When should you chose alternative medicine over modern

When should you chose alternative medicine over modern

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  1. As a nurse for 26 yrs I have become so disappointed in western modern medicine, I have seen most doctors treat the symptoms, not the root cause, if a person was truly to stop & listen to their bodies, it would speak loud & clear to them! You are what you eat & drink, so you reap what you sow into the body, simple as that! I am now rewiring the teachings & things I have learned in the medical field, to a holistic approach, I have rarely been sick in my 58 yrs, but 2019 has started me on the pranic, breathertarin path of living, for a full life, not some sub standard way of living existing day by day! There is a way to live, thrive & walk this earth time by Spirit, calling & purpose, I'm on the path, just don't know where it's going, but I'm ok with that! Thanks Ray, keep putting out these videos, use your platform wisely, you will see how far & wide it will go…?

  2. Excellent video! I appreciated listening to your analysis because you did a very good job presenting facts without too much of your own opinion. Please do more videos on health topics like this! Loved it! Namaste ?

  3. Hello Ray, thank you for this wonderful video. How can we communicate with ambitious, achievement oriented people as love and peace oriented people in work environment? I just dont understand. Being nice and having good intentions not important for some people in our lives. maybe you can make a video about it, i wonder your perspective.

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