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  2. In south India, a soup called Rasam is consumed daily by people along with their meals. Check it out on the internet. It has turmeric, pepper, cumin, coriander (both seed powder and fresh leaves), tomatoes, tamarind, all boiled together in water for at least 20 minutes and then topped off with curry leaves and asafoetida sauteed in ghee. This concoction is heavenly and consuming it daily has prevented me from getting colds and flu for over a year now. In fact, in south India (Tamil nadu) where I learnt this recipe, they give it to children as a drink every now and then when having a fever or cold.

  3. Wow, you really managed to find something wrong with the most powerful anti-inflammatory plant in the world available to most people for free if they grow it.. get a positive focus, think like a patient, lol!

  4. Dear dr. Greger. I just wonder about your opinion on vaccines, antidepressants, statins or antacids. They are all good right?
    You are just a propagandist.

  5. I was using 'high dose' Tumeric for my back pain(i was effective) because I could not use NSAID (uclers). I used up to 20g a day, but usually 6-10g for two weeks couple times a year, for few years. I think I demaged one of my internal organs as I feel pain now with using many herbal spices that stimulates digestive tract (in normal coocking portions). Pain is on my left side (gall bladder is on the left). There was nothing found on USG. What lab test should I make?

  6. 0:31 I'm glad you covered the "just because something is natural, doesn't mean it's not toxic…" My wife mentions EVERY time we see "natural flavors" added to a packaged food that it could be ANYTHING.

  7. I m taking curcumin daily Two spoons with black peppers and ginger from last three month for joints pain . my all tests are normal ..my pain almostly reduced. Except this I take my meal included Indian masala with curcumin as earlier

  8. People commenting thinking he is pro Pharma…you are wrong. This video is only talking about who shouldn't consume turmeric. It's one of his Daily Dozen that SHOULD be consumed. He has videos about the benefits of turmeric elsewhere, but that's not the topic of this particular video. In another one of his videos, he says that the 6th leading cause of death in Americans (~106,000/yr) is adverse drug reactions to medications that are prescribed by your DOCTOR. Know his platform before stupidly slamming a single video.

  9. I don't know what you're talking about cause I wake up with a hard on every morning cause of Turmeric. this guy probably work for the drug industry.

  10. wow this was very informative, I will tell my family member about this because they have a tendency for kidney stones. Thank you!

  11. The problem is that turmeric and/or curcumin is that very little of it is absorbed into the blood stream even if you take it with black pepper according to all the studies done at the National Institute of Health.

  12. I was eating turmeric with black pepper almost everyday and yesterday in my blood analysis they found calcium oxalate crystals in my urine. Good sincronization.

  13. finally he says buying from western suppliers,,, thats it, it looks like a promo video, no different from an AD ??? curcumin/Turmeric is native of Asia/India, the natives know more about this. In South India women use it by mixing with soap for bathing, it does so much good to women (even when its used externally) just the smell alone has lots of medicinal effects… the point is why the video advises to buy western supplements in the end… its just a scary tactic to scare people from consuming with food and forcing supplements… sorry sir, i like most of your stuff, this one is not good

  14. The easy solution for avoiding kidney stones is to simple consume distilled water, which has a negative charge and therefore leeches all of the insoluble calcium from the body. #MicDrop Eat as much turmeric as you like, with as much lack pepper as you like, as long as you are flushing with a gallon to 1.5 gallons each day, or producing “a river flowing through you” via urine-therapy.

  15. Curcumin does not suit everyone, each time I ate some in the past, liver pain and high liver enzymes. It can cause serious liver side effects. Read up. Same for other group of foods such as oxalates, quinones etc..it depends what can be tolerated by individuals.

  16. This seems like a really well balanced overview of the ingestion of turmeric. I have seen the light, and am cutting back my intake of turmeric to 1 TSP per day, and forgoing the black pepper. Thanks, Doctor.

  17. Sounds like you prefer chemistry derived medicine and nutrition rather than natural medicine and nutrition which has existed naturally on Earth, for Earth's inhabitants, since long before humans appeared here.

  18. This is a bunch of bull shit the drugs that theis so called doctors give us are far more damaging to the body than turmeric

  19. Adding black pepper to turmeric causes DNA damage? Did I hear that right? That's what I've been doing this whole time thinking I was upping the bio availability of the turmeric.

  20. Do you know why turmeric gives me billious headaches? I have tried everything I can think of to take it in supplement form as well as eating it in occasional foods but I cannot seem to get rid of the headaches that plague me. I'd give anything if I could drink it in tea form. Thanks!

  21. plutonium is a man-made element. this is merely a statement not a critique of the material presented.

  22. Woman ate turmeric in everything and ended up with irreversible liver failure. Idk who to believe anymore. Maybe do everything in moderation.

  23. My arthritis flares up when I take turmeric. I'd hoped at first it was a coincidence, but I've tried two more times, and got the same result.

  24. Great video. I am all in favour of natural cures as I know that pharmaceuticals are not the answer because of their side effects leading to other illnesses. So I use everything I can from nature. Curcumin is one of them but as I see in this video, it seems we tend to use a lot of it and no doubt, plant are medicine and they should be respected. And from where I stand in nature 8 is too little but 80 is too much and with curcumin being boosted with black pepper, we should be careful specially those with prone to kidney and/or gallbladder stones or gout.

  25. Turmeric challenges the pharmaceutical industry, so does HEMP seed and oil. Go figure. Take turmeric with pepper and hemp or olive oil and warm it up in a stainless steel pan (NOT aluminum) take it every day.

  26. Ive been an RN for over 40 yrs (and married to a Nephrologist for over 10) I cant begin to tell you how many people Ive seen damaged by pharmaceuticals! At the lease, most cause side effects resulting in the prescribing of still more and more Rx's. I would recommend EVERYONE take a look at this wonder man's (both an MD and a Nutritionist) Websight… It is FREE and you will learn an incredible amt of info about your body, drugs, and natural alternatives!

  27. Other than his condescending tone and put you to sleep lecture, he could have some point. I believe most people object to his comparison the strict nine and overall poor presentation. Being 52 yrs old and having arthritis and no gallbladder I'll take my chances.

  28. Clearly, benefits outweigh the risk. But thanks for the caution and reminder. Would turmeric go well with cayenne instead of black pepper?

  29. So glad you made this video! Having issues with pain, gall bladder and kidney dysfunction with high epo (erythropoetien), Porphyrins go up and down and consistently high arsenic levels in the form of heptacarb-7 Porphyrin. No doctor has been able to diagnose me yet. So I have been following the bread crumbs, –+– tests- followed by research of correlations and significance –+– leadinding to more tests for clarification–+– more research of symptoms, previous test results and current scientific studies –+- more tests etc. Without extensive knowledge of biochemistry I cannot seem to go further than step by step but none the less I seem to be getting closer to the cause of the sickness even though I don't understand it, lol. At least I am asking the right questions that are resulting in discoveries of abnormal high/low levels of different chemicals in my body, therefore justifying and pointing to more testing. I'm hoping eventually a doctor will be able to diagnose me. I found a study where they use curcumin to treat high EPO polycythemia anemia. Since a couple of my indicators, or characteristics are that I have; high EPO, microcytic hypochromic anemia, iron overload, low creatine with high kindney hyperfilteration, and high urine arsenic level. The study treated anemic polycemic patients with high epo and it was successful in some patients so I thought I would look it up curcumin … Interesting… I am really glad I found this article I did not realize curcumin was from turmeric because I have used different natural herbs to try and relieve my symptoms and some seem to help; like celery, and thistle, and some seemed to make it worse; like turmeric. It causes me to become extremely sick to my stomach which sometimes leads to bile coming out a symptom I've noticed when my porphyrin levels were raised . I did not know how this could happen since so many have recommended it but I'm glad I found this article. So I can now take that additional information into consideration and try to determine how and why my levels would be as they are and why I become sicker with tumeric as opposed to the patients who improved. What is difference in my system from those who improved?

  30. Hey, am I safe? I combine a quarter teaspoon of powdered tumeric with quite a generous amount of black pepper from my pepper mill most mornings in my porridge? Everyone else thinks it disgusting, but it tastes better than it sounds. But could I be damaging my DNA?

  31. Really good video. People just don't realize how seemingly innocent plants can poison you in large enough amounts. Thank you.

  32. Studies have shown that bio available curcumin reduces the inflammation involved in disc degenerative disease more effectively than nsaids. I'll find the study and post it here later.

  33. Whatever you eat pray over it God said.its not what goes into the mouth that defiles the body it's what comes out of it that hurts you
    Taking a portion at a time don't hurt but being greedy hurts.

  34. His voice is the issue for me. Why talk like that? He's half bored and half attempting to be interesting. This means he talk slllllowly and then speeds up. Tedious. The information is probably good, but just talk normally.

  35. I have hypotension and I’ve read some research regarding the effects of curcumin lowering blood pressure. Is anyone else aware of this effect?

  36. this is explained in a way too complicated to reach general audiences, at least support it with a proper slide show where you highlight the key issues

  37. My dad has been consuming Amla juice plus one spoon turmeric for over two years and with two ayurvedic pills which doc gave , his diabetes disappeared and now don't need to take allopathy meds for diabetes , ofcourse there dieting also included, another thing I want to point out is try to make turmeric powder by yourself than buying from supermarket, that won't be pure

  38. You pharmaceutical people are full of shit! The more you drug people up the more drugs you sell. You talking are for people that dont know better. Drugs are doing billions.

  39. how much curccuma can I take a day before it is overdosed? My capsules contain 300mg curcuminoides and 200mg curcuma powder and 10mg piperine and it says just to take one a day.

  40. Hi there , thanks for your great videos.
    i do every morning in a empty stomach i take around one and half tablespoon of raw ginger with a teaspoon of raw turmeric with three tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and two tablespoon of virgin oil of olive and last a splash of water and drink .
    If you could comment .

  41. Great information. People should be aware of the risks before using any product, including natural ones.

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