What Are Vaccines – Genetic Engineering and Genomics – Biology Class 12

What Are Vaccines – Genetic Engineering and Genomics – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering, HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced videos. genetic engineering and genomics when i say about this chapter it means genomics means genome the complete set of an organism and genetic engineering means multiplying or manipulating the genome of an organism for our own interest in this chapter we’ll be studying how humans have manipulated genome or DNA of every individual or every organism for their own benefits we’ll be studying about vaccines now when I say about vaccines you’ll have higher vaccines or taken back since penny well in alright sugar and as soon as you put vaccines you became perfectly alright now if I say vaccines are nothing but dead organisms how are you going to feel about it they are nothing but dead organisms which are injected inside your body yes we are going to study about vaccines and how vaccines are made hello students if this part will be studying out backsies okay we all have taken back since some point of at some point or in some part of our life when we were in once we took back since we become completely okay now what do if I say that vaccines are nothing but dead organisms you have been injected or dead organism and soon after some time you become perfectly all right yes students vaccines are dead organism now let me explain how this accents one or what is the find out boxes let me consider simple polio virus now polio would be caused because of some organism or typhoid would be caused about some organism so for example – typhoid is caused due to salmonella typhi now when I’m given an injection of Salmonella typhi or typhoid injection I am given injection of dead Salmonella that Salmonella is injected into my body and once that Salmonella is injected into my body all the fighters cells of my body this start coming up they all start accumulating when I say fight ourselves it could be WBC’s antibodies plasma cells everybody starts coming to kill this organism once everybody comes in they realize okay this isn’t dead organism let us go back to our places so everybody is the word backs to their places now in the meantime what the fighter cells of a body – or the immense size of our body – they make a photocopy or take a picture in simple language of this organs of this dead typhoid organism and once in do your life for the next month or the next year suppose you live Salmonella organism comes into your body so now all the fighter cells are ready in your body in waiting for them everybody comes in all the pictures are brought in and all the fighter cells plasma cells WBC says all’s come up within few seconds and kill this organism this is the basics of vaccines so when vaccines are made there’s a pattern that is followed for example for the production of polio vaccine the first thing what they do is they take the organism the polio causing organism now what they do they kill that organism after killing that organism what we get is nothing but toxin or you can call it antigen antigen is nothing but the toxin of the organism now to this antigen what they do they add two things one is the diluent and another it’s the algae wave now diluent is nothing but this still water this is to increase the concentration of the injection and next one is the adjoint actually improves the immune response of the vaccine now this all together three things the antigen or the toxin or from the organism the diluent or the distal water and the adjuvant which improves the immune response while you are taking the injection together mix of the vaccine after certain process this is the basic of vaccines so if I can say the definition of vaccines vaccines and nothing but they can be dead organism or sometimes partially dead but I say partially dead if the term is attenuated so it can be dead organism it can be partially dead or attenuated organism which are weakened which have from them some of the harmful organism or some of the harmful bacterial species have been removed and now this organism I donated or that organism are injected in an individual as soon as they’re injected into the individual the immune response or the fight ourselves of that injured individual awake enough and they all come to tackle the problem this is the whole basis of vaccines so let us study how vaccines are made what are vaccines and what are the various examples of axels but since the definition of vaccines are it is a suspension or extract of weekend that is uh donated on dead zone organism which when injected into a healthy person it elicits or activate immune response of fighter cells let us study whatever backs and what how axons are formed vaccine production we take an organism for example if we have to make poliovirus vaccine so we take for your organism will kill that organism and after that now that kill organism has developed into an antigen of toxin or harmful substance produced from that organ cells now we take that antigen and mix it with diluent that is water to increase the concentration and adjoin that will improve the immune response after processing the diluent antigen and adjuvant you get vaccines which would be injected in an individual the most commonly available vaccines are hepatitis B vaccine and herpes vaccine thank you

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