What your tongue says about your health (am I healthy)

What your tongue says about your health (am I healthy)

Nichole: Okay, so, do you really want to see
my tongue stick to the camera? Melanie: Yeah! Let’s do it!
Nichole: Hello Livelies. I am so excited you are here today because I have someone very
special here with me today. Her name is Melanie. Melanie is a chemical herbalist and founder
of Psyche and Soma. Her clients are generous, loving and accomplish. The only problem is
that their bodies are buckling under the weight of stress and pressure of modern life.
She helps women who are struggling with everything from menstrual cycles and fertility to their
digestion and autoimmune illnesses. Applying her knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine,
Ayurvida, Western herbalism and expressive arts, Melanie helps her clients to heal naturally
so they can feel themselves again. Alright, I am so excited to have you here
Melanie. Melanie: I am so excited to be here, thank
you for having me on your show. Really excited. Nichole: So the reason why I wanted Melanie
to come on, not only she’s brilliant, amazing and wise, is it I’m on her email list and
she sends out this thing about your tongue! Your tongue. Yeah. Your tongue. And how their
signs, your tongue, can tell you really valuable things that’s going on with your health. And
I totally believe this because last year, I deal with a very bad case of acne. Bad,
like the worst I ever had in my life. I have so much more compassion on people with
acne because it’s so embarrassing. I didn’t want to wear on makeup, like we’re on Zac.
That’s how bad it was. And you know, all these people have all these crazy ideas from me
and what I could do externally, I know there was something going on inside with me because
I know and truly believe that when things are show up on your skin, and in this case
even in your tongue, that it’s a sign that your body is trying to say something that
you’re doing or something that you’re eating, something in your lifestyle is not good for
you. And it took me a long time to figure out. If you’re curious, I had this bacteria
in my stomach and ended up taking colloidal silver and it got rid of it which is great.
And then I kind of realize that I can’t eat peanut butter anymore and even like process
sugar like I don’t eat a lot of but I really love ice cream, if I eat ice cream like all
of a sudden I get pimple. I have to really ask myself because I have that spoon in my
hand, and I’m like, “Hmm… This is going to be worth it.” Because tomorrow I’m gonna
wake up pimple. So anyway, Melanie, let’s talk about your
tongue and what this is all about? Give us some insight.
Melanie: Yeah sure. First of all, I totally hear you on the skin thing. There’s actually…
you can read the face in a similar way that you in read in the tongue which is a whole
other topic of the chapter of discussion. But the actual place is where your pimple
show up can really you about what’s going inside the bodies.
So your intuition, as usual, was really on there. And the tongue reading is something
a lot of people haven’t heard of before. The way it was taught to me as part of the traditional
Chinese medicines. So most people are kind of familiar with idea
of acupuncture which is one of the modalities that is use in our system. I practice herbal
medicine, so I use the herbs rather than the acupuncture and where we’re looking through
at that land traditional Chinese medicine, we’re looking really at the whole body, the
whole self. So, much of its very similar of what you teach Nichole, like it’s not just
one part of the body that it’s going wrong, it’s the pattern of our imbalance that’s not
only happen in our physical body but include your mind, your heart, your emotions and also
the way that you’re relating with your environment. And because this is a holistic system, the
small part of the body will reflect the whole. So in this case, we can actually look at your
tongue. Look at the different areas of your tongue, the different signs that show up in
your tongue and get a little bit of insight, the patterns that is affecting the rest of
your body. So it’s not a way of diagnosis disease. You
guys will see us do it as we’re gonna read Nichole’s tongue a little bit today. So it’s
not like we looked at your tongue and then we go, “Oh, you’re not gonna have a heart
attack.” “Oh my God!” You can’t diagnose disease this way. But what
you can see are the ways your body which is vulnerable and the ways that you’re more likely
out of the balance if you don’t care of things. And then what’s super awesome is that you
can watch your tongue as you change your lifestyle or as you try to take care better of yourself
and see if some of those signs start to improve or start to look a little bit of less intense
or less severe than they were before.

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  1. I guess I got to this video late! Can you please share Melanie's info again? Like her fb page etc. Thanks!

  2. What an interesting subject. I thank God for your guest; she's knowledgeable & wise beyond her years.    Mrs TM

  3. I actually have whitish tongue in middle and back of my throat and sometimes taste bitter since a week or two. . thank you

  4. Thank you for this…I need help and my sister needs help. I am not on Facebook though. Is there another way to reach Melanie?

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