Will Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Kill Us All?

Will Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Kill Us All?

Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin. Let’s talk about antibiotics. Usually, when you get some type of bacterial
infection, like strep throat or pneumonia, you go to the doctor, get some antibiotics,
and you are all good to go. But this may be changing sometime in the relatively
near future. That’s because some bacterial infections
are becoming resistant to these drugs. They are called superbugs, but let me tell
you, I’d much rather have some superhero insects in place of these. At least that spider dude saves people. See, every year, about 2 million people get
sick from a superbug and about 23,000 of them die in the U.S. alone. So, yeah, not so super. And to make it even worse, any strain of bacteria
is able to turn into a superbug. One of the best known examples of these is
the Clostridium difficile bacteria, or C. diff for short. These bacteria live in your intestines. However, the other, “good” bacteria in
there as well helps keep you from getting sick. But, if you have been taking antibiotics,
the drug may have killed some of the good bacteria, allowing C. diff to take control. And once this happens, it can cause life-threatening
diarrhea and you may even have to get part of your intestines removed. And that’s not even the worst one. A family of bacteria called CRE[1] has been
found to be resistant to almost all known antibiotics. They cause life threatening blood infections
and it’s estimated that 50% of people who get sick from CRE die because of it. In fact, it’s so serious that the Center
for Disease Control and Prevention is calling this one of the most urgent public health
threats we currently have. But, how does this even happen anyway? What’s causing these bacteria to become
resistant to different types of antibiotics? Well these bacteria aren’t getting swol
at the gym pumping iron but like any other living creature, they are evolving. And sometimes, mutations in their genomes
can cause them to become resistant to certain antibiotics. But also, a much more terrifying explanation
has to do with plasmids, which are parts of the bacterial DNA. The plasmid enters and multiplies itself within
a cell and can then be transferred to others. So essentially, these plasmids are the vehicles
that transfer genes for antibiotic resistance between different bacterial species. Or, in plain english, plasmids are part of
the reason that, one day, antibiotics may not be able to help your strep throat anymore. Oh no.. Now, at this point you are probably wondering:
what can you do to lower your superbug risk? Well, the bad news is that the more antibiotics
you’ve taken, the higher your risk. And also, the more times you are in the hospital,
the higher your risk. Now, you should absolutely still go to the
doctor and take antibiotics if you need to, but the point is that you shouldn’t take
them unnecessarily. And also, to be safe, you should always wash
your hands thoroughly after using the bathroom or preparing food. Your insides do a lot of protecting but you
can help in that fight! It looks like the medical industry is in need
for some alternate ways to treat bacterial infections. Because otherwise, they may eventually run
out of antibiotics that actually work. I know this might seem scary but maybe it
can be a motivator! Go humans! You got a lot of surviving to do! So, what do you think of all this? And what’s the scariest superbug that you
know about? Let me know in the comments below. Make sure you come back every Monday for a
brand new video. As always, I’m Blocko and this has been
Life Noggin. Don’t forget to keep on thinking!

100 Replies to “Will Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Kill Us All?”

  1. what about the microphages the dedliest being on earth and unlike antibiotics ,microphages kill only the bad bacteria

  2. I instead know that if the bacteria gets stronger you could use bacteriophage.but if its ivolving to be imune to bacteriophage it will have to give up its imune to medicine.so dont need to worry.

  3. I have a strand of strep deemed a superbug. I’ve taken antibiotics for strep throat several time in the past 6 months but to no avail. My doctors say it is spreading and I have 1-2 years to live

  4. This is very scary but there are things called phages which kill every type of bacteria apart from the good ones which antibiotics don’t do and they also evolve faster then bugs do and so they are our best hope

  5. Everything I get sick I get diarhea but…. nothing happens to like I die nope….. my question is why?? I'm not healthy though….

  6. How about Phages? Phages kill bad bacteria. They also can destroy superbugs. They can destroy superbugs because Phages evolve. Even if Superbugs could be immune to Phages,they would have to give up to antibiotics.

    I know this is like 2 years ago but I don’t care lol.

    Crap, somebody already commented this, sorry

  7. You know bacteriolphage is now a virus that is a CURE ya a virus that's a cure it can kill all bacteria well it can evolve and protect Good bacteria and kill the super bug but can't cure viruses like coxisac so we need bacteriophages and antibiotics

  8. I recommend people using bacteriophages instead of the pills, cause bacteriophages only kill the bad bacteria not the good ones (Please mal a vid about bacteriophages)

  9. What If a man travel back in time to the bubonic plague era, will he be immune to it, and not be sick because the bubonic plague bacteria wasn't evolve until now.

  10. Dantio bacteria types
    Hix(Haiiw ifnoezxareboi virus)
    Hevne (Hasdozem vemwaunzen fungi)
    Oight (Onzezineengsadheggytumor phage)

  11. Urgitrimintis or mortivitris
    Montrovanwiantis or astejflofity
    Christanitiy or yuvarvantamiwo virus party
    Hint where Christanitmeravongs dance on cells

  12. Unguitlitilty party: Hint where Unguvamers dance on cells in your tissue in your organ and pray on dead good THC Viruses
    Endundintofsavawmentaitye virus parotry
    (E. Vawment)

  13. Life noggin I have watch a video talking about the things you've talked about in this video and its a cure but I don't know the name off it


  15. You forgot something called "bacteriophage or phage" they can kill superbugs resistant to anti-biotics and if superbugs develop resistance to phages then their vulnerable to anti-biotics.

  16. Solution: Bacteriophages/Phages

    A type of virus that helps humans fight off superbugs by hitting them until they become phage-resistant and have to give up their resistance to antibiotics, causing the superbug to be vulnerable to antibiotics.

  17. There is something amazing….
    It can even save every human on earth
    Yet being the deadliest being on the whole planet
    it is the

  18. Why dont we kill all backteria without the mutations in the genome and either kill all people with the mutated genome or leave it alone

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