What is Sports Therapy // Treatment for pain relief and injury prevention

What is Sports Therapy // Treatment for pain relief and injury prevention

a lot of people would think that sports therapy would just be for sports people used in sports world but actually sports therapy can be used for a range of issues that just anybody can suffer with from tight backs restricted necks just relieving the stresses and strains that happens to people in everyday life. Really the first thing I look for is when I open the door and i’ll be looking at their that posture have a standing and have a walk so when they go past me from the front door into to the treatment room i’m actually looking at their structure looking at that their feet, how they walk and just get a general impression of what they look like. So what I’m doing now is just looking at how Steph is presenting just looking at her posture and just looking at some key features here so i’m looking at how the shoulders are aligned and looking at how the head and neck are aligned. So if I can see one side or more of one side of Stephs face then what we have here is some sort of issue with the shoulders and the neck as well but this looks to be really straight. What does come across really first first off its this issue down the right-hand side so you can see Stephs hips slightly posteriorly rotated here if you just look at this line floor you can see here how far back foot is actually drawn to what we got here and and what Steph has described and what we’re seeing in the body is that we’re going to have tightness here in the lower back we’re probably going to have some tightness through the glutes here and maybe down into the hamstrings as well which will cause all that tightness in that structural structural defect on the right-hand side once we sit down and we start the review of what their issue is. I’ll still be looking at them are watching how they’re moving if they’ve got any restriction in the neck or back or anything like that at all and but also listening to the question the the answers that they give to the questions it’s quite interesting what people don’t tell you so a lot of people will tell you what they think that they wanted to hear rather than what’s actually one is actually happening in their body so if we just give Steph of the right leg a little bit of rotation you can see it starts to bind here so there’s a restricted movement and this will be coming from the muscles in the lower back and down through the glutes and what we should have in terms of movement here this leg should actually come out to about this point here so we could use some muscle energy technique to actually relieved down and get that full range of movement back in and if we come back the other way as well we can see that the leg starts to bind at this point and again what we need is muscle energy techniques to relieve all of that off as the leg should actually come flat across the left hand leg so from the first time they book an appointment to come and see me we start to understand what the issue is we do a full diagnosis of what’s going on and we start to treat immediately once we start getting towards the treatment getting halfway through the treatment the end of the treatment we start advising people on lifestyle as well to try to help them not to bring that issue back into their life

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  1. I have to go to a sports therapy session today and it's all the way in Hollywood. Yuck… anyway that's why I was hauling ass this morning

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