What is Homeopathy

What is Homeopathy

homeopathy is a most effective and beautiful system of medicine that has the potential to heal very very difficult conditions there is only one little drawback and that is its beauty lies in understanding the individuality of the patient and the art lies in selecting the exact remedy for the patient the more exact it is the quicker and the more deeper and the more profound the effect is going to be so there is not really a choice between one and the other remedy but the choice is how does the homeopathy go into and perceive the individuality of the person and select the exact remedy this is the art and this art depends upon individual practitioners it’s not like you know you have diabetes so you take insulin this doesn’t work we have discovered new methodologies in order to take and analyze cases and we have developed many systems which make the homeopathic prescription much more consistent and result-oriented so the progress that has been done now we need to reach this to the homeopathy train them in these new and modern tech methodologies and then we will see that there is more consistency and more results with homeopathy the more evidence we have the more training we do and the more results that we are able to produce will speak for themselves that the reason why despite all this what has criticism that homeopathy has faced it still survives and it grows more in many countries that I’ve been to homeopathy is only growing and in newer countries it is being introduced like in Japan or in East Europe or things like that it’s only growing and growing and growing we need to work on our own healing systems why is yoga why is deeper Oprah’s book why is meditation why is other forms of natural healing getting so popular and also seen as being effective because people realize it and I think the healing should come from within the approach of homeopathy is the problem is not outside it is inside of you heal that and I think this is slowly coming into human consciousness so I think that we will come to a point where natural healing internal healing will become the primary mode of treatment and modern medicine will have its scope in medical and surgical emergencies which are actually the end results of the disease which starts far far before in the human economy itself in homeopathy we treat the patient as a whole and as an individual that means ten different patients of asthma will receive ten completely different remedies based on who the person is how does he react to various factors outside how does he think how does he feel how does he sleep how does he eat and homeopathy is so fantastically scientific that in our theory America each remedy we have four thousand remedies and each remedy has been tested on healthy human beings volunteers the symptoms have been recorded in such accurate detail there is no room for theory there is no room for any kind of concept it just the patient tells you exactly I get up in the morning and I feel a headache that goes from here to here and it is better from pressure this is the detailing of the symptoms that we elicit from the patient and look which remedy in our entire materia medica has those exact details and that remedy heals the patient through the law of homeopathy which is called the law of similars which means a remedy can cure somebody whose symptoms matches the effect of the remedy itself you

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  1. Can you point me to any credible verifiable repeatable evidence of homeopathy's claimed efficacy beyond placebo? To date, I have not seen any, nor been able to find any that stands up to proper scientific testing.

  2. Lol of course homeopathy will fail any proper scientific testing – e.g. double blind experiment. The control group and the sample group would get the exact same thing…water lol.

  3. C'mon commenters, why do you watch videos about homeopathy? Are you actually interested to find out or ready to pounch with predictable and simplistic criticism?

  4. Hi Chantry is this enough evidence :
    Good medicine: homeopathy

    Once again it must be said that what passes for ‘scientific’ discussion amongst homeopathic critics is almost entirely lacking in substance. Scientific statements, by definition, must be precise and testable. Unfortunately, criticisms of homeopathy rarely pass this test.

    Alan Henness, who calls himself a ‘challenger of misleading health claims,’ continues to make vague assertions and accusations without having any grasp of the basic facts.

    His previous attempts to delegitimize the Cuban homeopathic leptospirosis trial having been defused by David Eyles, he falls back on this last attempt:

    “Presumably then, if homeoprophylaxis for Leptospirosis was so successful and saved so many lives, the Cuban health authorities will have been boldly rolling it out all over Cuba for the last five years?”

    In fact, this is precisely what has been done, with remarkable effect: leptospirosis is now nearly eradicated – so much so that the homeopathic prophylaxis is no longer routinely needed.

    Somehow, ten years of using the conventional vaccine never brought about such success.

    It is clear that homeopathic ‘skeptics’ do not like being bothered with data and evidence, but for those who are interested, the facts of the Cuban experience with prophylactic homeopathy are as follows:

    1) The authors of the Cuban homeopathic leptospirosis trial were not homeopaths. They were veteran conventional medical researchers and scientists who had been manufacturing, testing and implementing the use of conventional vaccinations for decades. They were highly respected in the vaccine world. Their work had previously been published in many of the major vaccine journals such as, Vaccine, Human Vaccines, Expert Review of Vaccines, etc. They were and are in fact, amongst the world’s leading experts on leptospirosis vaccination – with the trivalent Vax-spiral (the only conventional leptospirosis vaccine made anywhere in the world) designed and manufactured in their own facilities (the Finlay Institute – a WHO-designated research center). In sum, they were not homeopathic apologists. Prior to the leptospirosis study, they had no ‘skin in the game’ whatsoever, and no reason at all to defend or advocate for homeopathy.

    2) The authors implemented the use of the homeopathic leptospirosis prophylaxis as a last ditch effort in 2007, when the island was overwhelmed by a record hurricane season and there were insufficient resources/time to produce enough of the conventional vaccine. They tried homeopathy in light of having no other options.

    3) Unlike the conventional vaccine, the homeopathic product could be produced in less than 2 weeks (compared to 6 months), cost 2% of the conventional vaccine, and was far more easily stored and administered.

    4) The results of using the homeopathic product in 2007 were far more successful than any previous use of the conventional vaccine, despite what was objectively one of the worst Atlantic hurricane seasons in modern history. Within 2 weeks of administering the homeopathic product, they observed a 90% decrease in incidence of leptospirosis in the intervention region (comprising 2.1 million persons), while in the low-risk areas which did not receive any intervention (either homeopathic or conventional) incidence of the disease continued to rise – a set of facts that would have been drastically reversed if the homeopathic product had no efficacy.

    5) The homeopathic prophylaxis was then, in the ensuing years, administered to the entire Cuban population (11 million persons), to the effect of near eradication of the disease on the island – a result not achieved with use of the conventional vaccine product.

    6) Despite the fact that the researchers had for decades published papers in the leading vaccine journals, none of these journals were willing to publish this groundbreaking trial – by all accounts, one of the largest ever conducted in medicine. What happened? Were the researchers no longer ‘experts?’ Did they forget how to conduct a proper trial? Was the trial of insufficient quality? No legitimate criticism has been registered to date and none was given by the journals. I’ll leave it to readers to make up their own minds, but will provide some historical context: from the beginning of homeopathy the conventional medical community has repeatedly sabotaged homeopathic research. Throughout the 19th century, on numerous occasions, conventional medial authorities simply confiscated and destroyed the records of successful homeopathic trials. Of course, we know the scientific world is much more ‘civilized’ now, right?

    7) Despite all this, the researchers and scientists involved with the study still advocate for and use conventional vaccination in many diseases. Unlike homeopathic ‘skeptics,’ these people are actually committed to science – i.e. unbiased and objective observation. They care only about what works and are not blinded by dogma and ideology.

    8) Based on the results achieved with leptospirosis, the Cuban Ministry of Health began using homeopathic prophylaxis and treatment for other infectious epidemics, including dengue fever, ‘swine’ flu, hepatitis A and conjunctivitis – all with similar success.

    BMJ 2012; 345 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.e6184 (Published 14 September 2012)
    Cite this as: BMJ 2012;345:e6184

  5. Epidemic research in Homeopathic medicine
    Here's some more information guys there's a lot on History that's suppressed about epidemic research in Homeopathic medicine dating way way back before the use of modern medicine
    I mean did you know cholera was treated in the UK by Homeopathy because the mortality rate became so high! at that time!
    I know how you do love research evidence proof etc so here you are!


    In the year 1852, Dr. Routh, a British allopathic physician and an opponent of homeopathy, was a designated authority by medical officials of London to release the mortality-statistics (for all diseases). As a result of his findings, Dr. Routh was constrained to testify in favor of homeopathy. He collected statistics of different hospitals (England, Austria and Germany), total of 32,655 homeopathic cases and 119,630 allopathic cases. The overall mortality under homeopathic treatment was 4.4 percent, and the overall mortality under allopathic treatment was 10.5 percent.

    Homeopathy research;



    Impact of physician preferences for homeopathic or conventional medicines on patients with musculoskeletal disorders: results from the EPI3-MSD cohort.

    The authors of the Cuban homeopathic leptospirosis trial were not homeopaths. They were veteran conventional medical researchers and scientists who had been manufacturing, testing and implementing the use of conventional vaccinations for decades. They were highly respected in the vaccine world. Their work had previously been published in many of the major vaccine journals such as, Vaccine, Human Vaccines, Expert Review of Vaccines, etc.


    Cancer patients treated with the Banerji protocols utilising homoeopathic medicine: A Best Case Series Program of the National Cancer Institute USA

    Lives saved by Homeopathy in Epidemics and Pandemics

    Experimental evidence of stable water nanostructures in extremely dilute solutions, at standard pressure and temperature

    Paediatric diarrhoea trial

    This study indicates that TRAUMEEL S may reduce significantly the severity and duration of chemotherapy-induced stomatitis in children undergoing bone marrow transplantation. Cancer 2001;92:684–90. © 2001 American Cancer Society.

    Improved clinical status in fibromyalgia patients treated with individualized homeopathic remedies versus placebo

    Homeopathic treatment of acute otitis media in chidren

    Homeopathic Treatment for Chronic Disease: A 6-Year, University-Hospital Outpatient Observational Study

    Homeopathic vs Conventional Treatment of Vertigo
    A Randomized Double-blind Controlled Clinical Study

  6. Homeopathy is chosen when Allopathy (Real medicine) cannot work or people dont think they work. It is last option

  7. Homeopathy is not real science it is just believe and have real effect.nothing can defeat homeopathy .

  8. Every patient will come to a homeopath after visiting allopatric doctor they fed up tr treatments they r curing by homeopathy means u should b thankfull to them simple logic👌👌😊😊

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