What is the Best Brand of Ashwagandha For You?

What is the Best Brand of Ashwagandha For You?

What is the best brand of
Ashwagandha in the market? Of course, you think I’m going
to say lost empire herbs, but I’m not just talking about why our
Ashwagandha tincture stands out from many others, but I am going to be talking about some
of the most other popular ones in the market in this video. So let’s dive in. Hi, I’m Logan Christopher from Lost Empire Herbs
and I want to talk about some of the most popular brands of
Ashwagandha on the market. Now two of these are powdered extracts,
so you’ll often find them in capsules. The first is KSM 66 now this, the company by itself does
not sell this product, but you’ll find it in many things and
because it is a trademark registered brand, it’ll often, if you look at
the ingredients panel on many things, it will say specifically KSM 66, this is the biggest Ashwagandha brand
out there and what’s cool about them is they are doing a lot of clinical
research behind Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is an amazing plant and
it’s being shown to do a lot of amazing things in improving exercise,
improving testosterone in men, improving thyroid function
in women, improving sleep, all these different benefits
that Ashwagandha is having
being neuroprotective. So a lot is out there and we have to thank
the people at KSM 66 for showing that their extract is absolutely
working really, really well. So that’s the most popular one out
there. Another popular one is Sensoril. Again, a registered trademark brand,
a not sold by the company itself, but you’ll see this in
various products out there. Their extract, a powdered extract once
again is done a little bit differently. They include some of the leaves because
there’s research showing that the leaves have some of the benefits in there. It standardized or worked
on a bit differently. So you have some different
components there. They too are also showing some great
clinical research showing the benefits of this Ashwagandha. So this is another
great product, not quite as popular, but definitely up there in popularity.
So if you’re looking at many things, most of the stuff out there with
Ashwagandha that you’re not just getting Ashwagandha by itself. but it will be included with a
whole bunch of other herbs. I mean, most of the stuff out there is kind of
what we call a kitchen sink formula where you have a hundred different things
in a bottle and it’s like, okay, so you’re getting like one
molecule of that in there. but you can certainly find these available
with a smaller formulation as well. So that’s two of, I guess you could say our competitors
are two of the other Ashwagandha people out there. Uh, why I want to talk about
what we have at lost empire herbs is, is, is quite a bit different than
anything else on the market. we do not have clinical
the research behind our herbs. we kind of borrow from those
people to show the benefits. Ideally, I would love to have a study
where we can compare the benefits of this Ashwagandha versus our
Ashwagandha, for example. But the cool things about our Ashwagandha
is one, it is grown in the USA. Most Ashwagandha it being an ayurvedic
herb come from over in India. A that is not necessarily a bad thing.
That can definitely be done well, but unfortunately, that can
also, be done not so well. So it’s good if these companies are
showing that they really do have quality standards behind what they’re doing, which if you’re just
buying bulk in a store, who’s the say or bulk online at
some random supplement places, not necessarily getting that best
stuff. Look for third party validation. And these two people I talked about, uh, they certainly are doing those
kinds of standards. They have great grown facilities in all of that
available, but ours comes from the USA. So you’re getting something a bit more
local if you’re here in the USA with me its specifically it’s grown outside
of Portland, Oregon. In addition, it’s a small farm. This is a
much smaller operation than most, but it is organically prepared and also
biodynamically farmed, not uh, certified in doing that. But those
processes are being done with this. And this tincture is being done
in this spagyric method. A for those of you not familiar
with the wors spagyric, it basically means herbal alchemy. It
is taking some out chemical practices. It was not all about trying
to turn lead into gold. There was actually some science
behind the processes that were done, especially as was done with herbal
material. So this a allows the salt, it allows to make a better, stronger tincture than most of
the stuff out there on the market. So this is really cool and unique. You won’t find many people doing this
and especially not with Ashwagandha. So that is a few of the reasons
why our product is really good. Just the taste of
our Ashwagandha, the effects, the feeling effects of it versus
any other tincture on the market. I think you’ll find ours is quite
good. So it’s hard to say. We cannot say definitively there’s not
the research or anything to prove that one Ashwagandha is necessarily the best. I gave you three good options out there. You’ll find them in many different
places. And of course, I do like ours. That goes without saying, right? so you can certainly go and look around
and try out these different varieties. One person may find the
KSM works best for them, another person may find the
central works best for them, and a third person may find that our
sphere tincture works best for them. That does not make any
one of them wrong, right? Different people are going
to get different effects
and these different extract methods are going to bring out some more
of the benefits that another one may not. So try them all. If
you really like Ashwagandha, it is worth finding the
best one that works for you. If you want more information
on Ashwagandha, uh, head
on over the lost empire, herbs.com we have a lot of detail about
this amazing herb because it is one that herbs that does have
a lot of science behind it, as well as the ancient
wisdom from Iron Veda. You’ll find a ton of detail over there.

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  1. Its nice that urs is from USA, but what about efficacy and potency? Is your ashwaganda herb more potent and more effective??

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