What We Do At Holistic Bio Spa: Alternative Medicine in Mexico

I’m here with Zoli, the owner of the Holistic Bio Spa. Zoli, can you please tell me a little bit about your business? Okay. Thank you for coming by Carly. I would say that we’ve been here in Puerto Vallarta for eighteen years and we are in this beautiful part of the city right next to the airport and we are in business to help educate people to bring them information with which they can make the changes that we believe have to do with prevention. As they say, -“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” And what do we want? We focus on detoxing. Detoxing is in any which way is our main focus, but we are now focusing on alternative cancer treatments, from Lyme disease to degenerative diseases. We do stem cells. But we have been doing for many, many years colon hydrotherapy. We have professional massage therapies. For example, lymph drainage. We have various IVs, Intravenous nutritional cocktails or, for removing heavy metals we use EDTA or we also do Phosphatidyl Choline IVs which is very good to regenerate new brain cells, new liver cells and for soft plaques. But we also do DMPS shots IMS very specific for removing mercury and the full line of high quality whole food based nutritional supplements. As well as right here we have this organic, orgasmic, juice bar where we have cold press juices, and smoothies, as well as free-range smart eggs, holistic or free-range eggs, we make our own kefir, we make our own bone broth. We germinate our own beans or lentils and sauerkraut, and the list goes on. So that’s some of what we do in a nutshell That’s amazing Zoli, I really like that. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Thank you so much for this amazing business. I personally know that every time I come and leave here, I feel like a million bucks. So, I wanted to take the time personally to thank you on behalf of all the patients, because you really do change lives from the inside out! Thank you so much for those wonderful words. That is why we are doing this and, indeed, it is a very special feeling when people go away and they have received something from us. I also would like to point at the same time that, obviously we are not God and we cannot cure even a paper cut, but we believe each and every one of us has the power within us with the proper information so that each of us can heal ourselves. And that’s what we try to instill in people, that they have that power and then, give them the proper information so they can undertake that healing process. We all have the power to heal our own selves when given the right circumstances. And a lot of the time, we harbor a lot of toxins in our body. So, detox is really important, and one thing that I really enjoyed here is, coming and touring this facility; you have a beautiful sauna upstairs complete with re-bounder and the EWOT machine, which is a lot of fun. Do you have package deals? If someone were to come here, would you be able to customize a package for a particular person? In fact, that is a very good question Carly. We must customize. We are not all the same. And even ourselves are not the same. When we were eighteen and when we are eighty, the same person has different nutritional needs. So, yes, we do customized especially for people that are coming here for seeking help on how they can cure themselves from cancer or from Lyme, or any other degenerative diseases. We have some successful stories on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia. So we’ve been doing some very special protocols for them. We do a lot of blood work. We need a history of good intake, but we do. We go to the best lab in town and we send for a lot of blood work to take the word “guess” out of it. And of course, if you have any previous blood results, that cuts down on the cost, so we don’t need to duplicate that. With that, we are able to draw out a plan that would work best for that patient. Often time when they contact us from abroad, we even ask to send us their lab results and then we begin to customize a plan to tell them how much would it cost, how long they would have to stay here. But in case they find us once they are here, we can do the same thing. Thank you so much Zoli. If you were to leave us with one piece of advice for over all health matters. What would that be? One piece of advice, I would say, (especially in the heat) it’s very simple, there’s, nothing complicated about it. In my theory that you need to be hydrated. Our second brain, our gut. It works for so many as they say in English “you have this gut feeling”, so it truly is our second brain. So, when your gut is not in order for whatever reason, we need to get it back to where it is should be working. From making sure that there are not very serious concerns to even in the case of parasites, viruses or bacteria, then I would say detoxing. You need to be hydrated. You need to sleep. Sleep. Is a huge subject. You could do all of that, but if you are not rested, then you will have some serious issues. And that’s not my opinion, and one can research that. So we would advise people on the regularity of sleeping at the same time and getting up at the same time, how our circadian rhythm works. And of course good nutrition is a very broad subject,because some people they come in and they tell me that they eat very good, they only have McDonald’s “once a day”. So everybody has a different concept of what is good nutrition That’s so true. Zoli, thank you so much for all the good work you do here, and I can’t wait to come back and spend another day here at the Bio Spa. Looking forward to it Carly!

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