What Is Kapha? | Ayurveda Explained

Have you heard about the doshas? They are a key tenet in Ayurveda and lay
the groundwork for much of the wisdom Ayurveda offers. There are
actually three doshas–vata, pitta, and kapha, and while everyone has a combination
of all three, for many of us, one dosha stands out more than the others. Today we will get to know
kapha better–the dosha
that gives the best hugs! You can probably point
to a kapha in your life. Their go-with-the flow-attitude means
that they don’t upset very easily, have a broad and easy smile, and
move through life in a relaxed way. Some might call kapha lazy,
but that’s not quite the case. The elements that make up
kapha are earth and water. The nature of these elements are
steadiness, stability, and stillness. No amount of wind or fire can
move these elements very easily, and that’s just like kapha. The elements of earth and water have
specific qualities and these qualities, when applied to the doshas, can
inform someone’s unique constitution. They express themselves physically,
mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Water and earth, mixed together, make mud and this is a great way to
imagine kapha’s ability to hold things together and make them
stick. Earth is dense, heavy, stable, and slow, while water
provides the soft, cold, and smooth qualities.
Observing these qualities, we can see them expressed within us
and in the environment around us. This applies both internally
and externally, and we
can describe it as kapha. Imagine late winter when cold dry
days give way to wet spring rains. When the snow starts to melt into
the earth and hydrate the soil, we’ve entered kapha season.
During that time of year, or if you tend to live
a more kaphic lifestyle, you may notice these
qualities increase internally. You may find yourself stuck in a routine. Ask any kapha person how they
like to spend their Friday night, and they may say cuddled up in
a cozy spot such as a couch, eating a meal with a loved
one, or watching a movie, or some other form of
entertainment. In Ayurveda, like attracts like. So if
it’s the kapha time of year, you’re eating a kapha diet,
and living a kapha lifestyle, those kapha qualities
may increase internally. This can cause many kapha dosha folks
to find it hard to step outside of their comfort zone and shake things up a bit. Ever find yourself craving and ice
cream sundae when you’re feeling down? While this may lighten the
mood temporarily, the cold, dense qualities can actually
perpetuate those heavy kapha feelings. That density is also responsible
for the structure of the body, and balanced kapha lends
itself to strong bones, teeth, hair, a healthy development of
tissues, and a sturdy, solid form. You may find that your family, friends and coworkers lean
into your dependability. The softness of the water element
provides deep patience, compassion, and a romantic streak. When we can identify kapha
dosha in and around us, we create the possibility to
understand ourselves in a profound way. We can also create balance. Since
like attracts like, in Ayurveda, opposite qualities create
balance. So on that cold, rainy winter day, try a run at the
gym and a trip to the dry sauna. Change up your routine and try something
different, like a ginger, lemon, and celery juice for breakfast. I hope you found this video helpful and
feel free to share it with your kapha friends. As always, we are here to
answer your Ayurvedic questions. Our mission is to support you on your
journey towards great health and wellness. Subscribe to our channel for
more Ayurvedic lifestyle videos. Thanks for watching!

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