What is Goldenseal?

What is Goldenseal?

Goldenseal is the most powerful medicinal
herb in North America. It’s known by names such as in the Indian tumeric, ground
raspberry yellow root and ginseng’s little brother by
the Cherokee. Its environmental status is endangered…threatened to endangered and it’s been exterminated from some
places. Habitat destruction is a huge problem
and the global demand – the worldwide demand is huge for it… so there’s a lot of pressure which is
all the more reason to grow it. I think at one point here in the past 10
years there were only 140 acres in the entire world under cultivation of
goldenseal, which really isn’t that many. It’s starting to pick up in the southeast –
interest in growing goldenseal. Yeah, there are numerous small farms like
mine around that are small-scale producers that have probably have half acre
to an acre. I’ve got mine growing in very intensive,
closely spaced plots which I have to to divide up. So basically mine are in
holding beds now and acreage is going to be expanding here,
simply because they’re they’re getting crowded. The wild simulated, simply would be you just go out and just take a divil or a little spade and just make a small slit
in the earth and plant it with minimal disturbance – that way wild animals won’t notice it as
much. Whereas, and you wouldn’t add
limestone in that case in your alkaloid content wouldn’t be as high but also your
labor input would be a lot lower. Whereas the way I’m doing it is to
cultivate the beds, rototill them, add lime… it’s more labor intensive but you
get a you get higher alkaloid – a better
product and you get more yield per square foot. So there really are two different
approaches both of which work. If your going to sell
this to a company, they’re going to have it tested at an independent laboratory. It’s got to have a minimum alkaloid content have 2.5 and it can be as high as 10. I’ve
had mine tested. It’s 4.9. I know people that have up to seven
percent alkaloid… they are adding limestone to their soil. I’m just starting to add limestone to my
soil so my alkaloid content should go up in the future. As far as the price
you would get…if you’re certified organic, for every percentage point of alkaloid
higher, you can actually get ten dollars a pound more. So what that means is a guy with a 7.1 alkaloid is going to get a
whole lot more than me with 4.9 alkaloid. I believe that Europe is the
main consumer, and I’ve got a friend who is in the business
and he had a man from Germany call-up and say he want to 12,000 pounds of goldenseal not from the wild, and my friend said, “I
can’t do that for you because we don’t grow that much.” So, but that
kinda got everybody going. They realize that, yeah,
there’s definitely a market for it. There is a huge demand because the
medicinal properties are very potent. It is, indeed, the most potent medicinal herb in North America. It can kill germs on
contact, particularly in mucous membranes and
not get absorbed by the bloodstream which can be advantageous. It’s
anti-microbial, anti-fungal. It’s used for acne in a topical
situation. The three main chemicals are berberine, hydrastine and canadine. It’s used as a dye
plant traditionally by the Indians. There’s
extensive cancer research going on for goldenseal now. It’s use for digestive aid, diarrhea…just any number elements and it’s definitely a very serious drug.
You could have blood pressure issues with it. It can make your blood pressure fluctuate,
so I would say anybody using goldenseal should probably
consult a practitioner before they use it, and I think also extended
use is discouraged. Yeah, toxicity can be an issue. It can be
an issue in large doses because it’s a very powerful plant.

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  1. Let me change my question. What can I grow that is in High demand, makes a lot of money and don't take a long tome to grow. I'm moving to colorado.

  2. I believe a lot in this plant. I took it once along with echinacea and cat's claw and solved a major issue on my digestive system

  3. I wish I could grow these plants, golden seal and ginseng, if not to replenish them in VA. Need to find some land first.

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