Yeast Infection – Home Remedies

Yeast Infection – Home Remedies

Nearly 75% of women across the world are prone to yeast infection or Candida infection, named after the fungus that causes it. This infection is quite common, particularly among women. The growth of yeast cells leads to infection which causes itching, burning or swelling in and around the affected area. It can also occur as oral thrush or localized skin fold infection
under the breasts and lower abdomen. Yeast infection could also develop due to factors such as: Use of antibiotics, Hormonal fluctuation, especially during pregnancy, Weakened immune system and Endocrine disorders such
as thyroid disorder and diabetes. But before you panic and rush to consult a doctor, try some natural and safe home remedies. Probiotics help rebuild the body’s defence mechanism against yeast. So eat generous quantity of yogurt every day, particularly in the morning. You can also dip a cotton ball in plain yogurt and apply it on the affected area. Leave it overnight or for at least 20-30 minutes. The next remedy that can be used to protect yourself against yeast infection. For this remedy you need coconut oil. Rinse the affected area thoroughly
and then apply the coconut oil. This remedy can be used in the genital area, too. In case of oral thrush, simply swish the coconut oil
in your mouth for about 5-10 minutes. And repeat this for at least three times a day. The next remedy that I am going to tell you
to protect yourself against yeast infection. For this remedy we need
a cup of warm water and apple cider vinegar. Take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Mix the solution thoroughly. And drink this solution twice a day. Tips to help you further in dealing with yeast infection. Yeast feeds on sugar. So, avoid having sugary foods
and beverages, Avoid alcohol, too. Eat 2-3 garlic cloves a day. And drink unsweetened cranberry juice.

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  1. I've lived with candida for several years, waste time to searching out the successful treatment method and then found it. It's simple, the key is you have to know the factor lead to your condition so you can simply overcome it

  2. ive had a sore helmet for about 4 weeks,i cant see my doc,because its a sort,theres no fellas wear i go,so i just have to keep it washed more,it hurts two when i make a piss.

  3. For years, I'd been plagued by severe yeast infections, including: breakouts, gaining weight, insomnia, depression… 

  4. What happens if I tell you that yeast is really manageable though the modern science says that it is not, just by natural trreatment?

  5. Yeast infection home remedies are more popular with the older generation of women who have discovered that the best remedies come from home.

  6. Yeast infections aren't bad, getting rid of it is easy here is what you do.
    Use the yeast to make bread, make a sandwich with it and, you'll be alright in no time.

  7. You are beautiful & your remedies work wonders but please use less make up the color of your skin on your neck is not matching your face anybody can tell you used a lots of make up… I love your videos keep up the good work, thanks.

  8. applying yogurt is not a good option.. other than that …all remedies said are good… there are other videos too for this problem…

  9. You must think about the natural treatment method to wipe out Candida infection safely and medication free. Beside, the effect will be with you for long.

  10. I 'm not sure about how I should feel. But in my experience experience, I couldn't suffer from the humiliation making love with Candida overgrowth infection, even just in my thought. It had really spoiled my sex drive. I had to live in continual nervousness and despair till I uncovered the natural treatment that assisted me to eliminate Candida infection within 2 weeks. It is a life saver!

  11. The only thing that works in this video is YOGURT, but the yogurt must have a label that says "Live and active cultures" stamped somewhere on the carton of the yogurt. Before you buy yogurt in any flavor, just look around on it and see if it has the words "live and active cultures"

    If it does, that eat that EVERY DAY!

    even before you have sex !!

  12. Sweet video. I've been able to get rid of yeast infection easily using a pretty method. You can see my video about it on my channel

  13. helo mam i am suffering from this and i m using coconut oil from 2 days my itching hasn't stop
    what to do plz let me know i m in a problem and plz tell me one thing its a dangerous deases or not plz give a best home remedy

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  16. Please please please please help me I'm 13 and I think I might have one but I have no idea how I got it and I don't want to use anything down there ;-; I'm afraid if I tell my mom she's gonna get really upset with me or worry really badly about me so anyone at all out there please tell me how I can help it

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