What is Ayurveda – Meaning & Remedies II आयुर्वेदा का अर्थ और उससे होने वाले उपचार II

What is Ayurveda – Meaning & Remedies  II आयुर्वेदा का अर्थ और उससे होने वाले उपचार II

Hello friends Myself Dr. Bharti ChunniBhai Bhatt Today i will tell you that what is Ayurveda Normally, to cure with herbs and grass is meant Ayurveda only But, its not like that . Ayurveda has its broad noble book to go through. In India We got our culture through Veda & puran If we talk about Veda then it includes with details of , dance art, music art, health art & kamasutra . There are so many veda and purans are there out of which there is one That’s Ayurveda Ayurveda is not about to give you good looks only Ayurveda means know Ayush That means the beautiful body you got by god till the time you have Ayush keep your body healthy That’s called ayurveda shastra Ayrveda includes Sharir vigyan different types of body parts in our body Like Digestive system, breathing system Urinary then related to heart, you will get detailed information of about 1000 of years back in ayurveda. Charak, Vaghbhatt, patanjali like great learned They not only used Gold. Silver and other pearls for making ornaments Along with this they research on Magnet means Iron and after so much of work they make the calx of it And calx means injections of now a days Means Calx immediately relief , cure diagnosis and acute illnesses Now, let us talk about Calx. 1000 of years back calx of magnet were also made Now instead of magnet calx let us talk about the calx which you know Now a days people knows about Swarna bhasma that it gives strength. and those who don’t know its benefits they might say that it causes kidney stone. But, you must know that incomplete knowledge is poisonous That the ash of burn coal which we flow in air is it possible that to collect that ash and make the same coal again with any scientific idea. No, similarly saints have burn these metals in the heat to an extend and added so much of herbs so that it becomes swarna raakh (ash) Pearl turns into calx which floats in the water In holy books its called Vahri tarah Bhasma That was holy books, but here we are telling you that every bhasm has its own incredible quality. with that quality you can get well,healthy till long. Now, what more does ayurveda contains ? Then we will tell you , ayurveda has told us how to keep ourself healthy in its treatment For this you must understand the climate of your country . Every country has its own climate In some country winter season lasts for 6 months then accordingly their weather. In our country we have 6 seasons what if we divide into 1 instead of 2 Summer, winter and rainy season. In you will work under heat in summer then definitely you will get ill. you must take care by covering your head with cloth in summer. wash your face with cold water then you won’t get the summers heat strokes. Similarly, wear woollen clothes and in winter season. And avoid such items which enhances winter. In ayurveda there is something written about rainy season that how upkeep yourself in rainy season. don’t wet for so long and wear wet clothes . So, all this information in detailed is given in ayurveda. Now, in case you doesn’t follow the climate routine or do something opposite the climate then definitely you will be ill. Auurveda even explains the disease and their remedies too. Now after the climate let us talk about disease Why and from where the disease comes from Diseases comes from 3 ways in our body One is called aagantuk rog Second is called Ritujanya rog And the third one is due to our eatery habits . Even they too are mentioned in ayurveda in detail. That how to maintain your eatery habits. As far as eatery habits are concern, no one can stop Aagantuk Roga Just, like you got trapped in an earthquake then you will surely get affected from their atmosphere. Similarly, you visit somewhere and tsunami or anything happen then with their waste any disease can occur. So, that disease hasn’t come due to your fault. These disease are called Akasmat roga ( suddenly occurs disease) Ritujanya roga is all about what and how to eat in which wheather. if you are organised then its ok but, if suddenly someone has to visit a cool place that also in winters and in rain. then may be minimum but person will be affected similarly, let’s talk about eatery habits. So, you eat mangoes in summers which is very good as seasonal fruits should be eaten in their season only Nature has made the weather are just like mother to us. Except seasonal fruit Suppose , you visited your friend in the rainy season. And you are telling to your friends that your friend has served you mango juice in rainy seaon but you must not drink , although its costly because its packaged fruit juice Nature has some desires behind the every seasonal fruit they will give you in results that gives you health same is applicable in winters and in rainy season too. So, we must follow whether but if doesn’t do this then definitely disease will come. That’s why we should understand ayurveda Ayurveda is not about taking medicines but you should understand your body. and there is no such remedies who can increase Ayush. You have to understand ayush. If any doctor understand ayush and recommend that they have good doctor to visit who can bring life to a dead body even but its absolutely wrong No doctor can give Ayush instead Aarogya It can remove your disease so that you can stay healthy. This is what ayurveda says that you must understandayurveda Follow the rules instead going wrong then you will be healthy. So, in this series we came to know that what is ayurveda although in a very short information. Ayurveda holy book is extremely broad so, we can’t share everything in this small episode But, you must get complete information instead the half So this way treat ayurveda Magnet is a part of Ayurveda So further we will tell you information as per our knowledge so that we can guide you for reach remedy. What is that diagnosis, why does it happen and what is written about this & what’s the remedy for this. And along with what benefits can a magnet bring for Stay healthy, happy and be with us in our next episode. Thank you…

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