Why Do We Get Diseases – Swami Mukundananda Talks to Doctors At MD Anderson Cancer Center | JKYog

Why Do We Get Diseases – Swami Mukundananda Talks to Doctors At MD Anderson Cancer Center | JKYog

this body has trillions of reactions
going on within it as you are all aware if something goes wrong that creates
disease disease results in misery in suffering and distress that misery and
suffering goes against our nature we wish to do away with it and that gives
rise to the need for the medical profession in the grand scheme of things
disease also has a purpose this divine intelligence that has created this
miraculous body could have easily adjusted it such that disease was much
less or not at all we see the eagle which has such powerful
eyes flying at the height of 10,000 feet it is able to survey which creature is
moving and which has stopped moving so possibly life has gone out of it we see
the nose of the dog which is able to pick up a few atoms of smell similarly
if that was the intent of the divine intellect the body could have just been
adjusted to either reduce or eliminate disease if disease has been permitted as
a part of this scheme called the human body it is there for a purpose it is not
the problem it is the symptom of the problem
like for example if you put your hand into the fire two things will happen
firstly you will experience pain secondly the hand will start burning the
pain is not a bad thing the burning of the hand is a bad thing if the pain did
not occur we would not know the hand is burning and we would not take it out as
we know in the disease called leprosy what happens is only this much that the
part becomes insensitive and hence it starts getting damaged so similarly
disease is a symptom of something deeper Aveda
divides diseases into two parts it says some are garbage and some are dosage
karmic diseases are those that are coming from our karma karma actions that
we performed in the past of which we have to reap the consequences they are
part of our destiny as you sow that shall you also reap so there is a karma
that we are all carrying and some diseases are coming by karma the other
kind of diseases are called dosage they are coming for various
reasons from our actions from our lifestyle from our eating patterns from
our working styles from our thoughts etc in other words in some way we have been
involved in creating them now car much diseases you cannot do much about them
when that karma is burnt the disease will disappear nevertheless
we do not know which disease is dosage and which is car much supposing somebody
is ill and attributes it to one’s destiny that person will not endeavor
for a cure it’s possible if he or she had tried to cure it it may have got
cured so our Veda says don’t assume anything
as Karma’s you endeavor but the results are not in yours are the doctors hands
that is why after having put in your efforts when you get the results be
contented so the doctor will treat it is he who will cure you

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  1. Never had a knowledge of diseases which Swamiji explained as it of 2types "karmaj" and "Dosaj".. our thoughts, our karma, our Life style it's all responsible for the disease too. Thank you so much for this wonderful lesson..

  2. Such deep insight into health. Health is not just dependent on what we eat and exercise, but on the health of our mind!
    We have such a fitness oriented society today where people are so conscious of what they eat, how much they workout. However in all this we have grossly neglected the need to keep our mind healthy. About time we bring emphasizes on Workouts for Mind= Meditation on the all pure!

    Thank you sharing~

  3. If a person is experiencing a disease due to Karmaj or Dosaj he should put his best effort for the cure of ailment because Doctor treats and God cures.

  4. This is such an insightful and also comforting discourse. Disease has a purpose! And it is a symptom of the problem …and so helpful to know it may be Karnaj —may be rooted in karma or doshaj and though we do our best, it is He who will cure! Thank you so Swamiji! ???

  5. Surrender your diseases to God also. Do your best and be contented with the results. This will at least keep the mind at peace despite the suffering.
    Radhey Radhey

  6. Superb discription on karmaj and dosaj diseases.

    Here Swamiji explains thats its not the problem but the symptoms of the problem that bother us.

  7. Disease is a symptom of a deep rooted problem. Swamiji beautifully says that disease has two forms. Doshaj is due to prarabdh or predetermined destiny and karmaj is due to poor diet and unhealthy actions. Humans cannot know whether disease is caused by one or the other so take the necessary cautions to take care of your health but leave the outcome to God. Thank you, Swamiji!

  8. Disease is a symptom of the problem. We should endeavor to treat the disease. Karmaj disease will go away when our karma is burnt out. Doshaj disease can be cured by treatment. Doctor treats the disease and God cures it. Whatever the result be contented. Wonderful explanation about disease. Thank you Swamiji.

  9. Very interesting to see a spiritual guru giving a talk on the nature of disease to doctors from a prestigious institution!

  10. Swami Mukundananda has given a new concept that the disease is not the problem, it is symptom of a problem.
    Great concept. Radhey Radhey

  11. There is always something new to learn from Swamiji's talks. Thank you for sharing your priceless wisdom, Swamiji!

  12. Doctors treat, it is HE who cures. Beautiful assimilation if science and Ayurveda. What we are carrying is not that important, what we can do to not get decease is crucial. Like the state of our mind, the thoughts we indulge into, the food, the life style we adopt. ?

  13. Wow, great insights. Understood that every disease has a purpose in our lives. Their two kinds karmaj and doshaj . That way we can be more vigilant and take care.

  14. Thank you Swamiji for this important lecture on health and diseases. It is a saying that -Healthy mind resides in a Healthy body” so to get that healthy mind we need to make our body healthy.

  15. I never know before the difference between the disease caused by Karma or habbits.
    Thank you so much Swamiji for such a deep knowledge!!

  16. Karma and doshaj are two forms of creating diseases.It is only man's life style which causes diseases.Doctor only treats the disease but God cures it completely. This speech by Swamiji is very inspiring.
    Radhey Radhey.????

  17. Diseases are symptoms of deep rooted problems. Effort is required to maintain one’s physical health. Similarly one needs to invest time to grow spiritually and rid the mind of ailments such as attachment, lust, pride, anger and greed.

  18. Diseases—— cause suffering and pain

    Due to Past Karmas and current Life Style

    Must endeavor to lessen pain…… BUT…… cure in God’s hand ONLY.

  19. Disease comes from our karmas or from our actions of this lifetime. In either event we make the effort to treat them.

  20. Beautiful explanation by Swamiji about the cause of diseases. We should put all our efforts to control and cure the disease and leave the results in God’s hands.

  21. Swamiji I listen to all your speeches it’s awesome I pass on all the information to my school children they All love it you are my guru I tell my children my guru said this

  22. Such is the knowledge that needs to be mandatory for teens in schools – so the world would bee a happier place. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  23. "Anyway you do your best in every field and give up the result which are not in your hand"
    This pull right back to Bhagavad Gita, isn't it?

  24. Swamiji explains that some disease are coming by karma and some diseases are coming because of our habits. We need put in our best efforts to take care of the disease .

  25. Very interesting and informative lecture Swamiji. Purpose of disease, and how disease is not the problem but an indicator/ symptom of something greater. Karmaj and Doshaj ?

  26. Insightful lecture… disease is a symptom of something deeper. Interesting to learn the two kinds of causes; Karmaj and Doshaj. Thank you Swami ji!

  27. Swami Mukundananda ji gives a very beautiful insight about doshaj and Karmaj diseases. He also clarifies the fact so well that it the doctor who treats the disease but God who cures it … it is a normal conversation that occurs at the hospital when the doctor is counseling the patients family:- “ the patient is responding to the medication or he is not responding well to the same “

  28. Very well explained Swamiji! we get diseases either by karmic actions of the past or due to our current actions or our life style. Disease is a symptom of something deeper inside the body! We should endeavor to treat it. The Doctor treats but it is HE who cures! so true….

  29. Love the message on this video, how mind can have impact on our body, our health, our thoughts! Going to the root cause!

  30. Swami Ji – a profound explanation! Not knowing whether the disease is due to our karmas or doshaj – we need to do our best to take care of it!

  31. Regardless of Karmaj or Dosaj Ailments as per Ayurveda, we still need to get them eradicated with the help of Doctors and leave the rest to God. Nice message Swami Ji. Thnx ?

  32. Wow – It must have been a great session that Swamiji delivered to the doctors!! Nice explanation of the 2 reasons why one will fall ill with diseases.Radhey Radhey Swamiji

  33. Disease is a well planned programmed in our life to make us discipline with our mind and body to make our journey towards him. RR

  34. Excellent explanation – illness or diseases are for a purpose! "Karmaj" and "Doshaj" – but we do not know which one is the cause so we must make efforts for the treatment although results are not in our hand! Thank you Swami Ji!

  35. Put in your best effort to resolve disease, and also realize that the body is prone to both lifestyle problems as well as karmic reactions.

  36. Disease is caused by an imbalance of the doshas, excess of something, and deprivation of something else. It is true that the doctor can only treat it, the cure is only in the hands of God. Leading a daily routine of good vegetarian diet, adequate sleep, celibacy – bramacharya, yoga and exercise, bath, and meditation will keep away diseases.

  37. We may not be able to control diseases that are due to the result of our karmas but we can control diseases that are due to our lifestyle. Thank you, Swamiji!

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