What’s Involved In A Homeopathy Consultation?

What’s Involved In A Homeopathy Consultation?

You’re very welcome here today. My name is Eileen Scullion from Homeopathy
Healing. On today’s video I’d like to have a little chat about what’s involved
in a homeopathy consultation. So the first consultation lasts about an hour and we
take an in-depth look at what’s going on for you. It’s a conversation, it’s gentle
it’s easy, it’s open, it’s relaxed, it’s non judgemental. Basically what we’re trying to
do is allow me to understand what’s going on for you. You’ve been living with
this problem for possibly quite some time and are quite familiar with your
symptoms. I actually want to step into your shoes so I can really get to
understand what it’s like for you. So we start by looking at when the
problem started, the symptoms that you experienced, how long it’s been going on for,
or was there any possible triggers at the time and how it affects your daily
life. We also look at any other areas of your health that you might be struggling
with now or in the past. We look at your family history, your sleep patterns, your
energy levels, your appetite, your moods, how you deal with stress and if you have
any particular stresses or worry in your life at the moment. So what I’m
actually trying to do is get a really good overview of where your health is
at. This gives me a balanced perspective of where you’re most struggling and
where you’re most stuck. We then prescribed remedies that match
your symptoms and follow-ups can take place
anywhere from two to four weeks after our first consultation. During that
time what we do is we actually review what’s changed, any improvements that
you actually felt during that time and anything else that’s come up for you. I
practice in Dublin and I do online consultations throughout Ireland and around
the world. Some of my clients come from the USA, Australia, France, Germany, Spain
and all corners of Ireland from Kerry to Cork up to Donegal. So if I can help you
please feel free to get in touch. You can send me an email, give me a
call or book a free 15 minute consultation. And if you’d like to sign
up for the newsletter please do so, I’ll put a link in
below. So thank you very much for listening and I look forward to seeing
you for my next video.

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