in the initial time the tones are now you want to take any paths in tradition when or not Mary sent all the humanity or should also was the first female among them but also was not allowed to attempt the Amity or she was not allowed to make any contribution this is what make Osho angry or so when bind to form a society of witchcraft they destroy party plants or the project of your money the human I went back to overload Monica all my good so make a report this is what happened we use all the knowledge you gave us but all to no avail everything’s not working pollute Mary asked our but women among you they say she was isolated no one called us to the meeting the blood must go back bring our to your Forge this is how the wet bathroom portion also was the first woman to start human liberation she fights for women also demanded do you can you allow a woman to be initiated this day yes can you allow a woman to attend your meeting this yes can you allow a woman to participate in the just fine that’s how everything’s came back to normal the sickness get better there was no drought no family no trouble went on the planet that’s what makes your validation allow a woman to play a role if you take a look into a Catholic or Christian and Muslim they don’t allow women to that was from the long time a woman Gaston we keep aside but it is only or shows that fights for women that is out we allow a woman to come inside the temple the woman is yaga yaga is aid of a woman the woman is yellow day the other day is said of women in a day we are yellow yet maquettes woman head of or what market woman it is your bad tradition that allow organs or other religions does not allow women to to play important role and about sexual orientation in Yoruba tradition is a normal sexual allowed to follow we don’t even know what they call homosexual we don’t have it in a squatcher 1978 when I told you I travel to Miami I was deliver a lecture at Miami University the woman came out of audience to read this question and answer she asked me can a woman be pumpable now I say yes Cuban people to call it error that was given a lot of soft I’m in Miami this Pantera Santeria in Miami they say it was correct they have never had it that a woman can become Papa now the wrote letter to Nigeria to report me to Arab of Legos they are above Legos told them Yemi is a knowledgeable Babylon’s the Cuban people a fascist then my name is in their mouth how come a woman can become the don’t let mom take part in any religion they put the eyes or they said woman that was make me write a book admittedly every time when I travel to United States I have got children’s anytime they want to drew a presentation the make announcement if I am e from OSHA Boca the Cuban people they talk about my name at the place where they drink coffee you know Cuban like to go to a shop in the afternoon the drank coffee they talk my name and they will call me Papa they are talking about you tell me mention you African babalao no no nothing disabled our country so when I write the book repeatedly that’s quite the controversy in that book I was explained the role of a woman thank you very much


  1. Another African man effected by Europeans, now white washing his own history. Yoruba Men and Women before colonialism knew and loved their individual roles.

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