WoW Gold Making: Can you really make 150k/hr with Herbalism?

WoW Gold Making: Can you really make 150k/hr with Herbalism?

so I’ve never really needed a lot
of gold in WoW especially in these later expansions where you can now get a ton
of gold just by doing your world quest or your emissary quest each day after
12-13 years of playing World of Warcraft I’ve still never been a millionaire so I
thought I’d give it a go but the main problem I have is that I I’m A casual
and B I’m lazy so like a 21st century kid I am I went straight to youtube
searched world of warcraft get rich quick tips and I came across a lot of
herbalism guides some claimed in 10 to 20 50 to 150 K gold per hour and I
totally want in on that so I did what any sane world of warcraft player would do at this point and I went straight to the herblore trainer and rerolled straight to
herbalism now before I show you how I’ve got one of these guides I want to first
tell you a few beginner tips that you must do so the second thing you must do
after learning herbalism is to go straight to Zandalar and make sure you
learn all of the skills for each herb these skills will increase the amount of
herbs you get every single time you gather as you can see I only have one
herbalism so I couldn’t get that anchor weed skill but with the amount of
money I was set to make I didn’t really care so a few of the guys suggested that
I picked up a few items to aid me in my money-making mission firstly we had an
inch out for my gloves this enchant would allow me to gather herbs faster
when on the run the next two items are both consumable they cost me about 800
together but they’re well worth the investment
our first consumable is demonsteel stirrups this arm allowed me to stay mounted the entire time while gathering herbs alternatively if you have one you
can use a Sky Golem mount, the next consumable is a coarse leather barding
this will stop me being dazed and then dismounted while herbing being
attacked by NPC’s. Both of these consumable items lasts about two hours
so if you use it at the same time you get a good two hours of farming from
them next I picked up the recommended add-ons I won’t be going to into detail on
these add-ons but the names are a gatheremate2 farm HUD and routes so I saw
a really popular route in Tirasgarde sound and this is one where people were making
the big money in like an easy AFKble quote-unquote route and I definitely
want to give it a go so i set off eager on this route thinking to see fields and
fields of herbs everywhere I was thinking about all the mounts I was
gonna buy or the 385s from the auction house I was gonna buy I didn’t
think I’d ever have to pay for WoW membership with real money
ever again so I set up the stopwatch so that I could accurately tell you how
much you can make per hour to begin with I saw the route was quite
dry there’s not as good as I saw on the guides and I assume this is because so
many others were doing the same farming ruses me so I saw this trick where you
could use looking for group in order to take advantage of the phasing system and
go into another realm and then get a fresh set of nodes on each lap but for
modest I don’t think it worked for me once but that’s most likely because I
was doing it wrong the UI took some getting used to
and as I’m pretty lazy I tried my hardest to pay as little attention as
possible which was achievable at times as there was little to no herbs for
minutes on end in fact I found more herbs off the routes that I’ve been
given by these guides then on them after about 20 minutes of farming I started
getting the hang of the UI and how to follow the route but this is nowhere
near as I have cables they make it sound so as I said I’m very lazy so I’ve done
30 minutes of this here’s my haul some states the auction house and see how
much were averaging per hour so after putting my stuff on the auction house
I’d made a total of two thousand five hundred and thirty nine gold so if the
last 30 minutes of me gathering was accurate based on how to continue then
we can safely say that I don’t about 5k golden hour now I’m not naive enough to
think that I was gonna anywhere near fifty two hundred and fifty K in our and
I understand that I’m so new to this I’m very inefficient but really I should be
only maybe fifty percent less in that case not ten percent of what they’re
claiming but I guess it is 2019 and clickbait is strong on YouTube anyway
casual gamer signing off I’ve got much better things to do thanks for watching
see you later

13 Replies to “WoW Gold Making: Can you really make 150k/hr with Herbalism?”

  1. studens 150k/h video was 5 months ago so the prices of herbs were a lot more expensive like anchor weed was 750g,star moss 100g etc

  2. You're right these guides exaggerate, but if you have anchor weed skill maxed you get like 5-8 pieces of it per node. With the upcoming patch for the new raid its likely to go up in gold again, so maybe try again in a few days with max skill lol

  3. those guides were made at launch and with rank 3 in all the herbs, + it seems like you were 2 minutes behind someone doign the same route. That addon that puts your map on your screen is pure aids, dont ever use it. only people like WTBgold need to use that lol

  4. TLDR – you can't. Only way to make serious gold with gather professions is at the start of the expansions, coupled with multiboxing.

  5. I've tries but way too many fucking druid bots at one point there are 7 one after the other all doing the same route i wish there was a botkilling class/build in wow…a man can dream

  6. You missed the part where those guides were made 6 months ago when herbs were worth way more. That coupled with the inefficiency CAN cut down your income by way more than 50%. You are making numbers out of thin air.

  7. Heres the updated short and sweet version with level 3 skills in all herbs as promised 🙂

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