What are the Treatment Options for Pancreatitis? | Q&A

What are the Treatment Options for Pancreatitis? | Q&A

[MUSIC] I am Vikesh Singh, I am a
gastroenterologist at Johns Hopkins. I am the director of the Pancreatitis
Center. And I am the Medical Director of the Islet
Auto-Transplantation program. I specialize in inflammatory dis,
disorders of the pancreas, as well as interventional
endoscopy. [MUSIC] There are many options for the treatment
of chronic pancreatitis. These include medical, endoscopic, and
surgical options. All patients are offered medical options
for treatment. These treatments focus on the pain of
chronic pancreatitis. These typically include adherence to a low
fat diet, avoidance of alcohol and tobacco, the use of pancreatic enzyme
supplements, as well as pain medication. Unfortunately, most patients will not
respond to medical treatments for chronic
pancreatitis. The other options include endoscopic and surgical treatment of chronic
pancreatitis. Endoscopic therapy is most commonly
offered to those patients who have a dilated
pancreatic duct. These patients can undergo an endoscopic
procedure known as an endoscopic retrograde
cholangiopancreatography, and the goal of this procedure is to dilate strictures, to
remove pancreatic duct stones and to place
pancreatic ducts stents. [MUSIC] For those patients with small duct disease
they can be offered procedures such as the Whipple,
and total pancreatectomy. And for patients with large duct disease,
they can be offered procedures such as the Frey and
Puestow. [MUSIC] At Johns Hopkins, we have a team-based
approach to evaluating and managing patients with
chronic pancreatitis. We are constantly looking for new medical,
endoscopic and surgical therapies for treating the
very difficult patients. There have been some developments in the field of endoscopic ultrasound with celiac
plexus blockade. This procedure can be used to help alleviate the pain associated with chronic
pancreatitis. At least in the short term as more long
term options are pursued. The the greatest option that has emerged
over the years for the surgical treatment of chronic pancreatitis is total pancreatectomy with or without islet cell
auto-transplantation. [MUSIC] The selection of the optimal candidate
with chronic pancreatitis for a total pancreatectomy with or without islet cell auto-transplantation is a complex and
difficult process. This typically involves the coordinated
evaluation of the patient by a team of specialists including a
gastroenterologist, a surgeon, a pain management specialist, and an
endocrinologist. [MUSIC] Johns Hopkins offers a team-based approach
to the care of patients with chronic
pancreatitis. We have a group of dedicated subspecialists who evaluate each and every
patient. And then we meet to discuss how we may
best offer individualized therapy. [MUSIC]

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  1. when I first found out about my pancreatitis, I was in the hospital for a little over a month. …so painful!! but I do have a problem with drinking tho, I'm always having trouble with pain. so, is impossible for me to have any pain meds….suck so bad. dreading my next attack. …

  2. I have read medical journals and testimonials from people suffering with chronic pancreatitis that cannabis oil can ben an effective treatment. when cannabis is made to oil eg rick simpson oil it's effects are stronger and more effective. it is the best anti inflammatory, pain blocker and also replaces pancreatic enzymes. some have gone as far as to call it a cure. does anyone have any knowledge or experience with it?

  3. sir my daughter is12 years now she is suffering from chloronic pancreatic duct from 7 year suffering this pancreatic duct. now four five days she was suffering from this pain . she is taking medicine creon 1000 and pantop 20 but no effect .what should we do ? please doctor John Hopkins tell us . Adress : west Bengal
    Durgapur , ph no : 8348691607, India ….

  4. Hello I am 12 years old and worried my pancreas or kidneys is failing im not feeling any symptoms but I’m still so scared! Please calm me down!

  5. Hi dr I have pain in the middle of my chest just under the rib cage that radiates to my lower back and sides never all at ones it's one or the other do you know what it could be?

  6. Here is a fact , the Money Makers and Marketers killed a Genetic Cure . At the UBC University of British Columbia , Canada which cured the Genetic flaw. The Marketers and Money Makers in the Big Pharma killed it by charging a one time injection for a complete cure , 1 Million Dollars. Big Pharma and American Healthcare is not in the Business of Curing , it is in the Business of Managing and making money and some Doctors ride that bandwagon of I want too get rich. https://newsinteractives.cbc.ca/longform/glybera

  7. Hey sir m 23 of age
    And I came to know that m suffering from pancreatitis I just don't know it is acute or chronic regarding to my first treatment. Doctor do a operate and put a stunt near by pancreatic duct I don't know of which metal now after 4 years m having some problems regarding digestion some doctor say they use to remove that stunt after 6 months but the doctor treat me first said no it will be in for life time. So now what should I do ?

  8. Hello sir,
    My husband age 34 also suffering from acute on chronic pancreatities since 2013 November and now he got diabetes and greesy stools from November 2018. We run around the hospitals and tired with this problem and he is a non alcoholic person. We are soo tired with this plzz help us doctor all examination are done and in some cases they said that due to calcification they said but they are giveing same medication. Now from January 2019 we started homeopathy medicine but lots of people and kids are suffering from this incurable issues. Sooo plzzz help us from thissss plzzzz. I just want a solution doctor

  9. If goal is to remove inflammation, why use low fat intake instead of using a ketogenic (high fat) diet which is know from diminuishing inflammation of the body?

  10. I suffering from 20mm pancreatic stone how to reduces my duct so many stones is here in my stomach

  11. My Dad has had reoccurring pancreatitis for 2 years now. They wont give him enough for pain to get him through 2 weeks then he is back in the emergency room. I have heard pain wont kill you but i watched my Dad lose at least 70 pounds and age 20 years in a very short period of time. Not surprised because i had a seizure due to pain from a kidney stone and they sent me home for nothing for pain and to tend to 3 kids by myself. I would have been happy with Ibuprofin or something but got nothing. I only hope there are more good doctors like you out there. Thank you for the knowledge to help my Dad out.

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