WoW Classic (Phase 4): Complete Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza Guide, and HOW TO WIN!

WoW Classic (Phase 4): Complete Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza Guide, and HOW TO WIN!

On September 13, 2005, Patch 1.7 went live
and gave us the Zul’Gurub raid, and Arathi Basin battleground. What it also gave us the Stranglethorn Fishing
Extravaganza event which means we should see it implemented come Phase 4. Hello everyone my name is, Icosiol, and today
I’m going to show you what the fishing extravaganza is, why you should compete in it, and how
you can best improve your chances of taking the top prize. Also known as the Booty Bay Fishing Tournament,
the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza is an even that takes place in the Stranglethorn
Vale zone every Sunday afternoon from 1400 to 1600. The morning of the event there are goblins
spreading the word of the tournament by handing out fliers in both Ironforge and Orgrimmar,
but they are not needed to actually compete in the tournament. There are no quests tied to the event, and
there is no level requirement in order to compete. Theoretically you can be level 5 and take
part in the event, but you might find it difficult to catch any fish due to hungry mobs and too
low of a fishing skill. When the tournament begins there will be a
zone wide announcement from Riggle Bassbait in your chat box. Once it begins pools called, “Schools of Tastyfish”
will appear all along the coast of Stranglethorn Vale. You will not find any pools of tastyfish around
Jaguero Isle or in inland lakes. I believe Booty Bay has one or two locations
where a pool might spawn, but it’s so far from any other spawns that it’s not a good
idea to attempt to get it. Each pool will yield between 4 and 5 fish,
but be aware that approximately 20% of the fish you catch might be a non-contest fish
such as Firefin Snapper, Oily blackmouth, Stonescale Eel, Stranglekelp, or one of the
tournament rare fish which I will talk about a bit later. Your goal is to catch 40 Speckled Tastyfish
and be the first to turn them in to Riggle Bassbait who is found near the center of Booty
Bay right near the Inn. The Speckled Tastyfish is bound to you, so
nobody will be able to trade to you theirs. They will also go bad after 4 hours in your
inventory, so you won’t be able to keep them for the next week. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, let’s dive in to more of the details
of the tournament. So now why should you compete in the Stranglethorn
Fishing Extravaganza? Well if you don’t care about fishing there’s
probably not many reasons, but for those of you that do there are some great incentives. Before the extravaganza went live there was
only one way to be able to get your fishing skill to the coveted 425 number, and that
was to be a Horde player with Nat Pagle’s Extreme Angler FC-5000 fishing pole, and an
attached Aquadynamic Fish Attractor. If you were Alliance the best you could hope
for was a skill of 420, so you would still lose fish occasionally when fishing in high
level zones. The items you could win in this tournament
would change all of that. Now there can be one winner only, and that’s
regardless of Faction. That means if an Alliance player wins there
will be no Horde winner for that week. The winner of the tournament will get their
choice of two prizes which is the Arcanite Fishing Pole or the Hook of the Master Angler
Trinket. The Arcanite Fishing Pole is the best fishing
pole available, and was so for several expansions. It gives a +35 bonus to your fishing skill,
but it does require a minimum fishing skill of 300 to use. The Hook of the Master Angler is a fun trinket
that turns you in to a giant fish, and allows you to breathe underwater while also increasing
your swim speed. You can only choose one prize, so if you want
both items you will have to win the contest a second time. Because of that reason I highly suggest you
choose the Arcanite Fishing Pole should you be lucky enough to win. Standing next to Riggle Bassbait is the Fishbot
5000, and it will award some fishing items for any rare tournament fish that you may
have caught. This is why even after a winner has been announced
that you will want to continue fishing for these rare fish, and turn any that you catch
to the Fishbot 5000. The three rare fish are Brownell’s Blue Striped
Racer which will reward you Nat Pagle’s Extreme Anglin’ Boots. The Dezian Queenfish which rewards you the
High Test Eternium Fishing Line which acts as a permanent enchantment on your fishing
pole. Lastly and probably the most sought after
rare fish is the Keefer’s Angelfish which rewards the Lucky Fishing Hat. These all give a bonus +5 to your fishing
skill to help you reach that 425 number by simply using a cheaper and more available
lure. While you’re fishing for those rare tournament
fish you’re going to inevitably catch a ton of Speckled Tastyfish, and this is how you
can earn a bit of coin. Also standing next to Riggle Bassbait is the
goblin, Jang, and Jang will pay you 23 silver for every batch of 5 Speckled Tastyfish. If memory serves correctly (which sometimes
it doesn’t) both Jang, and the Fishbot 5000 will remain an hour after the tournament ends,
so make sure you turn in all your Speckled Tastyfish for the coin before she disappears
and leaves you with bags full of spoiled tastyfish. Thankfully the rare fish don’t spoil, so if
you miss turning them in to the Fishbot 5000 you’ll just have to wait another week to claim
your reward. Now let’s talk about how to up your chances
of winning. First of all you must understand that there
is a large amount of luck when it comes to winning this thing, because even if you do
everything right there still might be someone who just got luckier than you. That being said there are several things that
you can do that will greatly increase your chances of claiming the top prize, and they
all revolve around two key strategies. That’s fishing where other competitors are
not, and moving as fast as possible between Pools of Tastyfish. First and foremost the minimum fishing skill
that you will need in order to catch any Speckled Tastyfish is 130, but since this is a tournament
where speed is priority you will want a fishing skill of at least 225 in order to not lose
any fish. Don’t rely on a lure to reach a skill of 225,
because needing to attach another lure mid-tournament is only going to slow you down. Also be sure to keybind your fishing ability
and your mount, so you can be that split second faster between casts, catches and pools. Getting to the next pool as quickly as you
can is your ultimate priority, and so we need to look at ways we can speed up. For those of you using a mount there are three
items you’ll want to use and that’s Mithril Spurs for your boots, the Riding Skill enchant
for your gloves, and the ever so popular, Carrot on a Stick trinket from the Ghaz’rilla
quest in Zul’Farrak. If you don’t want use these on your raiding
or PvP gear you can always just pick up some uncommon items to put them on specifically
for the tournament. If you don’t have a mount you can also use
the Minor Speed Enchant for boots, Swiftness Potions, or even a Swim Speed Potion to get
to your next pool, but all those potions might get a bit costly. Of course some classes have their own abilities
that speed them up such as a Blink, Aspect of the Cheatah, Feline Swiftness, and Sprint. It’s important to know that the Schools
of Tastyfish respawn rather quickly, so if you happen to find a spot where not many competitors
are you’ll want to keep moving back and forth between the same five or six pools. By continuing up or down the coastline you’ll
end up running in to more competitors, and with the time it takes to fish from five or
six pools it’s almost guaranteed the pools you fished from behind you have begun to respawn. Getting a lock down on that many pools is
a tremendous advantage. Another strategy that’s actually quite sneaky
is having a “fishing buddy” that acts like he or she is competing in the tournament
next to you, but isn’t actually catching any fish from the pool you’re actively fishing
in. This makes it look like to other competitors
that the pool is being over-fished, and so they move on to the next one. After the third or fourth catch your fishing
buddy moves ahead to the next pool and clears out any mobs that may get to close and attack
you, or act like they’re already fishing in that pool to “claim” it until you get
there. On PvP servers this tactic can step up a notch
as your fishing buddy start attacking competitors from the opposing Faction. It was not uncommon to see entire guilds roaming
the coastline and laying waste to competitors so that their own will have a better shot
of winning. This has on many occasions blown up in to
massive wars that Stranglethorn Vietnam is already known for. If you’re competing in the tournament I
wouldn’t suggest you attack any opposing player as it will only serve to slow you down
and put very big target on your back. One thing that I have picked up on and will
be doing for the tournament is turning the graphics up to the highest setting. That’s because the pools are much clearer
to see versus the Classic graphics. Here is a picture of a pool on Classic graphics,
and here that same pool on the highest setting. This is important, because you can better
see the next pool from a greater distance, but also so you can better see the pool’s
edge. The bauble in this image is actually inside
the pool, and will catch a Tastyfish. This is much more difficult to see on the
Classic settings, and you might accidentally re-cast thinking it’s outside and waste
time when you didn’t have to. If your bauble is anywhere outside of that
distance you won’t catch any Tastyfish. Lastly it’s important to understand where
your bauble is most likely to land. In this cheap overlay you can see the areas
your bauble can potentially land, and the center area is where it will most often be;
so you want to be at a distance that has that central radius over the pool. This is where a lot of luck takes place, because
sometimes you can get a string of casts that are under or over shooting the pool. It’s just bad luck, so if this is happening
just remain calm and re-cast as quickly as you can, but not too quickly that you end
up canceling a good cast. There are also some pools that are so close
to shore that you’ll actually want to fish them from the side rather than directly from
the coast, or you might get a lot of “no water” errors. There’s a common saying in auto racing that
slow is fast, and that’s also true in many cases of this tournament. Remember that if you put all of this together
to perfection that it still might not be your day to win. There are a lot of people competing, and a
lot can possibly be getting luckier than you but don’t worry. Keep competing, and keep practicing and I
promise you’ll find yourself winning the grand prize. Good luck, happy fishing, and may the fish
bite quickly for you. Thank you very much for watching this guide
for the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. If you enjoyed this guide please give it a
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that’s perfectly fine to listen to music while you’re fishing, but just make sure
that it’s something catchy.

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  1. Hola, I remember winning the eternium line back in the day. Many twinks (10-19) compete just to win the hat. Great video!
    BTW: Another thing to improve your chances. Set your hearthstone to Booty Bay.😁

  2. You cannot even imagine how much, have, I, searched, for a guide as detailed as this one throughout the whole freaking internet!! Your guides are always the ones I follow the most due to high level in details (and ur voice) are always the best!! Thank you so much!!

  3. I have won this many times back on the day and a couple on Retail for the %XP ring on diferent accounts. Hopefully I'll be the first one to win on my server when it goes live. Great video.

  4. I may see if I can get a Warlock buddy to summon up north to get away from the crowds ASAP. Any recommendations on good fish cluster locations if distance from Booty Bay isn't a concern?

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