What is homeopathic treatment / Homeopathic medicine ( Sinhala ) – Dr Anusha Hemakumara

What is homeopathic treatment / Homeopathic medicine ( Sinhala ) –  Dr Anusha Hemakumara

what is homeopathy ? Homeopathy is a scientific, safe, gentle, and natural system of healing It is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’. ( In other words, a substance taken in small amounts will cure the same symptoms it causes if taken in large amounts.) This method was introduced by ( German -Dr.Samuel Hahnemann, – ) Illness /disease ,Treatment methods , patient, medicine ,precautions, root cause, dosage, healthiness are included in this Homeopathy treatments Homeopathy system has the treatment methods for all kind of diseases/illnesses Homeopathy treatments are designed to cure the root cause of the illness /disease The substances used to prepare homeopathic medicines include plants, minerals animal products (the energy of these substance will be included in the homeopathic medicines which is given to the patients.) Do homeopathic remedies have side-effects? There are no Side effects in Homeopathy treatments what is the specialty of Homeopathy treatments when taking Homeopathy treatments it will help to improve the immune system of the body For What type of diseases /illnesses do you provide the treatments at this place ? we do treatments for all kind of diseases /illnesses including (Arthritis , Gastritis ,Parkinson’s Disease ,Liver diseases, Kidney diseases, etc…) Specially the diseases /illnesses which are difficult to cure What is your message to the society? In our current society most people are suffering from different type of diseases /illnesses caused by the bad eating habits & unhealthy life style By taking Homeopathy treatments you can cure the root cause of the diseases /illnesses which will help you stay healthy and completely cure all the ailments. We consider all the symptoms (mentally /physically ) when doing Homeopathy treatments As doctors it is our sole responsibility to support you to be healthy and live happily

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