WoW Classic: 5 Gold Farms You Might Be Missing Out On

There are all sorts of gold farms you can
take advantage of in Classic WoW, but while some gold farms may be more obvious than others
for veteran players there are some you might not even be considering. Hello everyone my
name is, Icosiol, and today I’m going to share with you five lucrative gold farms that you
may be missing out on. We’re now a month in since WoW Classic has
launched and one of the greatest questions out there is how to earn more gold. Some gold
farms are more known than others, which means there are many that you may not be considering.
If you’re a veteran player you might look at some of these and think, “well duh, I know
all about these” but not everyone is a veteran, so in this guide I’m going to show you five
gold farms that you might not have considered. First Aid is not something you think of as
being a money maker, but thanks to the popularity of Twinking it can be. Perhaps the most popular
bracket is the level 19 twink that wreaks havoc in battlegrounds. This will become much
bigger when battlegrounds are released in Phase 3, but Twinking Toons has already begun.
A level 19 character with a First Aid of 225 can use a Heavy Runecloth Bandage, but needs
somebody else to make them. That’s where this gold farm comes in, so what you’re looking
for is as much Runecloth as you can find to make stacks and stacks of Heavy Runecloth
Bandages. Less lucrative bandages you can make are the regular Runecloth Bandage, and
the Heavy Mageweave Bandage. Anything less than that I really wouldn’t bother with.
On my server Heavy Mageweave Bandages are going for about 1g per stack. Runecloth Bandages
for around 2-3g, and Heavy Runecloth Bandages for upwards of 6g per stack. There are many
places to farm for Runecloth such as the West and Eastern Plaguelands, and Deadwind Pass,
but it is my opinion that the best location to farm for Runecloth is in Felwood at these
three locations. That’s because it has some overlap with another item you should be farming
which I will talk about now. Okay, so this one I admit is well known among
veterans, but some of you newer players might not be tracking this one and that is Fel Cloth.
Fel Cloth is used to create Mooncloth, is a reagent for many high-level tailoring recipes,
and required to complete two Warlock quests. This makes it a highly sought after item throughout
every phase of Classic WoW. Felcloth can be farmed from Demons who are at least level
50 and above. This is a rare drop with non-elite demons reportedly having a 3-5% drop rate,
while elite demons found in dungeons have approximately a 7% drop rate. Currently on
my server, Felcloth is selling between 3-5g per item, so you can see just how much gold
you can already be passing up by not farming these locations in Felwood. Understand that
these locations can be very competitive at times, so if you find too many other players
currently farming these spots you can move on to the next item on this list. Elemental Essences are going bonkers right
now, because they’re used for all sorts crafting items, enchants, and engineering tools that
aid in both PvE and PvP scenarios. This is another great farm that maintains a great
selling price throughout the lifespan of Classic. What you’re looking for are the five Essences
of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Undeath. Currently on my server a single Essence is selling for
these amounts for its corresponding element, but remember that your server’s economy
may reflect something different. One thing to note is if you’re farming for Runecloth
and Felcloth, and there are too many farmers for those items you can go to this area in
Felwood, and kill the fire elementals to get some Essence of Fire. Also while farming these
essences you will potentially find other elemental reagents that also sell for a good amount
of gold. Now let me pause speaking for a bit so I can finish showing you where some of
these essence farms are located. But what if you’re not level 55 or above?
What is something you can farm if you’re around your mid-level? Well don’t worry, because
I got you for this next one. As of September 23rd you can now fish for
Winter Squid, and while you might see the first sellers of this item trying to sell
it at 40g or more a stack don’t expect it to remain that high. However, you can expect
this fish to sell for a very good price for quite a while as it is the ingredient for
Grilled Squid which is one of the best DPS foods for Feral Druids, Enhancement Shamans,
Rogues and Hunters for the next several phases. You will typically see that Grilled Squid
sells for a higher price than the squid alone, so make sure you learn that recipe. One other
quirk that makes this fish even more valuable is it can be caught during the fall and winter
equinox only. That means anybody who has stockpiled Winter Squid and can continue to make Grilled
Squid during the spring and summer months is going to make a fortune. If you follow
my fishing guides you can fish for Winter Squid as early as level 35, but understand
to get to the places you need to get to will likely require a few death walks. You will
need to answer if it’s worth it for you or not. I suggest you fish for Winter Squid in
the Bay of Storms in Azshara, because you can catch many other lucrative fish while
there. Keep in mind that you will need a minimum fishing skill of 330 to catch anything in
the Bay of Storms and 425 to not lose any catch, so if you’re lower level you can also
catch these in Feralas, the Hinterlands, Stranglethorn Vale, and Tanaris. This last one is for you Herbalists out there,
and you will need a skill of 245 to harvest Ghost Mushrooms. Ghost Mushrooms are used
for Elixir’s of Shadow Power, Invisibility Potions, Limited Invulnerability Potions and
more. Some classes will have a better time of farming for these than others, and many
places where you can find these you will need a group. For our current Phase which is Phase
1 at the time of this video you can acquire Ghost Mushrooms in Maraudon, Skull Rock in
the Hinterlands, and the elite troll cave which contains the Ancient Egg. Once Phase
2 arrives you will also be able to farm for these in Dire Maul East. Because of the level
of the mobs in these areas you will want to be around level 45. Currently on my server
a stack of Ghost Mushrooms are selling for between 10 and 15 gold, so the effort may
be worth it to you. And that my friends are five gold farms you’re likely not taking
advantage of. As you can see many of these farms are for
higher level characters, but seeing as how making gold is a constant question from players
of all levels I thought something like this might help folks figure out what farms might
be best for them. If you enjoyed this guide please Like, Subscribe and click on the Bell
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to get stoned before an Auction, so that even if you don’t win anything, you’ll still
be the highest bidder.

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