Which Osmenite Farming Route is Best? | Patch 8.2 Mining

Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold
and today we’re doing a head-to-head with a few different guidemakers to find out what
the best Osmenite farming route is in Rise of Azshara. But first, it’s a new patch, we need to
cover all the mining optimizations. I did a video on this I’ll link here but
here’s a run down. There are three main things you need. First, there are patch 8.2 specific things. Get revered with mechagon and nazjatar for
pathfinder part 2 so you can get flying. That’ll speed you up. For your followers, grab Blademaster Inowari
and Vim Brineheart. Those guys are tanks and will taunt things
so you won’t get interrupted mid-mining. Next, if you aren’t playing on a class with
a tank spec, you’ll get dazed which slows you down. So grab Comfortable Rider’s Barding. And finally for 8.2 stuff, get rank 3. Once you have rank 1, and have done the introductory
“what will it mine quest,” take a brinestone pickaxe to the cave in the very northwest. The brinestone is hard to see, but blizz fixed
the initial bugginess. The boss actually spawns now, Avarius. Rank 3 is just an item drop so just mine one
of these routes. Second, you need a way to mine while mounted. Druid can kind of avoid this by just swapping
in and out of travel form, but it’s still slower because if you’re in combat when
you enter travel form, you move at 160% until you swap back into it. So I’d actually recommend monel-hardened
stirrups, even if you’re a druid. They’re decently expensive at 400g but osmenite
seams are worth 400g each so if stirrups get you one extra osmenite seam in two hours,
it’s worth it. Finally, you need to cut your cast time for
gathering in half. This allows you to gather herbs in between
enemy autoattacks so pulling agro doesn’t slow you down. You can get the BFA mining glove enchant for
this but highmountain taurens get it passively and that’s what I play, but as I mentioned
in my best professions video that I’ll link here, it’s usually better to be a dual gatherer
so you aren’t wasting time by going out to the same route twice, once for herbs, and
then again for ore. So either highmountain tauren with an herbalis
glove enchant or a regular tauren with the mining glove enchant. If I left anything optimizations out, leave
em down in the comments. Let’s help some new farmers get up and running. But let’s talk about patch 8.2! And we’ll start with wow-professions.com. This site is traditionally pretty good, especially
if you’re a beginner. He knows how to target density, but tends
to ignores things like node force spawning, I talked about that a lot in a video I’ll
link here. In this route, he says “Don’t forget to
check the caves marked with a red X” but doesn’t say why other than that there’s
ore inside. So here’s why, mining an osmenite deposit
gets you between 2 and 5 ore, so an average of 3.5 per node. Osmenite seams though, which are only found
in caves, give between 6 and 10 each, and average of 8. That’s more than twice the ore per click. Which essentially doubles your density. Following this route got us 376 per hour. His second route was really interesting. It ignores the first route in case there’s
competition. I don’t like going up to the cave area at
the top of this route but apparently no one does either, because there were always nodes
up. Still, this route while it’s creative and
hits a couple areas with good density, was pretty trash, at 151 ore per hour. And I think that’s because it’s not focusing
on seams. Looking at osmenite deposits on WoWHead is
fine, but if you make a route that chain together the seams, my theory is you won’t have as
much competition and won’t be sacrificing density because you’ll still be running by
all the deposits. So that’s what I did in the next route,
and I’m gonna call this the WoWHead: Just Run Around route because that’s what we’re
doing. And it was interesting, almost every cave
I went into had a seam up, and I was hitting all these caves that aren’t part of other
routes so it’s just a tinfoil hat theory, but I kinda feel like osmenite seams are on
a seperate force spawn from the deposits. What do y’all think? Any of y’all that have done a lot of mining,
let me know. This route was a little too big though, but
we still did pretty well at 362 ore per hour. So, if seams are all that matter, let’s
go ultimate scumbag. For this next route, if you want to call it
that, we’re just gonna sit in a cave with two seam spawns and repeatedly server hop
every 20 seconds. To do this, you open up the group finder and
join one of the world boss groups. I avoid quest groups where the people might
actually need help. And honestly, I had high hopes for this. You’re creating your own density, but it
just didn’t deliver with only 246 nodes per hour. Not the worse, but definitely not the best. So our final route, the one I’ve been using,
we’re going to take all this that we learned and combine it in a route I call Caves for
Days. Wow-professions says there are 5 caves, there
are actually 9 right here, and I just started at one in the south ran cave to cave, and
when I hit the last one, rather than running in a loop back to the start like wow-professions
recommends, I just server hopped and ran the route backwards. Maximum cave density. And depending on the time of day that I tested
it, this got me between 480 and 560 ore per hour. So, for the 2019 Osmenite Cup, we’ve got WTBGold,
Caves for Days at the number 1 spot. /flex We’ve got the Wow-Professions, Route
1 at the number 2 spot, and then we’ve got just running around the zone at the number
three spot So I hope you learned some stuff about farming
osmenite, and that this helped. Final note to leave y’all with is get flying
as soon as possible because your numbers will be much much higher when you aren’t wasting
time running around the zone. Even some of the out of the way caves, might
be worth grabbing when the flight time is so short. Thanks for watching though, make sure to subscribe
or I’m gonna come over there and faction tag all of your hydras and make your starfish
disappear. Have a great day guys, good luck and happy

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