What’s the Truth Behind Vaccines?

What’s the Truth Behind Vaccines?

for maximum protection from paralytic polio, three inoculations, the second given not less than two weeks after the first A minority of parents believe that the most
life-saving medical advance in history does more harm than good. This group has undermined progress against
disease in Europe and the U.S., and health officials worry about further setbacks, considering
who has endorsed the discredited link between vaccines and autism. Two years, two years old. a child, a beautiful child went to have the
vaccine and came back and a week later got very very sick and now is autistic. Here’s the situation… The vaccine backlash took off in 1998 when
the medical journal the Lancet published what turned out to be a fraudulent study linking
the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine to autism. The journal retracted the study in 2010, and
UK authorities stripped its author, Andrew Wakefield, of his medical license. Preventable diseases are on the rise again
in the U.S. and Europe. The U.S. was measles-free in 2000. The number of cases spiked to 667 in 2014
though. It’s worse in Europe, where there were 4,000
measles cases in 2016. Whooping cough has remained at elevated levels
in both places since 2012, when it killed 20 people in the U.S. and 10 in the U.K. The choice not to vaccinate doesn’t just
affect individual children. Since unvaccinated kids often live in geographic
clusters, groups can lose herd immunity. That’s when a community that is so protected
against a particular pathogen that the pathogen itself dies out in that area. If communities lose herd immunity, those who
can’t be vaccinated either for medical reasons or because they are too young become susceptible
to infection. So do those who are immunized, because no
vaccine is 100% effective. Now here’s the argument… In the U.S., states set vaccine requirements
for school attendance. Many states offer exemptions for parents who
cite religious or personal beliefs that their children should not be vaccinated. Some public health specialists support eliminating
these waivers, and in some cases courts have agreed. In striking down a religious exemption, Mississippi’s
Supreme Court cited an “overriding and compelling public interest” in keeping children healthy. Others worry that making vaccinations more
compulsory for school attendance would just harden the opposition.

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  1. Vaccines we're deemed "unavoidably unsafe" in 1986 by the US Govt. Immunity was granted to vaccine manufacturers. The Lancet paper by Wakefield and 12 other top scientists in the UK was "discredited" as a form of censorship because he was right and the UK govt launched a cover-up.

  2. There's a bit of the research I've reviewed below. I've been reviewing research for over 2 years now and I definitely will not vaccinate myself or my children.

  3. I got vaccines on my arms and legs. It hurt for about a week but boy it was worth it. I feel more healthy and more active. I rarely get sick and yeah
    [Sorry to flex but I lived for more than 10 years]

  4. This little video is full of BS!! Do some homework, Wakefield was never accused or found guilty of fraud, it was medical misconduct. Furthermore, there were 13 other authors in this paper who never lost their license. In addition, the cdc and the vaccine inserts clearly identify many harmful effects of a vaccine. In short this vid suck!!!

  5. I was wrong….I hurt my patients by forcing vaccines on my patients…I am so sorry.. We now know that we were not told the truth…I started a FB site called ''Vaccine Support Group'' in their name.

  6. It’s funny how pro vaccers flip out and say yes please make our kids retarded. This proves that only dumb people are breeding

  7. Fact: Elites of the world don't vaccinate their children; and it is mostly because they live in isolated communities. When the Bubonic Plague hit Europe only the Poles learned to quarantine it; similar principle.

    There is no holy grail to viruses; if you send your children to public schools where many children of different backgrounds interact they are going to get sick.

    Vaccines are to make living in crowded cities bearable. Simple solution; live in the country side and homeschool your children.

    Also; anti-vax parents are idiots by living with their children in the city; it's basically asking for it and endangering their health.

  8. Where do these diseases live when a person initially catches them? How did it go from being TOTALLY ELIMINATED, to ON THE RISE? Did the diseases regenerate from nowhere? If vaccines prevent catching the diseases, why are those who have been vaccinated worried about catching it from NON VACCINATED people?

  9. Vaccines may be helpful to someone with weak health or condition, yet the only reason to use them would be against imminent and correctly diagnosed danger. Just like antibiotics. Otherwise the whole charade doesn't make any sense . Pro vaxers are bots with an agenda. Don't engage in conversation with them. Completely pointless.

  10. Lmao even this video says vaccines don't guarantee immunity. Soooo even more reasons to NOT INJECT NEUROTOXINS INTO MY BABY

  11. The truth is they are intentionally tryin to make you sick and kill your kids! Dont believe them or me research it before your no longer able to! Its pure Evil

  12. That makes no sense cause if they pass it on to others then the one's
    that did not get the vaccines would be the only one's at risk! In the
    old day's you would let your child play with the kid down the street
    that has chickenpox so this way he or she or its Immune system would
    get stronger. The reason why we get sick is cause of all the people
    travel all over the world now and catch things and bring them to a land
    and people that are not immune to it get it. Also The people that live
    off of sugar and are sickly are the one's that get sick and even die
    cause their body's can adapt to it. The shot they give you just gives
    you the virus and the body learns how to deal with it. The reason why we
    always get sick each time we take the shot. They even gave a live
    vaccine up a person nose to make sure we get the virus. If you are weak
    then you will still get sicker taking the vaccines and thus why many get
    really sick taking those vaccines. Also , why would you want to
    overload a baby's immune system to fast taking all those shots when just
    coming out of mama? Now, the main reason why people don't want to get
    vaxed is cause other things they put into the shot that hurts a person
    even more. You can't sue the vaccine company either. They use heavy
    metals in those shots and on top of all this my wife works at the
    hospital and the doctors and nurse and others there get a different
    shots then the poor does

  13. They rush all these vax to make money and people think, if it wasn't safe then they would not release a unsafe vax. Well , you can't sue if they did any harm now can you? They rush these poisons to the market to make money. Then you get sick and get the flu and virus anyways . Vax are set up for doctors to make money on your axx later. What reason would a doctor want for you to be healthy? If we all were healthy then they would be out of business. Old China use to have everyone pay a little each month and when you get sick you stop paying the doctors until you are better. Thus, they don't get paid unless they heal you. This would put a fire under the doctors butts to make sure they do their job. Now think about that. You all live in a Dream world and theirs and pill to coverup any problem you have. Most of you like that high off of those pills anyways and praise those drug pushers. The Natives ate Buffalo and never had cancer or much sickness other then broken bones from war or a hunt. They were the strongest people back then and we had to hunt down all the buffalo to win the war. They never ate sugar like we are doing today. What feeds cancer? Sugar! Now listen to the doc and don't eat much red meat! lie's !

  14. HAHAHA, what a fcuking lie!! You assholes are causing our society to bring itself to the brink of the next GREAT Pandemic! What pisses me off the most is you KNOW IT!! But, you Liberal asses continue to promote it because of the Pharma Groups that pay you off!!!

    VACCINES absolutely have factual evidence of causing HARM to people! FACT!!!

    And those FACTS are growing more pronounced by the day!

    But, even if you want to LIE about those statistics which everyone knows, there is a secondary FACT that is more dangerous than the first….

    When you "vaccinate" someone you don't allow their own natural immune systems to advance properly. Meanwhile, the viruses you attempt to kill are FORCED to progress at an alarming unnatural rate!

    What this causes is the virus to vastly OUTPACE the human population's own natural immunity to viruses and other harmful elements. When this outpacing happens, you create a species DEPENDENT on DRUGS!! Which of course makes the Pharma industry very happy and very rich! But, when those DRUGS are no longer effective to the viruses, you've now created a massive PANDEMIC wiping out MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of people!!

    WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Stop letting these groups LIE to you! Do your own research! Truly understand what's taking place here!

    The very "professionals" who: claim oaths to do no harm, to report only facts, to guard against the dangers of the world…. Are the ones who are actually your GREATEST ENEMY!!!

  15. The Sheep never question anything.
    The Awakened question Everything.
    Do you have a mind of your own?
    Government Targets people that have a mind of their own.
    In the year 2000 Drs would tell parents the Pros and Cons of Vaccines.
    Now Drs are being forced to give vaccines.
    Something is trying to reduce the population.
    Bill gates talks about population reduction and vaccines infront of 100s of people Look it up.

  16. People who refuse to get vaccinated and stop their kids from being vaccinated should be stopped with brute force. Stopping your child being vaccinated should get your charges for attempted murder

  17. According to Dr Mercola the herd immunity debate is bogus. people should have the right to choose. – Best wishes

  18. Polio vaccine had SV-40 (simian virus 40) ,, this has caused millions of Americans to get cancer ,,why do you people lie ,, a court has ruled on evidence proving polio vaccine caused cancer ,,there have been 1000's of studies dont be SCIENTISTS not dumbass journos like you ,, that prove vaccines are responsible for causing autism ,, just in the last 36 months 5 countries have released studies done over years and using autistic brains and alzhymeirs brains proving the aluminium crosses into the brain and causes autism and alzyheirs ,, WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU RETARDED FUCKWITS ,, YOU ARE UNEDUCATED AND HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT SCIENCE ,, YOU INJECT ABORTED BABIES INTO YOUR KIDS ,, thats dna from someone else and is dangerous go ask a geneticist ,, with the increase of vaccines so rises the cases of autism ,, i got 3 vaccines as a kid ,, a baby born today gets 72 shots of 19 vaccines by age 18 ,, with over 100 more vaccines being created to soon be forced on you and your kids ,,, aluminium and mercury and formaldehyde are all neurotoxins ,, EDUCATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE

  19. 20 people in the U.S. contracted a disease because we stop getting vaccinations, 20 people, I call bullshit, there is not 40 people living in our country, 20 people doesn't even begin making a fraction of the population, go fuck yourself

  20. The medical profession should heal the sick and injured and leave the healthy alone. It's as simple as that. I had measles and chicken pox and whooping cogh when I was a small child but I'm 67 now and I haven't even had a cold in the past forty years. Those germs made me stronger than ever.

  21. This is a propaganda-video. Youtube censored all informative Videos that tell the truth that Vaccines kills people

  22. Aapo Kajala…  You do realize eating food with aluminum goes through the digestive system and comes out when you use the bathroom.  Not the injected Aluminum it stays in your system forever and into your brain where it accumulates vaccine after vaccine causing neurological brain damage.  Look it up, I did!

  23. People now a days stupid retarded reluctant where there so many proof that we can show but it won’t get in your head. When death happens you cant bring that back

  24. Vaccines are terrible.
    Im a proud anti vax mom with 2 healthy kids

    Edit: 1 kid
    Edit: im a proud anti vax person

  25. I dont like vaccines, they are nothing but a money sink for the governments, im a proud dad with 5 antivax kids!
    Edit: 3 antivax kids
    Edit: 1 antivax kid
    Edit: My family has polio now I think its from diseases from my kids school

    They had us in the first half not gonna lie

  26. Thanos won't come and kill half of our population beacause we are already doing it fml i can't be with thanos ?

  27. The 1st vaccine in this VIDEO was ABANDONED FOR A CHEAPER- Oral LIVE POLIO VACCINE!!
    No NEWBORN SHOULD GET ANY vaccinations on DAY ONE OF LIFE!!!

    Are you simple enough to think that the IMMUNITY starts soon as the Band-Aid falls off?

    NONE are safe to be giving AT BIRTH.
    Learn how the CDC WANTS 14 strains pumped in at birth!!!
    Never before in HISTORY.
    If they didn’t lie and hide the deaths,
    they’d have more parents’ trust.

    I am PRO VACCINE-at the 1980’s schedule.

  28. I am PRO-vaccine in the ERA WHEN THEY WERE NEVER COMBINED Never given the SAME DAY the CORD IS CUT! They NEVER had to HIDE THE DEATH toll.

  29. Vaccines are a secret weapon of mass genocide, they do nothing to help anybody, & they detroy every persons immune system, & all of the lairs at the CDC & FDA, van shove their bull crap right up their stupid ass, period!!!)))))))))))

    Vaccines are the main reason for the speeding of mutated viruses. everywhere!!!)))))))))

    They are using the children to spread every disease with VACCINES!!!))))))))))))

    My kids never got any vaccines, & all 4 of them are healthy all of their life, period!!!))))))))))))

    Vaccines are for stupid & ignorant people who have never bothered to full investigate the weapon of mass genocide, VACCINES!!!))))))))))

  30. Measles are not serious. Wow my father threw us in together just so we get them even friends would run around to get them wow the world is surely dumb down. The more we allow governments to push this the more sick we get. Imagine all this technology today and we are getting sicker then ever before why because the pharmaceutical needs customers.

  31. Vaccines are not safe and effective, mercury, aluminum, are very toxic. With vaccine load getting ever higher children's health is going downhill, every child needs to be tested before any vaccine is given. We are damaging way too many children and adults.

  32. How can I find the truth about vaccines without a biased author I want to know why people like them and why people dont.

  33. The whole truth in less than 3 minutes ? ! That is not possible! Parents know their children much better than any professional. They know exactly when their child lost skills and speech or had seizures or went to ER. Usually after vaccines. Not before. This is all discrimination against women..mothers..who are told they dont know what they are talking about. This bowing to authority must stop. Some bowed so low they lost their child. Wake up America! Scientists and doctors are not gurus !

  34. The antivax movement plays a useful role by allowing the least intelligent people an opportunity to remove themselves from the gene pool.

  35. Here is a conspiracy

    Some say that russians may have started it but i disagree . I think its a natural selection case . Over the history, disabled and least intelligent was killed. But now nobody is killed do nature has to eliminate the lower part of society itself

  36. amazing how many dupes there are in this world. if you have an opinion about vaccines but you haven't studied their history you're a fucking retard. spend 5-10 hours studying the history of vaccines before you inflict them on your children and before anti-vax videos are removed from youtube (they've already been demonetized).

    you won't believe what you discover. the history of vaccines is crazy, evil & more than sufficient to put anyone off vaccines for life. start with Dr Bergman (an american chiropractor) then dive into a decent anti-vax playlist

  37. THERE IS NO SUCH THING LIKE AUTISM. IT IS NONSENSE. WHATEVER VACCINES ARE THEY HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH SOME THING THAT DOES NOT EXIST. Autism thing is pushed by fake "antivaxers" in order to derail relevant questions and issues concerning vaccinations. In the same way like Flat Earth is pushed, to spam relevant researchers discussing relevant topics that blow out of the water so called "science"

  38. why are you saying herd immunity?

    guys c'mon use your eyes to read.

    vaccines have nothing going for them right now .they're out of the game ,out for lunch !
    unsafe and ineffective !

  39. Vaccines are a scam. Big Farma controlling population. making us all sick by vaccines. The studies are there. Farma lies.

  40. Your child is not an object. They are a human being and they deserve the right to not get ill from polio.

  41. The truth is they bad and kill and autism so dont vaxx. You can see my video proving all those vaxxers wrong.

  42. I am PRO vaccine, but against government forcing chemicals into its citizenry! If you want to get vaxxed, do it; but if you wanna force others to get a needle in the arm, just see what will happen. This is the type of stuff the 2nd Amendment was written for…

  43. Vaccines are a crime against humanity , almost 30 million murdered by Polio Vaccine that took around 2n a half years to kill them. That's what happens when a live cancer virus is put in vaccines SV-40.

  44. the vaccine would be given to kids at a young age which is also around the same time autism is more noticeable in affected people, but often times enough it's linked to the vaccine because of "coincidence" and back in the old days autism wasn't understood well and it wasn't around the time when vaccines came along that autism was beginning to be understood. The rest being the Moron "doctor" who made a huge mistake.

  45. Here's an idea. Provide hand sanitizer stations in airports & major metro areas. You can wait till the neurological system is developed fully by age one or age two if you're undecided about vaccines.

  46. Discredited? Merck is discredited for MMR fraud in their research. MMR has been invalidated and their product unsafe ineffective and dangerous. Many families have been RUINED by their crap.

  47. Yeah you can't convince crazies of anything. The problem is they're crazy and their sources are even more crazy it's just the crazy chain.

  48. You guys think you're so cool and smart because you support vaccines- but you're actually just a group of people that have no original mindsets, are brainwashed, and beyond stupid. You trust the government for some unknown reason. The government is made up of PEOPLE and all people have problems. Did it occur to you that the world's population is increasing and world leaders in "democratic" countries are trying to reduce the population. You guys think you're smarter than people in third world countries, but you're actually more dumb because you've lost your common sense after being put in the same FAKE educational system that is there to brainwash us. Before you start spitting information we all learn in school, how about you do some REAL research and find out about the CIA. Just search up chem trails and MK Ultra. My brother has autism and my sister is having developmental delays because of these vaccines. I know a lot of other people that got autism in 2012. You people don't care because you haven't been affected yet, but when it happens to your children and friends you're going to be anti vaccine too.

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