When not to take Antibiotics? (In Hindi) एंटीबायोटिकस कब नहीं लेनी चाहिए?

When not to take Antibiotics? (In Hindi) एंटीबायोटिकस कब नहीं लेनी चाहिए?

Antibiotics you must have heard this name. Because of these antibiotics,
scores of lives have been saved may be your too. and if any bacteria enters
our body to make us ill but then, we know how to take
care of it properly. But not quite adequately, now. Bacterias are one of the
oldest organisms in the world. Do you know that if we combine
all the organisms in the world still there will be
more bacterias than that. and these bacterias are
present everywhere. Here here here and here as well. not only that there are more bacterias than
the total number of cells in your body. Oh yes, your body is
filled with bacteria. Don’t worry these bacterias are not
your enemy, they’re your friend. From digestion to safeguarding you
from many diseases it helps you in many such
processes of your body. They aren’t bad after all! But we can’t forget that there are
many bacterias which can make us ill. Damn, they does it anyways. but we know how to handle them. Don’t you know
antibiotics take some pills
and all the bacterias will be killed. In olden times when antibiotics
was not there then many people used to die because of
bacterial infection means the diseases that are
cured today by taking a pill but then, people use to die
because of this. But because of our dear
Fleming uncle who in 1928 discovered the first antibiotic. We can treat several bacterial infections
or bacteria with just few pill. Antibiotics,
Anti means against Bio means life. So here ‘life’ means bacteria. So antibiotics are that
medicines which kills bacteria or restrict its growth,
stop it from growing. For different bacteria
there are different antibiotics. and these antibiotics kills
these bacterias in different ways. like, by breaking the cell wall of
the bacteria or damaging its DNA or through other means. So these antibiotics are very smart! but we’re not. Now a days many diseases which used to
got cured easily like pneumonia, TB blood poisoning and etc, have become
difficult to cure through these antibiotics. Many bacteria which used to get killed by
one of the antibiotics are not dying now. Some of these bacterias are
now being called ‘Superbugs’ Because even the strongest of the antibiotics
are not working on these bacterias. In this situation
it is very important for us to know why it is happening and
what we can do for it? Whenever we take any antibiotics
most of bacterias got killed but few bacteria survives and these bacterias become
antibiotic resistant means that these antibiotics will not
work on those remaining bacterias and these surviving bacterias know
how to deal with this antibiotic. It can also happen if you do not take
all the antibiotics given by your physician. You took few medicines and you started feeling well and
you didn’t complete the course. and because of this many
antibiotic resistant bacteria can born. Those bacterias which survives
which cannot get completely killed because you didn’t took
the complete medication they will become antibiotic resistant and next time that antibiotic
will not work on them. Bacteria populates
very easily and very rapidly. and one of its unique traits is that
it gives its genes to its off springs along with that it can also give its genes
and DNA to any different bacteria. It means that if a bacteria which is
antibiotic resistant and it knows how to escape
from that antibiotic so it can make other bacterias
antibiotic-resistant by giving its genes
to any other bacteria. So because of this many bacterias
can become antibiotic resistant. Antibiotics can also kill good bacteria
present in your body which gives the opportunity to
the bad bacterias to flourish and populate. The more we use antibiotics the more antibiotic resistant
bacteria will emerge. Many people take antibiotics in small problems
like cold and cough, fever, sore throat without consulting doctors
they started to take antibiotics they assuming themselves
to be their own doctor. Sometimes people are given antibiotics
in viral fever, cause by virus which are not even caused by bacteria. Antibiotics are meant to kill bacteria
not to kill virus or any other pathogen.
. Antibiotics are used in
our fields and crops. Many animals whome we eat,
whose meat we eat. They are also been given antibiotics. Because the conditions
in which they lives the chances of
them becoming sick are high. Also it is noticed that their size increases
because of the antibiotics. so you have seen that
what are the different ways through which
antibiotics are entering our body. and because of this increased use antibiotic resistant
bacteria are increasing. and which is becoming difficult to kill. and we have a bigger role to play We have to use this antibiotics
very rationally when we really really need them. Antibiotics cannot cure every disease neither every disease
happens because of bacteria. and therefore we should consume this
medicines prescribed by physician only. and… and.. and and if you find our video interesting
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  1. Great video, now will be more careful to take antibiotics,, thanks to u n ur team to upload such video

  2. What could be the remedy under a situation … "we have completed the course which the doctor has prescribed to us .. yet the antibiotic resistant bacteria prevailed and is now multiplying in numbers" . So how can we control this antibiotic resistant bacteria from multiplying in our body to an alarming stage.. Should we find remedy in another medicine or will there be natural way of curbing it ?

  3. sir question 1- antibiotics kitne din baad kaam karnaa band kar deti hai ?
    Question 2- maan lijiye antibiotic khaani band kardii ab uske kitne din baad dobara se antibiotic khana suru kare taki antibiotic asar kare
    Please sir in dono questions kaa answer jaroor de dijiye mai kafi pareshan hu inkoo lekar

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