What Causes Antibiotic Resistance | What Is Antibiotic Resistance |How To Stop Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics are some of our most precious medicines and we’re going to lose them unless we protect them so spread the word, share this video to your friends and family so they can use antibiotics properly antibiotic resistance let me first give you a short explanation of what it is and how it happens imagine the white tablets as the bacteria and the box of amoxicillin is the antibiotic antibiotic resistance can build up after bacteria have become repeatedly exposed to antibiotics the bacteria change or adapt so they are no longer affected by the antibiotic in other words the antibiotic can no longer kill them so now the resistant bacteria can continue to multiply even in the presence antibiotics now think of the last time you had an infection it wasn’t a big worry because you know you can get some antibiotics but the problem is antibiotics don’t kill bacteria as well as they used to and I see it in practice more often than I’d like to in fact some bacteria are now completely resistant to all of our antibiotics you know before the 1930s when antibiotics were discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming bacterial infections that we now see as trivial were often fatal so how do we protect our antibiotics? Step 1! Don’t demand antibiotics from your doctor we’ve all been there when you feel absolutely terrible and you just want something to help remember antibiotics make very little difference to colds, flus, sore throats and coughs so ask your pharmacist for some over-the-counter medicines to treat your symptoms last week I made a video about colds and what I recommend to treat your symptoms so feel free to check it out Step 2! Take antibiotics exactly as prescribed with a consistent time between each dose some antibiotics are better on an empty stomach so they can absorb better into your blood stream and some are better after food so pay attention to the additional information on the medicine label from pharmacy and always read information leaflet for extra instructions Step 3! Never save antibiotics for the future always complete the course even if you feel better and definitely, definitely don’t share them with anyone else it’s widely accepted that stopping antibiotic treatment early encourages the bacteria to develop antibiotic resistance this is probably one of the biggest threats to everyone on earth and the problem will only get worse unless we make a change just imagine what will happen when antibiotics no longer work so please like and share this video to help spread the word hey guys thanks for watching if
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