Which Holistic Therapies have we tried & tested?

Which Holistic Therapies have we tried & tested?

– Hi guys, we are back for another vlog with Chrissy and Teresa.
– Hello. – You guys have been giving
us some really good ideas of things you want us
to talk about each week and one of the things that came up was you’re interested in hearing about our experiences with holistic therapies. And between the two of us I think we’ve experienced a whole
array of different therapies. – Yeah, my philosophy to that is, I don’t believe in anything in particular, I’m just open-minded to everything and I’m willing to try it, give it a go and see what resinates and what works. ‘Cause everybody’s different, as we know, so what works for one
doesn’t work for the other. – Yeah, and I feel like it’s
this really popular word, holistic health and wellness and I really hope it’s not a fad because, in my experience,
my life has only become infinitely better since I’ve lent into this idea of wellbeing. Rafi wants to come in here. Do you want to come in? Well we’re gonna bring Rafi in here. You wanna come in here baby girl? Come on, come be with us, it’s okay. – [Chrissy] Let’s see, come
say hello to everybody. – You wanna come and say hello? This is Rafi.
– Say hi. – Can you say hi? Now you get to be with
momma and auntie Teresa. For me, I’ve tried a bunch of different holistic therapies. I think I continuously,
I go back to meditation. That is one that has really
served me over the years. I first got into, sort of, delving into a deeper side of myself
about five years ago. I was coming out of a place where I was feeling pretty low. I was in a low vibrational headspace and I found a group of people who were really interested in meditation and I actually started
doing this one called sensory deprivation meditation,
which means it’s in the dark and it’s pitch black and your eyes can never adjust to
the light because it’s, there’s just no source of light at all. Poo-poo, did you do a poo-poo? She’s doing her toilet training. You’re gonna take mommy
to go poo (laughing)? – You can go pee-pee
mommy’s gonna stay here. (crying)
No okay, I’m gonna come. – Go do poo-poos, okay. And so I did this meditation where I would go with a friend and it would
be in this really dark room and there’d be a candle and
the candle would get blown out. And people would start sort of ohming and making noise and just
sort of being in this space. There was about 20 to 30 people in there and I loved the experience. At first I’d feel like I was a little bit self-conscious, I didn’t
want to make much noise and then after a few weeks I really gave in to the experience and it became quite transformational. I really thrived on this experience and I could just go to a
very reflective headspace and then for some of that I’ve noticed, once I got in a routine
of doing this meditation once a week, I would fall asleep for 20 minutes of the meditation. And it was so beautiful that my body felt so relaxed to be able to do that. And I found myself really
being in a state of clarity. So, she’s back.
(laughing) And it just served me, it
was like this pick me up and once I got hoked into
meditation, that was it. I just continue to lean into that practice and that was about yeah,
five or six years ago now. And I don’t have such a
regular practice these days. I have Insight Timer on my phone and every now and then when I feel like I need a pick-me-up, I’ll go over listen to my Insight Timer
and it also tells you how many other people in the world you’re meditating with at that same time and I find that really beautiful. So meditation’s a big one for me. – Yeah, and I think if
first started meditating when, in a different sense of meditation. Well I guess it’s still called meditation, but an active one. So, because I couldn’t keep still and keep my mind very still for long periods of time and it is all practice, I would do an active one. So I’d walk walk down the street and really tune into every sense. What can I see? What can I hear? What can I smell? What can I feel? And you really tune
into all of those things with no judgment on them. Like it’s not, oh it’s
cold and you feel cold. It’s just like, oh no, it’s cold and then let that feeling pass and then, oh there, feel that wind. So, it really is and then that brings it back to being present. – Absolutely.
– To the moment. – Yeah.
– Which is lovely. – You’ve done, now what was that about you, you said you do biomagnetism? – Yeah, that was a really interesting one, biomagnetism and it works on the different magnetic fields of the body. I was lucky enough to try quite a few different therapies in
my old business in London and we had lots of
different practitioners. But one actually, just
’cause I had Raffi here, I’ve taken a lot of my kids as babies to craniosacral therapists.
– Yes, um-hmm. – First of all, when Charlotte, when she was a baby, she wasn’t latching on to a bottle, so she would, obviously I was trying to get
her off the boob onto bottle. She was about seven months old and she just wouldn’t take it and I noticed it was because of her latch and there was something
wrong with her suck for the bottle so, I
did a couple of sessions and it was amazing how well
and easily she responded. And then with Rafi, I took her because, I forgot to put the seatbelt on in the pram one time and
she fell out of the pram and her neck kind of got stuck on the side like this, for ages. I know, terrible mommy moment. But of course, you want to
take them to be adjusted, but that just felt a bit
too severe for me so, the cranial practitioner
would do her thing and her neck obviously, came back– – Oh my God.
– Into the right position. – The amount of times I’ve injured my children from doing dumb things like, I have one of those electric boots and you press the button and
I just comes down (laughing) and one time it came straight down on top of Thar’s head
when I had the trolley. He was sitting in the trolley
and I didn’t realize it. It was like, ah, but luckily
when it hits something it bounces back up again. So it started going back up and I was like oh, what did it hit?
– Oh my goodness. We all do it, don’t we?
– Oh gosh. Anyway, the other one that we are both really big into is acupuncture. I actually just had a acupuncture right before the birth of Poet and I really swear by acupuncture. We both go and see the
same woman here in Adelaide and she really helped
me kick-start my labor, ’cause I was going to have to be induced and right after the session
I started contracting. And I don’t know what it is about it but– – It just works, it’s amazing. It’s like, you’ve got this symptom, they put in the needle–
– In a very specific spot. – Yeah, in that spot and
it works immediately. It can be for anything, headache, yeah, aches and pains or,
I initially turned to it when I was trying to conceive. It took me a few years to
be able to conceive children and so I worked with an acupuncturist and also took their medicinal Chinese herbs–
– Which you like, you love Chinese.
– I love, I love a lot of Chinese medicine, so many different aspects of the Chinese medicine as well as, Ayurvedic as well, all these really ancient traditions, there’s definitely something in them. – Yeah, yeah, I actually used acupuncture to bring back my period. I didn’t have a period
for about three years when I was in my early
20s and much too skinny. And the acupuncture was a thing that just rebalanced my hormones again and then I ended up getting my period and was able to conceive
a few years after that which was really fantastic. We both love massage,
yoga I’m a huge fan of. Anything that’s mind and
body and soul together. And yoga is such a great
thing, ’cause it can be very physically challenging. Especially, I love doing yin yoga which means you’re in the position and you’re holding it for
a prolonged period of time and then it becomes–
– It can get very uncomfortable.
– It can because your body’s fighting you, but also it’s your mind and that having to stay
in a certain mind frame during your practice is really important and it’s just that, it’s
really good for you. It’s good to be able to face the little minds committee
which is telling you stop, stop, stop this sucks, so change it, let’s get out of it. But, to overcome it and
say, actually you’re okay you’re doing great, this is good for your body and moving through it. And I used, actually, a lot of my practice in my labor with Poet,
which was really lovely. – I don’t think we’ve
talked about it before but, I’m about to share
it for the first time. I got James, my husband,
and I do a lot of EFT which is emotional freedom technique, where you actually tap parts of your body that do relate to the acupressure, similar to the acupuncture system. And that’s what we use to manifest what we want in our lives so, and we do it on our
children as well actually. So a lot of the time,
when they’re sleeping, to perhaps help with some sort of ailment but, it’s been
transformative for our lives. – Really?
– Yeah. – And how did you learn exactly where to tap and–
– Well yeah, with a practitioner. There’s a lot of guidance online but it is best to learn,
have a few sessions with someone that knows first and know the type of words to use. And then once you’ve got it, you can, you know, I love my beach walks and I’ll be walking down the beach doing my different tapping
points and (laughs) yeah. You can do it anywhere and it just changes like, lifts your vibration
and just gets you out of any–
– Funky headspace. – Yeah.
– Yeah, I see. Oh okay, I’m gonna be trying that. – Yes, I’ll show you.
(laughing) – Yeah, oh amazing. Yeah, so I think that’s
probably the ones that we have. I’m a reiki as well. I have to say, I definitely love reiki. I discovered that when my
mom was dealing with some mental health issues when I was younger. I remember seeing my mom
have someone do reiki on her body and I was like, what is that? And then years later, I had
a friend of mine, Sabrina, did reiki on me and it felt incredible. And maybe it was the placebo effect but, I really felt re-energized. They don’t touch your body, it’s just, it’s all about moving energy and feeling where you have blockages and she said I had such a blockage in my stomach which is linked to emotions. And, I was navigating through a really emotional time with an ex-partner and I did find it incredible that she (gasps)
was ac– – Sorry, Charlotte’s being
a bit rough with the cat. (laughing) Sorry.
– It’s all right. And I did find that I felt very lifted after the session and it was interesting that she could pick up
on some of the things that I was navigating
without me even explaining what I was going through. So, I really loved that and Mark an I have often gone and done reiki together and we’ll do like a one,
two session of reiki and then a massage and then we feel very rejuvenated afterwards. – I love that, I mean there’s
so many different types. None of them are right or wrong. It’s just seeing what works
and resinates with you. – Yeah, and it’s nice to be open to them too.
– Definitely, yeah. – Yeah, I feel like I’ve probably passed judgment on holistic
therapies years earlier when I was probably in my 20s. I was like, oh what is that? But now that I’ve experienced it I really enjoy it and
there’s definitely a place for holistic therapies in my life. – Me too.
– Yeah. – We better sign off before Charlotte injures the cat (laughs).
– The cat. Oh my God, those cats are
so resilient (laughs). All right guys, lots of love from us.
– Lots of love. (blowing kisses)

3 Replies to “Which Holistic Therapies have we tried & tested?”

  1. Hi, I'm practising every day heart coherence and It's really… good! After just 5 minutes, I feel so calm! I think you can try because It's so… natural to do it after all.
    My body is an over reactive one so I don't want to try acupuncture yet because I'm not feeling it. But acupressure is okay so yay!
    Thank you for the video!

  2. Yoga: good for exercise, nonsense about metaphysical stuff. Chiropractice: can usually help you feel better, but there are lots of chiropractors who will wave their hands over you without touching, which is nonsense. Which brings us to Reiki: nonsense. Acupuncture: no. Does not do anything. Meditation: helps you focus and experience nice dreams or understand concepts. Does not help you gain magic powers. Beware of cures that target "toxins". That's a buzzword. It means they're selling you snake oil.

    You feel good if you exercise, eat right, solve your problems, earn enough money, and have love. There is no spirit to heal; no energy flow to correct. Don't get swept up in the fraud.

  3. I was so sceptical about acupuncture but I started when we had trouble conceiving our first and it completely changed me. I had heartburn and reflux for years that was completely cured after a couple of sessions. It helped so much with my nausea while pregnant, helped induce my labour and with mastitis while feeding. It's definitely something I wish I could do more often.

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