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  1. what about the book Toxic Parents by Dr. Susan Forward, do forgiveness really work /heal ? or what about T.A (Transactional Analyse. )?

  2. Can u talk about how to communicate ur needs to the therapist. I'm a very introverted person and find it really hard to talk about my problems and express my emotions to my therapist. Sometimes I would just go blank, and wouldn't know what to say, though I have so many problems. Please help Kati.

  3. You can do this just with your imagination, imagine the parent helping/comforting you, or just acting remotely normal, as you see on a tv show of “normal” parents. I believe this is why watching tv is so soothing, we can get lost in our imagination of a “better” life, but living it out by being that compassionate person you wished you had in your life is also extremely helpful and uplifting.

  4. although i get it on a rational level, I hate nothing more than hearing "you have to give it to yourself" blablabla. you can't parent yourself, that is just not what was supposed to happen and you are not and never will be your own mother/father. there is NOTHING positive about doing it yourself. it is a profoundly sad thing. don't act like it isn't, like it's not some kind of meager consolation-prize-y action you have to take, because it's too late for you to ever receive actual loving care by a parent. i'm sorry, but shit like this makes my inner child run rampant, ready to tear everything down. most cbt approaches have this effect unfortunately.

  5. Wow, moving a lot, disconnected parents, bullying at school… are you talking about me? I will definitely need to do this "reparenting" thing

  6. Aren't there ethical issues with a therapist re-parenting their patients? Having that much dependence on your therapist could cause problems in the future

  7. I’d be interested to know how reparenting might interact with disassociative traits and if it can be potentially harmful in conjunction.

  8. Love this video! It is actually such a cool way to help when feeling overwhelmed! I am really going to try and reparent myself by imagining my inner child is another person!!! Thanks so much Kati xx

  9. I have found that parenting my own children is helping me parent my inner child as well. I'm just barely scratching the surface through talk therapy and EMDR but being in this dual role of mother and daughter has brought up a lot of triggers that had been carefully tucked away for a long time.

  10. I just found a book last night that talks about these child modes, and omg it was so good that instead of reading the online library book, I had to buy it. My therapist has uncovered some serious childhood issues, things I didn't even realize were wrong, so I'm soaking up all the info I can get on the subject!

  11. That was some great information thank you so much! I just heard about reparenting and had no idea what it was about. I can make a better informed decision!??

  12. I know I'm late to this video but I really appreciate you for teaching me little things I can bring to my therapist. This was incredibly helpful! Thank you Kati 🙂

  13. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me because I know it’s me. Just like if you make a meal yourself it doesn’t taste very well to you but if someone else made it it tastes delicious. Thoughts? Is there any way that I can be helped? ?

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