WoW BfA: BEST Riverbud & Storm Silver Ore – Serverhop Farming Spot

WoW BfA: BEST Riverbud & Storm Silver Ore – Serverhop Farming Spot

Hey everyone in this video I’m going to show you a farming spot I have found for farming riverbud and also storm silver ore using the server hop method if you are new to the channel and you want to see more world of warcraft videos hit that subscribe Button as well as the bell notification icon so you don’t miss anything today I would like to share this awesome farming spot that I have found for mainly farming riverbud but you can also get a decent amount of Storm Silver Ore and also Monelite Ore if you are about to do this farm with a character who has dual gathering professions This farming spot does require you to use the serverhop method and I know that some people like doing it and others don’t like Doing it but for farming this spot you are really going to use the server hop method and the farming spot itself is located In Stormsong Valley over here onto the map if you are wondering how this is actually done well it is a fairly simple open up your group finder go to questing and sign up for groups That are located in the Stormsong Valley once you get invited to join a group it will transfer your character over to the other Server, which means that the Storm Silver Ore or the Riverbud spawns Are, also triggered and it will appear each time that you hop to a different server when you are done with gathering all your herbs and also your herbs you will simply leave the group and join another one and basically repeat that process over and over And trust me using my spot here will get you a ton of Riverbud and Storm Silver Ore in just no time Of course you will get more ores Or herbs if you have maximized your gathering ranks up to rank 3 so if you are planning on doing this I strongly recommend that you do this with Maximized ranks now to end this video I’m going to show you how you should run this farming spot and as always if you have Any further questions or concerns please feel free to comment down below or Join My discord server and I will be more than happy to help you out My name is xScarlife and I see you in the next one

9 Replies to “WoW BfA: BEST Riverbud & Storm Silver Ore – Serverhop Farming Spot”

  1. How you turn on your route when you just running in the dear form? Not on the map, but when you collecting herbs etc. Because I always should watch onto the map to check if I run right route

  2. Keep on writing these routes, they are amazing!! Do you also have one for Monelite Ore? I think there might be a good route in Nazmir.

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