What is Brain Fluid Leak? Symptoms and Treatment for CSF Leak

What is Brain Fluid Leak? Symptoms and Treatment for CSF Leak

Hi I am Dr. Amber Luong I’m an associate
professor here at the University of Texas Medical School within the
Department of Otolaryngology. What I wanted to talk to you about today is a
cerebral spinal fluid leak or more more commonly called brain
fluid leak and the reason why I wanted to talk to you about this is because of
the fact that this can often be mistaken for allergies and it’s something that I
think that the patients often know better than the physician that there’s
something not quite right. So what exactly is cerebrospinal fluid leak or
we’ll call it a CSF leak or brain fluid leak. Basically it’s when you notice
clear fluid leaking out of your nose. The reason why patients often know that it’s
not quite right or it’s not allergies is that it’s very different from allergies
and the fact that the clear liquid often comes more from one side versus the
other so rather than in allergies where you feel drainage on both sides, brain
fluid leak or cerebral spinal fluid leak is often only on one side. What’s really
interesting about CSF leaks is that you can prompt it or you can get it to start
leaking when you lean over so a patient will describe leaning forward and having
it drip either on the right side or the left side. If by chance it happens to go
to the back of your throat you may notice a slightly metallic, salty taste
to it. And so if you have those symptoms I think that’s when you should start
asking your doctor or thinking about the potential brain fluid leak. So brain
fluid leaks are not very common, in fact they’re not they’re not very common in
general however I get to see a lot of these because I’m over here at the
Medical Center and a lot of these types of diagnoses get referred to me. I’m a
sinus surgeon that does sinus surgery as well as skull base surgery and that’s
working on the area of the bone that separates the brain from the
sinuses. So when you suspect a brain fluid leak, when should you
be worried about it or when do we start worrying about it? Well, there’s pretty
much three typical causes for brain fluid leak. The most
common cause I think almost over 90% of these brain fluid leaks happen after
some sort of trauma, some sort of accident a car accident or other
accidents and it may happen immediately or it can happen several days to even a
couple weeks to months after a an accident to the head. In that situation
if that is the cause or thought to be the cause oftentimes these are treated
with just a lumbar drain or a drain that’s put into the back of your spine
and this takes some of the fluid off of the back to minimize the pressure on the
site where it’s leaking from and allowing it to heal. This may be about
three to five days where the lumbar drain is placed and that often is all
that’s required for that treatment. The other possible cause is after some sort of
a tumor. So a tumor in the brain or in the sinuses can then grow and cause a
hole in that skull base the one that’s separating the brain from the sinuses
and in that situation the key is that we need to know that we need to
treat that tumor and then ultimately that defect can be repaired surgically.
The one that’s really difficult to diagnose and the one where you’ll
probably be involved most in helping us make that diagnosis is the ones that
happen spontaneously. The spontaneous ones are where you don’t have a history
of a tumor, you are not diagnosed with a tumor, you have no history of an
accident. The other cause that I forgot to mention is if you’ve had a prior
sinus surgery or some sort of surgery done on the brain sinus area
that surgery can potential complication is a defect in that skull base causing a
CSF leak but if you don’t have those situations then there is a entity or a
diagnosis where it’s a spontaneous CSF leak. So a spontaneous CSF leak it
happens because we don’t know what the cause is, but what we believe is going on is that
for whatever reason you have an increased intracranial pressure on the
brain fluid. I should back up a little bit to give you a little bit of the
anatomy. So the brain fluid is the fluid that surrounds the brain but the fluid
and the brain is covered by lining called the dura and then that of course
all lives inside your your skull and separating the brain from the sinuses is
this skull base. So in a spontaneous CSF leak there is whatever reason increased
pressure in on the brain fluid and over time and this may be months – maybe
even years we believe this pressure thins out that bone that separates the
brain from the sinuses and it eventually breaks through and creates a hole or a
defect and then once that defect is there then the brain fluid can then leak
into the sinuses ultimately into the nose where you’ll you’ll detect it. And
so those are the most common and again the one that I failed to talk about was
if you have a history of having some sort of sinus surgery or surgery done
into your nose or even brain surgery sometimes there may have been a defect
or a hole that was either undetected or not noticed at the time of surgery that
then can cause a CSF leak. So what do you do or what does a physician do when they
suspect this? Well, first of all the history and physical or the history is
very important so as I mentioned leaking primarily from one side that doesn’t
respond to allergies because oftentimes we as physicians think that it’s ours
because it’s more common and if it doesn’t respond then we start thinking
about maybe a CSF leak or something else that’s going on, we’ll try to collect the
fluid in the clinic. The fluid is collected so that we can look for
whether or not this fluid is in fact brain fluid. What we can look for is a
protein called beta – transferrin so we’ll collect the fluid or have you
collect the fluid for us send it off to the lab for beta to transferrin if it is
in fact positive then it is most likely brain fluid
leaking from your nose. Now the second step will be to try to figure out
exactly where it is leaking from. In order to do that we get imaging studies.
So imaging studies usually consist of a CT scan of the sinuses or head as well
as an MRI. The CT scan allows us to find the bone defect, so CT scans are very
good at looking at the bone structure of the area. Why do we get an MRI? Well
sometimes when you have a hole in your skull base the if the hole is big enough
sometimes parts of the brain can pooch out into this defect and we want to know
that prior to considering any sort of surgical repair. So we get both the brain
CT as well as the brain MRI looking for this pooching also called an
encephalocele. So once we know that the cause, if it is spontaneous, and we know
where it’s leaking from and we’ve confirmed that is in fact brain fluids
that’s leaking then the most common treatment is a surgical repair. These
days oftentimes this surgical repair can all be done through their nose so you
don’t have to have any incisions on your face or on your brain which is a
huge improvement from about 20 years ago. The surgery involves putting a camera
into the nose and basically opening up the sinuses so that we can see where on
the skull base where this hole is and then with the help of a camera we can
then visualize where the actual leak is coming from. So how do we tell where the
leak is coming from? Well when you’re in with your ear nose and throat doctor or
a rhinologist, one of the referrals or other doctors that we’ll have you go see
is a neurosurgeon the neurosurgeon will help us put in a lumbar drain at the
time of surgery. Again that’s that drain that goes into the into your back and
what that allows us to do at the time of surgery is to take a little bit of your
brain fluid and put some dye into it: a yellow bright dye that we put into it
and then we put it back into your spinal fluid and this
then of course circulates around the brain and so now at the time of surgery
that dye highlights where the leak is coming from. So this allows
us to not only confirm that on the CT scan where we think the leak is coming
from we can actually see the leak and this will also help us with our repair
to make sure that we can confirm that there’s no further leaking. So what we do
is once we can see it with the camera and we can see where the defect is we
basically expose the defect and after that it’s just a matter of plugging it
up. So what are the things that we use to plug up this hole? Well we can borrow
some tissue from the lining of the inside of your nose to plug it up. We
sometimes may need to use fat from your abdomen to just kind of plug up the hole
especially when it’s really small or in an area that’s very
difficult to get to or we can sometimes use synthetic material that’s safe to be
put next to the brain. If the hole is very big we may have to put several
layers in it, several layers between the brain and the bone and then the bone
within the sinuses but once we have all those layers in place and we confirm
with our dye that there’s no further leaking then we put some additional
packing on the inside of your nose to kind of support that repair. Often
times you’ll have to be admitted to the hospital somewhere between one to three
days after your surgery with that lumbar drain still in your back. Over the time
that lumbar drain is to kind of take off a little bit of the brain fluid so that
it minimizes the pressure just to help with the healing process and to allow
this area to heal somewhere between one to three days the lumbar drain will be
kept in place. After that the drain will be taken out and then you’ll be allowed
to go home. Probably for the next four to six weeks we’d ask you to kind of
minimize activity, take it easy, try not to exert yourself too much. Again
we’re just trying to minimize the pressure in your brain to help allow
that area to heal. And then at that point you’ll keep
seeing your ENT surgeon back for some routine follow-up just to make sure
that everything is healing properly. If taken care of properly
there should be no problems and oftentimes this heals without any issues
and you don’t require any additional surgery. In some situations people who
have these spontaneous leaks they have this condition that causes their
pressure on their brain to be higher than normal and so you may have a couple
of holes in your skull base or a couple of areas that are weak and at the time
of surgery maybe there was only one area that’s actively leaking but it is
possible that over time there may be other areas that may leak. If that
happens then we may have to go in and do basically the same surgery on that other
spot that’s leaking. That’s very rare but if it does happen we basically go in the
same way and repair it. Now if it happens for the third time we may need to ask
our neurosurgery colleagues to consider some sort of permanent way of decreasing
the pressure off that brain. If you’re concerned about this, about a brain fluid
leak, for either you or your family or just want to learn a little
bit more please feel free to give us a call at the University of Texas
physicians the Department of Otolaryngology. We work hand-in-hand with
our neurosurgical colleagues as well as our surgical team Memorial Hermann Texas
Medical Center where these repairs are done on a pretty regular basis UT Physicians A part of UTHealth Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center

100 Replies to “What is Brain Fluid Leak? Symptoms and Treatment for CSF Leak”

  1. so, I'm probably going to make an appt to check this probably,

    but im not quite sure. the 'fluid' i experience is perfectly clear, exclusively on one side, has been ongoing for months (like maybe clears out 0-6 times per hour?), but it really isn't as runny as I imagine, though probably less thick than mucus.?


    after looking for pictures of mucus, it does seem like that. and i guess it being mucus would be likely since CSF leaks are rare. But it fits all the other criteria which is weird.

  2. I have this problem may be I am not confirmed by a physician, but it sounds like you are talking, I got this problem about a year ago. I have tested allergy and it was negative. Every morning when I walk up, I sense cracking inside my nose and starting sneezing and running nose . This will remain for more than four horse . what is your opinion to look for

  3. I've been going to my GP for years had ent exam and cancer tests also.. it happens everyday and the mucus is viscous and it comes from my nasal passage and from the back of my throat as well. I hear air a lot being brought up with it. Then it turns yellow.. I don't wretch from my stomach it's a 'throwing up' wretch from my chest and neck

  4. I have a drainage that happens when I lay in bed and push left back side of head to pillow to turn over. it feels like water pours to the back of my throat left side.  I have a humming in my left ear saw drs told them about it but they just think I'm hard of hearing. I'm 60yr. my head always feels pressure. and my hearing is going.  it came on fast I cant believe I'm deaf I think it is something else.  Its almost like instead of a hole it would be a crack thus the reason for having to put pressure on it to release  the fluid.

  5. is at possible to fly with an liquorcanal damage, liquorunderpressuere/spinal fluid leak
    syndrom(not postpuncture) ? and is it possible to fly with this syndrom
    and a subdural hämatoma caused by liquorunderpressure?

  6. I have all the symptoms after a bad rta I've had mri scan ct scan and nothing has come back so I've had to collect the fluid in a pot and sent it off now just waiting for my consultant to get in touch… dose anyone know how long the results will take?? thank you

  7. my mother has been diagnosed with CSF leak she got this Leak 3 years before we tried to cover this with the help of medicines but all in vain now doctor has suggested the surgery we are so terrified of this surgery because in Pakistan doctors are not experienced for such cases … they know nothing about the endoscopic surgery but i know that she could cover this with the help of conservative management but here in Pakistan doctors don't even know about lumber drain and all those managements before recommending surgery feeling totally helpless .. don't know what to do … i love her so much .. i don't want her to become an experiment for the doctors … if you can help us please guide us …

  8. I'm not a victim of car crash or head injury, tumor and sinusitis but when I lean forward my right nostril realise water like fluid and I have head ache
    I'm sacred right now

  9. taking meat food, over working at night, stress, unmeditative life style results in contamination of fluids and in turn biosystems tends to ejects it out of nose, pennies, skin etc

  10. does it burn?. i have a leaking from ears and nose. two tears in my spinal sac as well as lots of other back issues. middle of. back shoulder blades burns so bad too .

  11. Have been sneezing like crazy for the past few days. Only left nostril leaks, water-like salty liquid. When leaning over, my nose releases the water & I move my nose up and down to ease the headache, but that only releases MUCH more water. I do not have any allergies. Debating whether I should go in to my GP or wait it out awhile longer…

  12. Hey plss helppp me guys i am worried bout my mom when she lean down to pick an object on the floor …. transparent water like liquid just suddenly runned out of her nose from left side she told me that this even happened in morning from the same left side….. can someone tell me pls that should we consult doctor or it is nothing to be worried about???…..plsss guyssss i dont wanna loose my mom !…..plssssssssssss guysssss telll mee!.

  13. I am an overweight woman age 36 and had a strong headache for 1 week then today the headache was less but after climbing stairs with shopping I arrived home and fluid started coming out of my right nostril only and also going down my throat. it made my throat sting. The fluid looked like urine, it was clear fluid of a yellow colour, like water not like mucus. I rang my DR and he said not to worry that it is probably a broken sinus cyst. I am still worried though because I never had something like this before. It was like my nose was taking a piss. maybe only 5-10ml but still not normal. I have not been unwell, just had strong headache for 1 week.

    It struck me that one of you mentioned a cracking sound, because I also hear that when trying to get CSF out of my ears!
    I have a Chiari Malformation Type 1 which causes compression to the brainstem and blocks CSF from draining properly at times. That causes Intracranial Hypertension which gives me nasty compression headaches, but also, has caused my dura to expand and thin like an old balloon.

    But I have had leaks before, that I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO STOP at home, using the advice of my neurologist.

    If you get pounding headaches that seem to improve with leaking, here's what to do:
    My first spontaneous leak happened the day after stepping off a plane from Madrid. I don't know if flying (pressure changes) had anything to do with it, or maybe it was the fact that I wore myself out every day of the trip? But I bent over to eat and felt like I had a sudden nosebleed, but it was clear.
    My neurologist said one simple way to test that fluid, is to use a glucose test strip, since CSF is richer in glucose. You CANNOT use the glucose strips for testing blood. They must be the kind made for testing urine.
    The test strips are wide and on a kind of bendy, but sharp plastic. For comfort, and to triple the number of tests available, I cut each strip into thirds, lengthwise, with a very clean pair of scissors. (You don't want to contaminate the strips, giving you falls results.)
    The testing area is only on one end. This gives you 3 thin strips. Wait until fluid collects in your OUTER EAR to test. Don't shove that bad boy into your ear canal!!
    For the nose leaks, just use the strip directly on the fluid. Then watch to see if the color changes. The test strip bottle shows the colors for positive and negative. A POS reaction does not insure it's CSF, but if you do it a few times with NEG reactions each time, it is NOT CSF.
    It's just a preliminary test.
    If the leaked liquid came out positive:
    Take a caffeine pill, first thing in the AM and a diuretic (reduces excess fluid in the body) and lay flat.
    Stay in bed flat! Take another caffeine pill with lunch. The caffeine constricts blood vessels.
    The two over-the-counter drugs together, with as little upright activity as possible for 3-5 days will often allow the body to heal itself, while there is less pressure on the dura. Then, try not to strain in any way for at least a week.

    I've used this approach 3 or 4 times and it worked like a charm the first 3 times. But my unique health problems have made my dura very easy to spring a leak. I have been leaking out my ears and occasionally out my nose for 3 years now. My neurologist knows that my Chiari condition can often get worse with a lumbar puncture, and I really need a decompression (brain surgery) worse, to stop the myriad of problems in body functioning, that happen when your brain stem isn't happy.
    I'm dying anyway though, since I also have progressive Mitochondrial Disease which worsens with any illness or stress to the body, so no more surgeries for me.
    Anyway, to keep this leaking problem from worsening for these last 3 years, without any surgical patches, my neurologist keeps me on Diamox, which reduces the amount of CSF (and lowers the risk of springing new leaks.)

    The biggest concern with leaking is that if the CSF can cross the blood/brain barrier to get out of your skull, then there is a higher risk of pathogens finding a way into your skull.
    Contracting meningitis, for example, can be fatal. I have gotten a vaccine to help protect me from that happening, so for me, we've pretty much covered all we can. I think of the leaking as just a nuisance.
    I hope my experiences will help someone else!

  15. Yes i am suffering with CSF leak, after having sinus surgery, doctors didn't identify any leak, after two weeks it occurs again, I am from India, doctor what should I do?
    Bikramjeet singh

  16. My friend had it after an epidural. The Docs fixed it by given her a transfusion into her spine. Her symptoms were a terrible headache after getting the epidural.

  17. So I have a question please help . So I have a cold and cough. For like a week. And today I got home and some yellow liquid came out my right side of the nose and it was bright yellow and I have been having headaches I don't know if it's because of the cold ?????

  18. Thank you mam
    Im a medical student in india
    And your videos really help me..
    Thanks alote
    And plz keep posting these kinda videos

  19. Well, I had the worse case scenario, because of dr's not being set up electronically and the delay. No referal's a misdiagnosis, live in a rural area. If you have fluid pouring out of one side of your nose go to a trauma hospital in a large city, close by. ASAP, see and endoscopic surgeon, Neurosurgeon, CSF specialist. let them admit you to the hospital,do all diagnostic asap. whether your insurance covers it or not, a bankruptcy is better than permanent damage or possible death. Because of my delay, I now have a sacrificed vidian nerve to my central nervous system, Had to remove it cause my brain was so swollen . I had menengitis of the brain, gangrene in my brain, and herniation of the brain and it was spontaneous. No one would confirm my condition because of the diagnoses CT scans. Misdiagnoses. The condition progressed for 7 months. a serious CSF should be repaired within 7-10 days. So like I said don't mess around with it, go to a trauma center,ASAP walk in, don't fly could blow your brain out the back of your spinal cavity.. Get admitted and get it fixed before it progresses. I now have permanent damage forever, all Lobes damaged, vidian nerve sacrifice and difficulty concentrating, dont sleep on your side only back. If I sat in a chair I had no drainage no drainage. Because of the pressure. Also had diagnosed spinal stenosis and always had ringing in the ears. All signs of sinus, But I never had many colds. Sinus" blocked on right side. Now I can't stay out in the sun, swells my brain too, Mouth and teeth totally damaged, no siliva from Deep CSF, chemicals in my body like an eye test gave me an anxiety attack and heart racing. Need to see CSF follow up Dr. No leaks but a lot of pressure that cause me short term memory problems. Could have been avoided but insurance messed everything up. Forget insurance get to a trauma center ASAP.!! Brain Surgeons couldn't get approval because of insurance, I was left to die. Got surgery done because I threatened my insurance company, told them my family was sueing for wrongful death. Don't mess around with this. Your life means something and without a brain, they may as well unplug you. Also drinks lots of coffee, it helps with brain concentration and I use oils on my feet and neck. I will never be the same, EVER !! Preventing it, I don't have an answer, causes usually blunt force trauma to the head. If you ever had an accident to the head, that's probably how you got it. Can go undetected for years. Glad I'm alive and thank God for my strength, reading the internet, and being accused of being CRazy. Good chance that one day that might happen now and I will get some form of dementia as I age, but could also have an anurism and never wake up. Say prayers before you go to bed. I am devastated. Post op up to Forever !! After my situation the post opp, i went home, it was too late. This is healthcare at it's worst and was a fiasco.
    If I can help save someones life that's all that matters to me.

  20. Hi Doctor,

    My husband underwent endoscopic CSF leak repair along with Septoplasty on July 19, 2017 through his right nostril. As the exact location of the leak was not found, based on the presumptions, doctor sealed the soft areas from where the leak was most likely to occur. He found his right nostril wet and recently he got fluid discharge through his left nostril (nearly 8 drops). My question here is, would the leak sealed on the right side can recur in his left side? If so, should he go for another surgery or wait for it to heal by itself. He underwent a great pain in his previous surgery due to the lumbar drain and also find his head heavy as the exact place of leak was not sealed but had many layers of the tissues and muscles filled in the approximate place of leak. Please let us know what to do further.


  21. I have all the symptoms of a spinal fluid leak. A c.t .scan with contrast did not pick up a leak but there were some irregularities with my spine so a blood patch was done. I have been suffering with constant headaches for over two years now. I dont have nasal leaking but the headache intensifies when I lean forward, stand up, and sneeze or cough. Nothing has been decided as the next step, but it will probably be another c t scan and blood patches. I have lost more than two years of my life with no real cure in sight.

  22. I accidentally hit my forehead to wall.. and when I bend at that time this fluid came out of one side of nose.. but only a few drops.. that happened yesterday… And after that nothing happened.. am I fine?

  23. I noticed clear water like fluid leaking out of my right nostril when i would bend forward to pickup something from the floor.

    It worried me because it was only my from right nostril and it happened 3x! Once a day for two days straight, and one last time about 3 days after.

    Its been about a month since my last episode. If it helps anyone…I had the flu from Nov. 13th to Nov. 23rd. The leaks happened 2 weeks later on December 7, 8 and 11.

    I also suffer from allergies and have nasal polyps, but I never drain/drip! That’s never a symptom for me. My doctor thinks it’s something that got left behind from the flu and not CSF.

    I hope this info helps someone sleep better at night, it’s not always CSF! 🙂

  24. Hi, My name is Yasmin from Canada. I am very impressed by you educating us regarding CSF. I have a question, when the CSF is leaking behind the throat where does it go. I have been dealing with this from year 2010. In the beginning a lot of clear fluid was draining from my nose. QUESTION REALLY SUFFERING ALSO HAVE A CYST IN THE PINEAL GLAND 7MM WAS IN 2013

  25. My son says that the frequencies , emf, pulse modulation changes in barametric pressures, would most likely create pressure in the cranial cavity.

  26. For those who have nasal dripping, and are concerned it could be CSF leak- there are other symptoms that go along with CSF leaks.
    Dizziness, Vertigo, vision blurring, severe headaches when upright, falling over/losing balance, ears ringing, tingling in hands & feet.
    It's a debilitating condition, so you will be ill.
    Check that you get enough vitamin B & B12 in your diet. Best of luck!

  27. Today I woke up with an extremely stuffy nose. I kept trying to blow my nose but then soon later in the day this clear liquid started to leak out of my left nostril. I didn’t think much of it and out of curiosity I googled it. After reading trough a few articles I’m kind of scared??? I don’t have any tumours of stuff like that and it’s the first time I’m getting this so I’m not sure if it’s spontaneous. Help?

  28. About two years ago I had a yellowish fluid leak out of my nose that smelled like banana skins an it was very pungent, I have had five concussions throughout my youth could that be spinal fluid or brain juices

  29. I have Pseudotumor Cerebri and have had CSF leak. Do you find more patients with this condition with csf leaks?

  30. I get a small fluid coming out my left nostril and it's only a little bit when it happens is this concerning or am I ok I don't know if it is because it only lasts a couple seconds

  31. She is talking about CRANIAL CSF leaks. Then there is also spinal CSF leaks (which is what I suffer from.) Don't get the two confused 😊

  32. If it switches sides constantly does that mean its not a leak? I get allergies but the liquid is quite clear and watery.

  33. I had a spinal tap done last Friday to rule out meningitis. In the first few days after the spinal tap, I had horrible headaches that would go away as soon as I lay down. But now I have upper back aches and headaches but my headaches are not as bad as they were before. My hearing also goes in and out and I get tired when I walk around too much. I’m an 18 year old female and never really had any medical problems until now. Because my headaches are kind of going away does this mean I’m healing ?

  34. Hi doc ! I have all the symptoms except a very bad headache I do have a headache but it’s not very severe . I have clear fluid running out of my left nostril but it’s not a lot and also the fluid is going down my throat . I feel really nauseous , I have very blurred vision , ringing in right ear and the left one has a wind sound. And I also have dizziness. I had an Mri for my brain with and without contrast and they told me everything is normal! I went to my eye doctor and he said everything is ok. And my neurologist said the same thing! But I don’t feel normal at all. 😔 I’m so scared I want to come to you to do the proper tests to find out what’s wrong with me😔 I have other issues in my spine because of a trauma to my spine. 😔 please help me

  35. Hello Amber, I am in my early 50's. I have pain in my brain stem area and cat scan shows loss of mild fluid. My nose was broken years ago and reset and I now has leaking in the nose for about four months now. I also see a neurologist for cervical dystonia shaking in the neck by brain stem. I have constant pain in neck and brain stem area. I live in California and go to Loma Linda Hospital. I feel like my neurologist is treating me like a hypochondriac and it is upsetting me. I believe I may have fluid loss but they just ignore me and say the can't see me for four months, and I've had a in the past to get a spinal patch before even. during a c section I had spinal leakage due to anesthesiologist giving too many shots lead to spinal leakage and I became paralyzed in my upper body until I had a patch done. I'm concerned this could be happening again. My brain is sooo tired and it doesn't feel right. Please help if you have advice how to find a new doctor or maybe you or someone else can talk since into the Hospital so they will listen to me and my case. I would be so grateful for advice. Thank you for your time. Melanie

  36. I laid down in bed and a lot of clear fluid came out my left nose, I was having headaches that kept me In bed the hour before and I’m still having headaches rn and my nose hurts

  37. Im freaking out rn i was drinking 7 up all day then out of no where i started coughing like crazy and Clear fluid came out of my nose but I'm not sure if it was the 7 up or spinal fluid it even tasted weird. So i have no idea.

  38. i think im in the middle of one is because its only coming out of one side its clear liquid. its spontaneous because ive never been in a acident. i have no tumors on my brain and no history with that either.

  39. I've been too two different sinus docs and have had two surgery's with no relief. I keep telling them something is wrong. I cant live my life like this anymore and I'm ready to give up. I am always in so much pain. I leak from my nose. Now I am having so many issues. I have a hard time breathing. The place I have been to had me get bloodwork done and that was it. I need help and nobody is listening. They keep telling me allergies but I take allergy pills and nothing works. I just cant do this anymore. I cant give my son the life he needs because I am constantly sick. My nose leaks drops of fluid when I bend down but its liquidy not thick. I'm 32 and I know this isn't normal. My head has so much pressure and it hurts so bad now that I am coughing. Someone Please Help!

  40. Is it bad that I have this symptom especially at 16? I always that it was mostly older people but my nose has been leaking a lot.

  41. Can someone get me an appointment with her? I’m having to drop out of UT due to a severe illness and this is the only thing that makes sense. Have had nasal leakage, ear leakage, everything.

  42. I just had this and I thought I had a bloody nose at first and it run out like water it just happened just a few minutes to me but I never had brain surgery and as far as I know I never have hit my head to cause injury and I never had nose surgery or a brain tumor or any kind of operation done to my brain this is the first time this has ever happened to me that's why I looked it up online to see what caused it to happen because I don't have a cold and as far as I know my allergies are OK when my allergies do kick in that's when the pollen is out and flying through the air then it feels like I have a cold then I take allergy pills for that I am so glad I found you on YouTube and listened to your Channel now I think I will call my doctor and see what she says by any chance could seizures cause this also?

  43. i had an accident like 3 years ago and my head was hitted to the glass of car. at that time immediately water started come out of my nose for almost 1 minute and then stopped automatically. After that i have suffer from that situation again for only 2-3 times when i got cold and fever in these past years. i am so confused, should i need to worry about that?

  44. My left ear is filling with fluid in a place that shouldn't be,on the inside of my upper cartilage area. Could it be CFS?

  45. This happened to me after chronic sinusitis surgery, I could barely breed from my nose due to polyps and sinus infection. I had sinusitis since I was 8 years old. The doctor had to work a lot inside ( had to remove polyps and making two holes in the ethmoid bones to connect better the sinuses) and ended up provoking a CSF fistula. A risk from surgery. I took two re interventions to seal the dura. The first re intervention was to make a tampon with skin and adipose tissue from my ear, the remaining scar is barely noticeable, since I moved a lot, took a shower in the hospital bedroom ( when I was told to do absolute rest 30 degrees in bed) the tampon moved and leak started again. So they had to do it again but this time instead of using tissue from outside skin they used the turbinates to do the tampon thing and they applied BioGlue. So I had BioGlue, Spongostan and Surgicel inside my sinuses( sirurgy hemostatic materials for faster healing ). All those smell funny and you feel them. Now Im breeding like never before. I have been so interested about all technics along history to solve this problem I regreting studying engineering :P. Quite a fun stuff, not during the process thou, I was scared to death.

    If you see the fluid that is rock crystal clear coming from your nose go to the doctor, same thing applies if you feel it coming from behind the throat. If you let time go by you increase the chance of a bacteria like a pneumococcus get inside through the fistula and causing meningitis wich is very dangerous if is not treated soon. You may end up in a wheelchair. That is what I have been told by the doctor.

  46. The past 3 days I am having clear water like fluid coming out of my right nostril. I am not congested and have no allergies. It does drip faster when I bend over. The left nostril is fine. I called an ENT doctor today and made and appointment for Thursday Nov. 1st. I am a nurse and never had something like this before. I'm kind of scared to find out what it is and I know it is not allergies.

  47. What wasn't said was that if you get an infection, it can go up the opening and get meningitis. That's the dangerous part to expedite fixing the leak.
    Thank you Dr. Luong.    I wasn't told that the spinal tap would stay for a couple of days.

  48. I dont have any history of accident or some surgery etc but for last 15 years i have problem some white color fluid come out from my brain in my thorat some times in my nose and its texture is so stickey what is this can tell me pls

  49. I've been trying to get my doctor to pay attention to this I get infusions at my home for dysautonomia three times a week and the leaking is always out of the left side of my nose and when I'm on the ivy it is more study I'm very sick

  50. I had surgery for this 2 days ago. Head needs to be kept at 30 degree angle. Excruciating headache along with severe congestion. Advised to use saline solution in nose as often as I can tolerate it. This helps clear out the mucous and blood from nose. I cannot life anything over 15 pounds, no bending, no strenuous activity, avoid constipation and anything that causes pressure.

  51. Thank u for your explanation I have got from the you tube. may I tell you some of my history about my nasal leak before 25 years a go while i was high school student when i study hard such fluid drop out from my noise. the dr. told me this happen due to anxiety. when i took rest there is no more fluid. i quite my education for long about 10 yrs. Then i when i am at university and burden of study, i the drop come out but when i become calm no more. now when read and study little bit hard my head become dizzy, the flue come out it look little yellow, sticky. my whole body loose strength, feel joint weakness.but no headache. what do you comment about this?

  52. Yesterday and day befot yesterday I bent and a fluid fall so today I met a doctor he told it's not csf leak and he said it's allergies

  53. I have water falling from my nose for 2 days. I don't have the other symptoms like headache, nausea, vomit. Is it csf? Pls help.
    My mom says it's just normal runny nose. Please assure me

  54. Will the fluid be sticky? I had strange fluid leak once and would run out like water and was sticky, clear but yellowish when on tissue

  55. I was misdiagnosed for 3 months. almost died. Here are my videos of my CSF leak. https://youtu.be/GkazAeeKsPA

  56. So is it a Brain leak if I was sleeping one night and my nose piled up with water and I woke up and could not breathe to well until the liquid came out of my nose?

  57. "the patients often know better than the physicians that there's something not quite right"
    Oh how I wish more doctors took this approach, the world would be a much healthier place.

  58. I experienced this today, and I’m really hoping it’s just a sinus infection or allergies but I’ve never experienced this before and I’m slightly concerned lol

  59. I beleive i have a cranail leak my mri without contrast showed fluid thickening in my right maxillary sinus and left middle ear…ive been bed ridden with severe innercranial hypertension for months how can i get this diagnosed. No fluid is comming out but i taste saltyness from my sinus in the back of my throat. Who do i need to be refured too? And what scan can diagnose it. my ent and nurologist are not listening to me.

  60. Ik a YouTube comment section isn’t the place to put this but this is also the most helpful video I’ve seen on it; I’d gone to a weekend long metal festival and while in the mosh pit I’d been hit on the top of my head really hard, I’d refrained from doing anything strenuous for the rest of that day but later when I’d sat down to collect myself I’d suddenly had a whole bunch of fluid come out of my nose, steadily streaming and dripping, it was brownish orangish no doubt initially from blood but it was so watery, later when the festival was coming to an end I’d, excuse me for lack of a better term, snorted a blob of blood when breathing in through my nose really hard and spat it out, it wasn’t mucous of any kind but rather much more viscous almost jelly like, the days that followed I’d be dripping from my nose until a few weeks later it’d almost entirely stopped, the fluid draining to the back of the throat however I think is still super slight almost imperceptible and as the days go by I keep wondering if it’s actually draining anymore or ever did. The fear of it being a CSF leak though is unnerving to say the least

  61. Today i got hit by the couch in the back of my head. And then water came out of my nose i thought it was blood. It's scary

  62. If it will help for someone… My daughter had csf leak from her born. She had leak from left nostril. 6 years all doctors told that it’s running nose, allergy, cold and something else. She had liquid from only one nostril, that liquid was so clear, no smell, solt. When she got meningitis she had mri and ct, and then they are diagnosed some cranial defect. Ent and neurosurgeon doctors repair that defect.

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