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  1. Yes! She did a great job explaining music therapy and how incredibly broad it is! As a music therapist it’s SO HARD to explain to people that this is a real profession. And she said it best “there are NO two therapy session that look the same” I personally have worked mostly with ASD and other developmental disabilities. But there are SO MANY people that can benefit from a certified therapist working with them. ❤️

  2. music therapy to me is blering the music intill I can't feel a fucking thing.my music of choice is deathcore metal

  3. Oh, I listen to this kind of music and this kind of music when I'm stressed out…"
    Me: aNd NoW wE'rE sTrEsSeD oUt!!!

  4. Hi Kati, I have a question. Im Helena and I’m a 15 year old girl in the UK. I have bulimia, get really stressed about school and failing(among many other things). A month ago today I attempted suicide, it was all too much, especially school. Since this happened, I’ve been told that it’s ok if I don’t do as well at school as I have before, and things will work out. But today, I realized that I want more than just an “ok” life. Before things got too much, I wanted to aim high and be a human rights lawyer, but to be honest, since going into therapy, I think I would actually like to become a therapist instead! I love helping people, but I don’t think it sounds possible; the thing in my way is my mental health, and I know it would be a lot of work. Do you think it’s possible to get through schooling and do well, despite this? Xx

  5. I’ve been to a psychiatric hospital and there is a music therapist on the ward. For my depression/ Borderline Personality disorder she helped me understand how I can listen to music in a certain way to calm my mood as well as how I could use music to express my emotions to others like if I couldn’t find the words I could use a song instead. For my anorexia and now bulimia she helped with meal support with music. She is really great and specializes each session to suit everyone

  6. Hand on stomach during deep breathing makes sense, but I'm curious about the reasoning for the other hand on the shoulder.

  7. Oh my goodness! Two of my favorite Youtubers discussing an underrated topic that is so close to my heart (and ears??)!

    So excited to watch Thomas’ video about Steven Universe/Relationships after this.

  8. Uaaaaa It's Thomas Sanders together with Kati Morton in one videooo! <3 I couldn't be happier 🙂 I'm an eager fan of both of them :)))

  9. I almost wanted to be a music therapist! It helped me when I was little and think it's truly amazing! Great video! Thanks Kati!

  10. I remember in a Younow stream a while ago you asked who we'd like to see on the channel. I said Thomas Sanders and you said that you've met him and that you would like to do a video with him. So, I was so excited to see this video! ❤

  11. I appreciate this video so much! I studied music therapy for 3 semesters before switching to physical therapy but she did a great job explaining everything!

  12. I would have gone to school for this if there had been a school closer to me. As a musician and a psychology student, I really want to incorporate music into my future practice if clients need/want it.

  13. Hi Kati☺️
    First of all I just wanted to say Thankyou for the community you have created, being apart of it and watching your videos has helped me so much and made me feel a lot less alone!
    I was just wondering if you could make a video on complex PTSD (CPTSD)? I’ve have been struggling a lot for the past couple of years and wondered why no treatment for depression (thought to be my Illness) was working. I had a troubled childhood mainly with emotional/physical abuse and when looking into how to recover from my past I’ve found that complex PTSD has been mentioned a lot which may explain the lack of improvement during treatment. I just want to know a bit more about it before I go to my GP (I live in the UK) about it! Thankyou so much x

  14. That was a great video! The dynamic of the people involved put a smile on my face. I had a psychotic episode earlier this year and since then I'm informing myself a lot about mental health. Your videos are very informative and I really appreciate your work. Keep it up!!

  15. Hi so I haven't been feeling any emotions or very few when I am supposed to feel more and I have been taking a lot of depression and social anxiety quizzes and they all scored really high and I want to ask my parents if I could go see a psychiatrist to see if this is something serious or it's just a phase but I am scared to ask because it might get in the way of their schedule or if it to much money or if I am one of their problems. Do you have any tips or ways to tell them but my face to face?

  16. Thank you for making this video! I have always considered music therapy as a career option for me, and watching this video helped me to realize that I want to be a music therapist.

  17. This is so cool! I’m going to college next year to study music therapy and it’s really really cool to see videos about it, especially when it includes Thomas Sanders who is already so cool and a good role model!

  18. Hey Kati, can you answer or maybe do a video on this if you have tine? How do you deal with anxiety at work and leave work at work and not bring that anxiety home with you? I have bad anxiety in general but work is causing it to be bad to the point I'm having panick attacks at work. And I'm constantly thinking about work and if I did this or that etc. So how can I leave work at work?

  19. AHHHHH MY FAVORITE PEOPLE ARE TOGETHER TALKING ABOUT MY FAVORITE SUBJECT. i really wanna go into music therapy and psychology:)

  20. I got so excited when I saw this video go up!!! I’m currently studying music therapy in college and most people I talk to have no clue what it is. I’m happy to help them understand but it’s also great to have this out there to spread the word and advocate!

  21. Thank you SO MUCH for making this video. I'm a music therapy intern and a real problem within the music therapy profession is advocacy and misinterpretation of what music therapists do. You did an amazing job showcasing a real music therapist (btw to viewers, she was an NMT music therapist meaning she has pursued continuing education in how music effects the brain on a neurological level and how to use that with people suffering from TBI, stroke, neurological disorders, etc)

  22. Great video. Amazing information. I've used music and art for years as a form of therapy and meditation. My favorite instrument to play is the drums..followed by piano, guitar, violin, trumpet, and bass.
    Think you might do a video on art therapy?

  23. I found the best therapy.
    YouTube Therapy.
    Because it’s free
    It contains music
    And it contains the reasons why I stand where I stand

  24. I think for ppl like me with PTSD, anxiety and depression this is very powerful. Especialy when you do music and produce music. This could turn to a inspirational session for songwriting and get in through it. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ thank u three u were wonderful loved it.

  25. Hi Kati, I have a long question but i would really appreciate some help from a professional. im 19, arab, and i live with my parents. ever since i was little i have struggled with my self image, and i dont remember ever liking my appearance as well as my personality. when i was 15 i started learning a lot about anxiety and different types, and i think have many of GAD symptoms. i have took about 12 online anxiety tests where i resulted in high anxiety in all of them. recently everything has been very hard. I dont have any support because i cant talk about my problems to my friends or my family. a week ago i have started taking pills to lose my apatite to lose weight, i go to the gym, barely eat 700 calories a day, and purge few times a week. i feel like im losing my friends because im under so much stress so i have very short temper, and i have changed a lot in the past 6 months, i feel like my "anxiety" is taking over my life. i barely talk when im around them. i cant go to a therapist because there are only 2 in my town, and its not normalized here, i also dont know about confidentiality here so i cant trust them. i also dont work so i cant afford it, and my insurance doesnt cover it. and i cant get an online therapist because i dont have a credit card. i really think im on the urge of exploding.

  26. Hi Kati & Tom , fantastic , I would like to also mention to everyone to try an instrument , it may seem daunting at first , like playing a guitar for the first time your fingers may hurt , but take it slow. If keyboards are your grove , then have fun , for the beginner in music exploration , I suggest an inexpensive "arranger keyboard" they have onboard rhythms and all kinds of sound and they are really reasonable in price , often less than 150.00 or less. That would be fine to get you going. Start by pressing a key and hear the sound , try another and notice the difference. Next step would be press 3 white key together / every other one. That is a chord , any 3 white keys when played together is a simple triad or chord. If you know where to find a C note and press every other 2 you have just played a C Maj. chord !! Congrats. Keep that same finger structure and go UP one note >Dm>Em>F Maj.>G Maj.>Am >B diminished. Congrats , you have just played the entire chord set for the key of C. Now do that with left hand and key a melody using your right hand. Hear what sounds good to you.

    Like Kati and her guest mentioned , music is not meant to be structured , music is meant for fun.

    Thanks for making this video , when you hear , "music calms the savage beast" , it is so very true. If you find yourself down , pick up an instrument and make noise , as long as you are happy , the rest ( mastering of art ) will come in time.

    To quote Kati Morton , use music to help you have a "Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body"

    Take care , thanks to Kati and Sean and there guest , I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season , Gary

  27. Did anyone else get the vibe that thomas and kati have feelings for each other? Take a closer look, every time they laugh they swing towards each other. They make a lot of physical contact. And just the way they look at each other kind of give me this vibe. I don't know maybe I'm just misinterpreting.

  28. Ive been told I don’t have anxiety. But I personally think I do because everything makes me jump. And I freak out in big group setting. I relate to Thomas because I drum on stuff all the time. And I always have to be listening to music. I lose it when I don’t. I have to listen. Edit: I realize it doesn’t sound like anxiety. But it’s difficult to explain why I think that.

  29. I love this, I am currently working on getting a degree in music therapy. I’m glad you made a video to talk about this.

  30. I love Thomas Sanders vids and when I saw it was all about music therapy I got super excited. I play in my high school band and plan on doing music therapy later on. Happy to see I got a little intro on what I'll be studying in the future 🙂

  31. Music therapy seems like a really creative and expressive form of therapy, which I love! I've worked a little with music therapists before but I'll be honest, I haven't been fully aware of what they do or how they do it. Thought this was a really comprehensive video as an explanation and example of application. alternative forms of therapy and inovation is alwasy welcomed in our profession I feel. We nee dto develop our understanding of therapy and how was can posiitvly impact clients!

  32. This is great! I'm studying music therapy and I love it and this video was a really good respresentation of what music therapy can do.

  33. Many many years ago on a distance shore. … men did gather secretly behind a hidden door…. metal church 🙂 therpy

  34. A sickened mind and sprit
    The mirror tells me lies
    Could i mistake myself for
    Someone who lives
    Behind my eyes. …. that's music theory

  35. i used to do that for supernote and i got my supernote to be pretty long over the years but they no longer do supernote and that sucks

    i at least got to help wheezywaiter win once thx for this ha bisky vid and i miss video responses

    thx for this ha bisky vid i found it to be very interesting

  36. The breathing exercises are the same for before you go on a free dive in order to get as much residual CO2 out of your system so as slow your heart and relax your breathing as much as possible because it's the CO2 that triggers your need to breath and the diaphragm spasms… interesting… I usually do like in 3 out 8-10 though! Water is my therapy! 🙂

  37. Oh my gosh! This has to be one of my favorite videos from you! Thank you so much for having that sweet music therapist on! I have been struggling trying to find real honest information about music therapy. I’m thinking about majoring in music therapy but I’m not sure. This is so awesome! I love love love music thank you so much

  38. Thank you so much for this video! It really helps people understand what music therapy is, and examples of interventions that are used.

  39. Wow this is a great resource!!! I'm a music therapist and it was great to see all the concrete examples! I find people are often confused about what music therapy looks like since what we do is often so different from what people think of when they think of "therapeutic" music. Thanks for this and for featuring a board-certified music therapist in your explanation!

  40. I'm a music therapist and a big fan of both your channels, and yet I am just now finding this video?!?? This is amazing! I just happened upon it while doing some research. What a lovely surprise! 🙂

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