Where the Best Beef In America Comes From

Where the Best Beef In America Comes From

“These bulls, their job every day is to go
and eat, and then reproduce. That’s their job.” “That’s like the best job on earth.” “I mean, I have half of that job.” I’m here
in Cameron, Texas at 44 Farms, producers of high-quality Black Angus seed stock. 44 Farms doesn’t produce beef for consumption, what they produce is semen and balls that are then sold to produce Black Angus herds. I was lucky enough to get a tour from
James Burkes, the general manager who showed me just how high-quality seed
stock is brought to market. “So tell me about the history of this
place, it’s been here quite a while.” “Since 1909, yeah, Bob’s
great-grandparents started this production and culture in the river bottom where we’re standing,
they raised cattle and also had grew crops. It has evolved into where we are today,
which is basically a seed stock operation where we raise the seed stock
for the core group for herds all around the world.” “We’re standing in the pasture that’s
about, I think this pasture’s 60 acres, they got all the room in the world. If
they’re getting hassled by a buddy, they can walk 30 acres away, like
they’re these guys over here. They’re getting a little salty on over there, didn’t want to play. There’s one laying there, relaxing and kicking back.” “There’s no difference in the way these
guys are raised and the way they were raised back in the trailhead days.” “You said that has something to do
with not stressing the animals, can you talk about that?” “Stress is everything in today’s world.
The non-stressed animal is going to eat better.” “But you’re also not pumping them
full of chemicals, no antibiotics…” “No! No antibiotics, they don’t get any implants, if they have to be treated with an antibiotic, then that tag is marked, and he’s out of the program.” “It won’t end up in one of these
restaurants and stuff that we sell our all natural products to. Well heck let’s go continue with the tour with a look
around some more.” “I’ve heard it several times, people have
said that, if they believe in reincarnation, that if they came back as a cow, they want to come back at 44 Farms.” “If you have to be any cow on Earth,
this would be the place to be.” “We set this up to be labor friendly. What you’re looking at right here is
a lane, and this lane right here connects this ranch east to west. We can go any pasture on this ranch, put them in that lane, and they’ll walk all the way up
that lane, all the way to that big barn in the bottom. By themselves! That’s huge, instead of with a bull whip or something, hollering, ‘Go!’ We don’t need to say go, they’re going to
go.” “What’s this guy all about?” “He’s a he’s in timeout right now.” “That’s like elementary school back there. Junior high’s about right here, and high
school’s up there by the barn.” “And that’s where they go to be sold. These bulls that we’re coming up on right here, these bulls will be the
possibilities for the sale in October.” “These are what we call our bull condos, because there are 140 feet long and they’re 60 feet wide. That’s a huge area for a bull to stay in.” “Like a bachelor pad!” “It is exactly, and if you’re in there, you’re pretty special.” “This is a BR Genesis, 44 BR Genesis. He’s the old man down here, closest to us.” “He’s in retirement ,ok he’ll stay here until the day he passes. It’s a great life for him, he’d old, he’s about 15 years old but now. Everything that Genesis made over the last 3 years, all his semen went to a stud in Brazil. Wildfire, he’s about 11 years old and he’s still serviceable, so he’s still producing.” “Genetically this is a great specimen.” “This is a great specimen, this is kind of
bull that people would definitely build your hard around. You got all the
structure and see how he’s made back here?” “All that and course he’s got the factory
go with it.” “This is a massive amount of muscle
right here.” “I used to, I used to work
security in night clubs, we had some pretty big bouncers, but he’s something else.” “This boy here’ll bounce ya in a hurry.” “This is the way we always end our tours, with this guy right here. He’s like the mascot.” “James thank you so much for the
tour, it was really instructive. Thank you so much for watching, for more Meat Show, click here now.”

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  1. I grew up in Wisconsin eating hereford beef mostly and all of a sudden there was a big deal about how great Angus was and I started seeing it in the stores. Honestly I think it tastes kind of bland compared too hereford Maybe it just because its what I was used too but Angus just doesn't seem like its better.

  2. i have ate at some of the best steak houses in america.
    del friscos in boston
    the buckhorn exchange in denver
    316 steakhouse in aspen
    ive had kobe beef in aspen , it was delicious

  3. No such thing as a best beef if you know food or are a chef…Wague is better tender steak beef but void of flavour..Angus is better tasting with weaker texture than wague for a steak.Dexter tough in texture but best in favour…Beef can be flash frying steak or stewed ..what is best for flash frying is not perfect for stewing and vice versa…

  4. They are correct that Aberdeen Angus is the best beef … but NOT the ones bread in America !!! The Aberdeen angus beef gets it's superior flavor from the salty grass on the coast of Aberdeen. Only the "real" Aberdeen Angus is truely amazing. don't believe me, go to schotland and try it locally and you will know what I'm talking about.

  5. I too am an expert on beef and wish to enlighten everyone in the comment section about which beef is the best,because I’m clearly an expert…..on beef …..and your not

  6. Seems to be a calm breed. In France we have Charolais and you can literally pet them like a dog. Even a 1,5 ton bull.

  7. This Angus beef narrative is all marketing. When aged the same, and cooked the same, none can differentiate between Hereford, Charolais, Limousin, Angus, etc.
    It has been successful marketing though…

  8. Black is nothing more than a successful marketing campaign. Great beef can be made from almost all breeds.

  9. Black angus sucks. Black attracts the sun which will degrade meat quality over time, like during the cows life. Plus, angus cows are the same as other American cows, they’re just black. But yeah, angus is not that good. Definitely not the best in America

  10. Quality and flavor of meat is affected by what they eat. I have eattin Holstein that tasted just like Angus and I have had Angus that tasted terrible. The reason Angus is number 1 in America is because of how fast they grow. They have a large amount fat to muscle ratio that's part of the reason they taste so good. Fat = taste

  11. Hate to say this but 3 year old Jersey finished on grain, matured on grass tastes way better and is fabulously marbled.

  12. Considering all the genemanipulated food floating around in the US, most US foods are health hazards.

  13. Fatty, poor marbling, had better tasting old milk cow burgers. Wagyu, Chianini, are 1A and 1B, angus is about a 4F.

  14. Do your balls hang low

    Do they wobble to the floor

    Do they shine in the light

    Are they platinum or they gold

    Could you throw them over your shoulder, if youre hot they make you cold…

    Do.. your.. balls. hang. low?!

  15. American beef is the best. I don't trust the euro trash. if it don't have American beef on the label I don't spend my money.

  16. The Ankole-Watusi is a modern American breed of domestic cattle. It derives from the Ankole group of Sanga cattle breeds of central Africa. It is characterized by very large horns

  17. That's a matter of opinion…. When we were in the beef cattle business, we sold hybrid (black-white faced) feeder calves/steers from Hereford cows and an Angus bull… Which at the time, were bringing better money than either pure Hereford or pure Angus cattle….! (The reason… They produced better marbled quality beef…)

  18. If it wasn't for the American Rancher .that cross breed these fine Critters we wouldn't have such outstanding Cattle…U.S.D.A Finest Beef in the World..
    We Got it all Heifer, Charleston, Aberdeen Angus, Indio Brahma…
    And plenty more of the finest breeds of Cattle
    There is…

  19. The best beef doesnt depend on the breed, Angus doesnt taste any better than other breeds, can you tell the difference between the store-milk, from dairies, with different breeds? Jersey-Holstein? nope you cant!

  20. Angus is absolutely nothing special! Full blood chianina is where it's at. And they are going to make a huge comeback.

  21. One day when you grow up you will realize that cows and farm animals are just like a plastic container, they "make" cows just to cut them up in pieces put them in a sealed box and store them in some warehouse until the buyer comesand picks up his product, or the buyer orders the product and they ship it to him, the end.

  22. I couldn't tell you what kind of steak it was other than it was a Black Angus beef steak an individually vacuum sealed package from Aldi grocery store of all places it was probably a 16 to 18 oz steak and it was like $22 …. I have to say it was probably the best steak I have ever eaten… I was amazed by how good it was I was definitely not expecting that and it wasn't even cooked on a grill it was cooked on a George Foreman electric grill inside an apartment believe it or not but it was awesome

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