What is Vata Pitta Kapha Ayurveda, Concept of Tridosha / Tridośa

What is Vata Pitta  Kapha  Ayurveda, Concept of Tridosha / Tridośa

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  1. Hello

    This videos are part of an online course at NLAM. The videos would be released as HD series as part of NLAM support. You can register at the website to get an update whenever it happens. Thank you for your interest

  2. I have dificulty to find out what dosha i am ? Now i am unwell and i my behaviour is different,where i could find good quiz? I am being trying different tests(honest) and every time answers are different,so,i am quite confused.
    Thanks for video 🙂

  3. Doshas on deep level need to be evaluated by a competent ayurvedac practitioner. Online quiz can give you a general idea. I have a small script which asses mental and physical and spiritual aspects of Doshas, on my website, Its a bit buggy as i have not updated it but it will give you fair options. Just do not access it from any handheld device. i cannot post links, so just copy paste "drsumit.in" and access ayurveda body type

  4. yaar hindi bolne mai manmohan ki taehan sharam aati hai kya,,,,,,,,, samjha rahe hi bhartiya ayurveda aur bol rahe ho angrezi………….

  5. TRIDOSHA is simply and scientifically explained in KALIYUGAPURANA which explains VEDA PURANA UPANISHEDS fully on the basis of modern science
    DONT make it complicated without reasoning

  6. Excellent work. Keep it up. I am an allopathic doctor, but very interested in the profuse wisdom of Ayurveda. You have very beautifully and lucidly explained the concepts. Please keep making such videos!

  7. Is there a sequence that a viewer needs to watch the videos?
    Which is the first one or the next in line!
    If you can link them in such a way that a new person can follow so the person can have a previous understanding of the topics explained in the current one.

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