Why the Hunza People Don’t Get Cancer – G. Edward Griffin

G. Edward Griffin: We like sweet and that
is the beginning of the problem or least the answer to the question, why does
modern man have cancer and primitive man does not? There’s a part of the answer. Well anyway, this
substance is called amygdalin. It’s well known. It’s been in the pharmacopeia for almost
a hundred years. I think it was first isolated and described
in Germany and it’s been used for medicinal purposes for a long,
long time. Amygdalin is a substance that is bitter, and
it’s found in grasses and in seeds primarily. They
have found that in those cultures, those places in the world, where the diet, the native diet
is rich in amygdalin foods, the cancer rate is very low
if not zero. You compare the diet to the same food or you
compare that diet to the diet of the people in modern societies where cancer rates are
high, and you find there’s practically no amygdalin at all. It’s just a complete eye opener. What are those cultures? Hunzas
I think you mentioned a moment ago are probably the best known, from a little kingdom up in
Northwest Pakistan. It’s a very idyllic place, I’m told. The story Shangri-La, they say, was actually
written based upon Hunza as the model. Everybody knows the story of Shangri-La. Well Hunza’s pretty much like that. It’s very remote. If you risk your life getting into it, and
I always thought I wanted to go visit Hunza after I
read about it until some photographs of these deep ravines that you have to walk across
on a rope bridge and it’s about a mile and a half straight
down, go along the cliffs like this, you know, I said no, I think I’ll
just read about it. Ty Bollinger: I’ll read about it. Yeah. G. Edward Griffin: But anyway that is really
the way it was. I guess they have a road in now. The people in Hunza never
had cancer but afterwards when they come out of Hunza and they go into other countries
and they start eating the same foods that those people eat
they come down with cancer like everyone else. In Hunza,
at least in the beginning when all this research was done, there was no such thing as money. It’s kind of
a primitive society and a man’s wealth was measured by the number of apricot trees he
owns. People
eat apricot seeds there, a little sweeter than the ones in California but still loaded
with amygdalin and they eat them like candy. It was like a delicacy there. Well there’s just one example. There are other
cultures, the Bilcabamba’s, the Navajo and Hopi Indians, the aboriginal Eskimos, all
of those cultures have zero or very low cancer rates. If you look at the native diet, in every case
their foods are at least 200 times, if not more, rich in amygdalin
than anything that you would find in a major city or even in the
countryside in our western world.

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