, shot up with hormones and anti-biotics and they are fed the things they are supposed to eat, you have a completely different animal and a whole different food source.

    I also want to mention that a grass fed cow is also much different than an organically fed cow. Organic in this sense just means the cow was fed organic grains and soy as opposed to GMO grains and soy. Grains and soy will mess up a cow's digestive system and one of the reasons conventional farmers need to give them anti-biotics. It causes a lot of havoc in the cows' stomachs.

    I am just not sure about this claim that meat causes cancer. Maybe the meat from CAFOs because of how they are fed, drugged and treated. But cancer was not a prevalent disease back when farmers were raising their animals the way they should be raised.

  50. I take Sea kelp tablets for the vitamin k and iodine and lots of vitamins and minerals, one 500 mg every morning is it ok 🙂 x

  51. A messed up microbiome can do it too!! Antibiotics harming your microbiome!! So much science about the gut nowadays!

  52. I have been watching several videos now. So my question , is I have no female reproductive parts (due to early 27 age hysterectomy) now 45 I'm on estrogen cream due to elevated liver enzymes, Im not absorbing enough so they had to up my natural compound after testing saliva. The way it seems you are saying that to high estrogen is bad? I also have osteoporosis due to graves disease robbing my bones( normal now after radiation ). I feel tired all time I am on Levothyroxine and My diet is amazing cleaned up eating lots raw greens all day and tons water. plus I have double water filtration and let me mention stage 2 adrenal fatigue also on natural meds for this. Is the low estrogen the problem or is there something else I am missing. I feel better when my estrogen is up and normal.

  53. Markus, there is a mistake in the Spanish translation: gall stones = piedras en la vesícula biliar, o cálculos biliares. Cálculos renales means kidney stones. 🙂
    Awesome interview!

  54. I pretty much agree with everything except on the issue of Oils especially Olive oil. There is just to much evidence on the negative effects of oils. Avacodos and nuts and seeds yes, Oils, I wouldn't chance it.

  55. So what should we do as vegans if we have low cholesterol, especially if dietary sources have little impact?

  56. Heal Yourself 101 is THE best book I've ever read for health. Step by step instructions… easy to follow! Helped me and I still go back to the book often.

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