Why antibiotics don’t cure sinusitis

Why antibiotics don’t cure sinusitis

Drip… drip… drip….. a caustic liquid
continuously pours down the back of your throat. Along with the drip, your head hurts. It is
driving you crazy………… you feel miserable – you need help. You visit your GP, a brief
examination confirms, your sinus membranes are INFLAMMED. A bad bug, has moved into the
air-filled cavities connecting your nasal passages. The diagnosis sinusitis, AGAIN !
The fix for your sinusitis is going to be to forcefully “remove” the offending bacteria.
Your GP prescribes an antibiotic, AGAIN ! But the cure maybe the problem…… In this episode
of BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY TV, we dig up the dirt on what causes sinus. Better Body Chemistry
TV is brought to you by Dr Sandy – a scientist turned gremlin buster, HELPING YOU, battle
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Small things can make a big difference to your health. So a team of researchers from
the University of California decide to track down which bacteria were getting up to mischief
in the sinus cavities. They sampled the sinuses of 20 people in total, 10 sinus cavities were
“blocked up” and 10 sinus cavities were ALL CLEAR. The team cultured the sinus samples
to establish which bacteria were present. Both blocked and clear sinus cavities were
jam packed full of bacteria – the difference between the blocked sinus passages and the
clear sinus passages was about the WHO. Clear sinus passages had lots of different species
of bacteria species partying in the clubhouse. A key party goer was a species of bacteria
named Lactobacillus sakei. The inflamed sinus passages were not party places – they had
become the home of Corynebacterium tuberculostearicum. This species of bacteria, is not some exotic
EVIL invader that has moved in to cause the problem, this species of bacteria is a usual
resident ………………of OUR SKIN. Blocked up sinus cavities have a squatter. Now squatters
are trespasses that move in illegally, usually when no one is looking. So what is going on
? Your doctor prescribed the antibiotic to clear your sinus of the infection which was
causing your sinusitis. The antibiotic fixes the immediate problem – it kills ALL the
bacteria. On paper at least, your antibiotic extermination campaign should leave your sterile.
Now There will always be a few very tough bacteria, who will survive the extermination
campaign……… so there will be a few bacteria lurking about in the nooks and crannies of
your body. Once the course of antibiotics is complete – bacteria will begin moving
in again. Now the tough guys that were able to resist the antibiotic have a bit of an
advantage, so does Corynebacterium tuberculostearicum. As typical
resident of the skin will not face the full might of the antibiotic. Drugs work most effectively
INSIDE the body, not OUTSIDE of the body. If you want to kill something OUTSIDE of the
body, you need to apply it directly onto the skin. In pharmacological speak this is a topical
application. So post-antibiotic, the Corynebacterium tuberculostearicum have an advantage. As they
go about their day to day business and spread themselves around….. A sinus cavity will
be a cool place to explore. A nice big warm cosy hole full of secretions aka food and
things. The explore turns into move in and set up shop. Unfortunately, the setting up
shop is interpreted as an invasion by the immune system. And you now have a SINUS infection.
AGAIN ! You need to break the cycle of INFECTION,
then an EXTERMINATION, which leads A VACANT LOT – which leads to another INFECTION.
The “fix” – don’t allow a vacant lot to develop. INHALE some good bacteria. Yup.
The sinus fix is dirty. Go somewhere DIRTY and breathe in that DIRTY air, so your nasal
cavities are filled with a diverse range of bacteria. The next time Corynebacterium tuberculostearicum
goes exploring…………it won’t be able to move in. Too many “eyes” will be looking
and think twice before taking an antibiotic to “fix” your sinusitis. Did you like
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  1. I am considering a "DIY nasal microbiome" transplant from a "healthy doner" who rarely ever gets even a sniffly nose. Basically I would have the doner do a nasal rinse with only purified water , then I would collect the used water and spray it deep into my nasal cavity. Your thoughts?

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