Which Zin’anthid Farming Route is Best? | Patch 8.2 Herbalism

Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold
and today we’re doing a head-to-head with a few different guidemakers to find out what
the best zin’anthid farming route is in Rise of Azshara. But first, it’s a new patch, we need to
cover all the herbalism optimizations. I did a whole video on what addons I use and
a couple of the optimizations, I’ll link to that video here But there are three main
things you need. First, there are patch 8.2 specific things. Get revered with mechagon and nazjatar for
pathfinder part 2 so you can get flying. Like Tanaan, Nazjatar has a lot of verticality
so flying will speed things up much more than normal. Also followers. Blademaster Inowari and Vim Brineheart are
tanks, they don’t deal as much damage but they’re gonna taunt things from you that you
accidentally aggro to keep you from dismounting. Next, the water walking mount equipment is
great, it’s wonderful, but if you aren’t playing on a class with a tank spec, you can
still get dazed. So grab Comfortable Rider’s Barding. And finally for 8.2 stuff, get rank 3 zin’anthid. Once you have rank 1, and have done the introductory
“what will it grow quest,” kill crimson lashers until you get a germinating seed,
plant that in fertile soil, feed Audrey 2 some glowflies, kill him and you’ll get
rank 2. Rank 3 is just an item drop from gathering
so follow one of these routes for that. Second, you need a way to gather herbs while
mounted. You can just…be a druid. They can gather in travel form. They can also use the Wild Charge talent to
jump gaps and survive long drops. Also, if you’re a bloodthirsty monster who
run with warmode there’s a PVP talent that lets you mass entangle from travel form. This is actually really good, but I’m a
scaredy cat. [GET IT?] If you aren’t a druid though, you can buy
a sky golem mount from engineers. I’d prefer if blizzard truly committed to
the idea of mount equipment and made that functionality crafted by herbalists, but for
now sky golems are pretty cheap. If you can’t afford it though, use monel-hardened
stirrups for 400g a pop. Lasts 2 hours. Finally, you need to cut your cast time for
gathering in half. Not only does this shave off some time for
each lap but it allows you to gather herbs in between enemy autoattacks so pulling agro
doesn’t actually slow you down. You can just be a tauren, they get it passively. You can use the bfa herbalism glove enchant
for 10g, keep a stack in your bags in case you get an upgrade, or you can use the more
expensive but more versatile darkmoon firewater. Personally I run a highmountain tauren druid
with the herbalism enchant and warmode off so I get druid benefits, ore and herb cast
time reduction, and I don’t have to deal with the stress of getting ganked. Ok on to Zin’anthid! The first route we’re going to look at is
from WoWHead. Cool, thanks Wowhead. So we’re all flying blind here. Next, we’re going over to wow-professions. This site is really good for beginners, especially
if you don’t have any idea where to go, but it’s just one guy doing all gatherables,
so his routes are pretty…casual. They’re not the best. For instance, he says to go straight right
here. You can’t there’s a wall. Same here. There were a few little clever spots though
where it took me the long way around a building but then there was an herb node there I never
looted before. So he has put in some work and done some testing
and done some node tracking on the PTR. For the first route from wow-professions.com,
I got 245 herbs per hour. For the second though, there aren’t a ton
of herbs up there. and I was in combat the entire time with those
goddang murlocs. So it was a surprisingly low, 173 herbs per
hour. Next guide we’re testing is from a great
youtuber you may have seen down in the comments, Golden Routes who claims 400-600 per hour. It’s very similar to wow-professions, you
may see a trend with the Crimson Forest is the place to go, but this does a better job
covering the density in the crimson forest, and somehow finds a dense path through all
the nodes in the drowned market and Zin’ashari. It follow pathing and I was always finding
new herbs and it even avoided nodes that would take 30 seconds 60 seconds to get to, but
still I only got 178 per hour. I’m on a high pop so maybe I got unlucky
with competition, but it’s a clearly better route than the wow-professions route but it
just performed worse on our test, so that’s where it’s going to rank. Next, I’m gonna throw my hat in the ring
with a super optimized cheezy strat. Crimson forest has the best density, so just
like Winter’s kiss, we’re gonna just…stay there. I did one wiggly line through all the nodes
there, and once I hit the end, I opened the group finder, found a raid boss group, and
server hopped. Ran the wiggly line backwards and hopped again. Rinse repeat. This scumbag approach is super easy to follow
because you’re just staying in one area, and it did way better than running around on my
high pop with all my competition, so here I got 388 herbs per hour. But some of y’all don’t like hopping and
I understand that so I also crafted a non-hop route that of course covers crimson forest,
but also goes down to the pretty decent density down in spears of azshara. This one took some pathing work to get around
all the eels, but it’s a nice quick 5 minute lap and actually covers a lot of rare spawn
spots. But this one got me 252 herbs per hour. So, WTBGold has the number 1 and number 2
spot in our test. Nothing but the best for you guys. But then we’ve got Wow-professions with the
number 3 spot, golden routes at number 4, and then wow-professions bringing up the rear
with it’s absolute crap alternative route. Didn’t even get a stack in a full hour. So, that’s it for the ranking. I hope you enjoyed this. I hope it helped you out. I hope you make a whole bunch of gold with
zin’anthid. It’s really expensive right now. Prices of course will drop and I expect them
to drop to drop significantly when flying comes out in the next week or two. So, get it while you can, but other than that,
have a great day everybody. Good luck, and happy goldmaking.

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