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weight loss after over seven years of
operating my I organic clinic this is a topic that comes up with a lot of my
clients I’m going to share with you six Ayurvedic tips that are proven to
effectively help you lose weight and keep it off tip number one you have
probably seen this in magazines you’ve probably heard it on television the
reason people keep saying it is because it’s true and it’s cheap drink a warm
glass of water with lemon every single morning when you first wake up on an
empty stomach it will jumpstart your digestion for the day so that you
actually absorbed the nutrients from your food and pass empty calories of
waste down through your colon and out of your system tip number two sleep you
need to be sleeping at least eight hours per night in some body types need to
sleep up to nine or nine and a half hours per night when you sleep your body
completes the digestive cycle by creating new cells and new tissues from
the nutrients that you’ve absorbed and digested throughout the day if you’re
not getting enough sleep you’re going to pack on the pounds and they’re not going
to come off not even with exercise if you have trouble falling asleep or
staying asleep start to look around your bedroom for anything with an indicator
light it could be your smartphone it could be your alarm clock it could be a
television or a DVD player you need to get black electrical tape
and cover those lights this lights are known sleep disruptors
they sometimes prohibit you from entering deep states of sleep they can
also awaken you in the middle of the night and prevent you from falling
asleep again tip number three as you age you’re going to knows that you carry
more weight in your mid section you might have toned arms and
legs and yet there is this small or sometimes large spare tire that seems to
go nowhere no matter how much you exercise this is an immune response by
your body for toxic chemical compounds that you’re absorbing sometimes through
foods you eat your the air you breathe maybe even through your water supply so
a regular detoxification will help you eliminate those chemical compounds
through digestion and it’s so simple just drink some aloe vera juice or add
aloe vera gel maybe to your yogurt or to your orange juice taken chia seeds flax
seeds all of these simple foods have a similar cellular structure to fat which
is what your body does when it’s when the experiences chemical compounds it
wraps those compounds and fat cells sticks them at the center of your body
to protect you from an immune response of inflammation so start to detoxify on
a regular basis just by adding these simple ingredients to your diet tip
number four fast every day this doesn’t mean going hours and hours or days and
days without eating it just means to restrict yourself to a 12-hour window
for consuming food try to eat your first bit of food around 7 a.m. and your last
bit of food around 7 p.m. it takes about 3 hours for the food in your stomach to
get through initial digestion and pass down into the intestines so try to quit
eating at 7 p.m. if you get really hungry and you feel like you’re not
going to be able to sleep because your stomachs grumbling small half cup of
almond milk or something like that just just to start to make you feel a little
bit full before bed is totally fine but no solid foods before 7 a.m. or after 7
p.m. you will experience a 12 hour fast everyday that is going to
fine-tune your digestion and help you lose weight there is this wonderful
thing after lunch rest a while after dinner walk oh my the truth is you need
to eat your largest milk in the middle of the day that’s when you are burning
the most calories it’s when you’re doing your most activity with your mind
assuming your regular work schedule so try to eat your largest meal and your
most calories for lunch and then take a little rest you can start to even maybe
lean to the left like find a comfortable seat lean to the left side to take some
of the weight off of your stomach to enhance your digestion good digestion is
key to nutrient absorption of weight loss and after dinner which should be a
lighter Mill than lunch but not quite as small as breakfast go for a long walk
through your neighborhood and start to create just a little gentle movement you
do not want to exercise right after you eat but just a little movement after
dinner is going to aid in digestion and nutrient absorption which results in
healthier cells and a healthy weight for your body tip number six and this one is
probably the most effective for managing a healthy weight for your body chew your
food if you are scarfing your food while you’re commuting or driving or having
these big conversations and meals it’s going to result number one and not
absorbing all the nutrients because they don’t get broken down to a place where
your body can actually access them number two because you’re not absorbing
nutrients your brain is going to send a hunger signal to your stomach even
though you’ve already consumed plenty of calories try to masticate that is chew
your food at least 30 times per bite the more you can chew your food during the
initial part of digestion which is when the saliva with all of the enzymes comes
in to break the food down then when it travels down your throat
and into your stomach all of those other acids and enzymes in your digestive
system will break the food down further you will get maximum nutrient of the
food that you are eating your body will feel satiated and full and your brain
will not send false hunger signals to your stomach causing you to eat when you
don’t really need the calories let’s talk about detoxification and what that
really means detoxification is a conscious decision to remove harmful
chemical compounds from your body chemical compounds can get into your
body in a variety of ways through the air we breathe pollution from cars
through the water we drink various prescription medications that maybe have
gotten into the water supply that didn’t come out during the cleaning process
however it is you’re acquiring them all of us experience some form of toxicity
in our bodies and there’s a very specific immune response that our bodies
perform to keep us healthy we don’t want those chemical compounds floating freely
through our bloodstream so that protect us our body takes our fat cells wraps
and encases them around the chemical compound whatever it may be and then
moves it and deposits it to the midsection of the body which is the most
difficult place to burn fat so rather than trying to burn off the fat at your
midsection which would not only be difficult but would also release those
chemical compounds into your bloodstream instead bring in a similar cellular base
to fat into your diet chia seeds have a very similar cellular structure to bat
cells so if you start adding chia seeds to say your morning smoothie or your
yogurt and you can sue then your body will recognize that
cellular structure it will release the fat cell that’s holding the toxic
compound and allow it to be encased by the Chia cells then it simply leaves
your body through natural digestion so this is not about juicing this is not
about fasting this is about simply adding a naturally
detoxifying food to your already healthy diet and starting to experience the
weight loss of the midsection that comes with that
okay so knowledge is power but action is more important so you heard me just give
you six cheap simple and effective ways to manage your weight start to integrate
at least one new method each week so maybe this week you dedicate all of your
breakfast to meals where you’re going to chew your food 30 times and next week
dedicate all of your dinners to where you’re going to take a short walk
through your neighborhood after you finish eating if you can slowly start to
integrate these little tips into your lifestyle eventually they will become
your routine and they will be something you do without even having to think
about it

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