You CAN Drink Alcohol And Take Antibiotics! DEBUNKED

You CAN Drink Alcohol And Take Antibiotics! DEBUNKED

Let me set the scene… You’re in the last week of a course of antibiotics,
and there’s a big event coming up in your social calendar maybe a wedding, a birthday,
table for one at Nando’s; Whatever it may be, it means heading out on the town for a
night of partying. But unfortunately you’re likely to be the only sober person in the
bar, because if you have a nice, cool alcoholic beverage it will stop your antibiotics from
working, and most likely make you sick. A study at a London clinic found that eighty
one percent of patients believed that this combination would stop antibiotics from working
and seventy one percent thought it would cause side-effects. But how true is this? Does it work the same
for all antibiotics or is it just bunch of lies to get you to cut down on your alcohol
intake? I’m Stu, this is Debunked, and we’re here
to sort the Truths from the Myths and Facts from the Misconceptions. After penicillin was first discovered by Alexander
Fleming in 1928 it was soon used to treat soldiers’ infected wounds during World War
Two. However, they soon found it to be extremely effective at clearing up Sexually Transmitted
Infections too. Specifically ‘the clap’ or gonorrhoea. According to Dr Eric Sidebottom from the University
of Oxford ‘This presented the military with a problem:
with limited supplies, which soldiers should receive the drug – those with clap or those
with horrific injuries? Churchill reportedly decided to use it to “best military advantage”
(give it to those with the clap to get them back onto the front lines more quickly).’ With it now established as a cure for STIs,
it became widely prescribed in venereal disease clinics after World War Two. Now this is the point in time where the idea
of ‘no alcohol’ came into play. While on the course of antibiotics patients
carrying an STI would still be infectious, so they were told to stay off alcohol; Doctors
feared their patients would get drunk and jump into bed with someone at the first opportunity,
spreading their infectious love juices all over town. By advising the patients not to drink, doctors
were giving the medication a chance to work before any infections could be passed on.
So, the advice was actually more psychological than medicinal. This advice has since passed through the generations
and has become a sort of “tradition” as part of standard medical practice. So next time
you worry about getting tipsy on your pills, you can blame your randy grandparents. However, all of this doesn’t mean you should
go out all night and get hammered while you’re on antibiotics. Drinking alcohol at the same time as taking
medication can increase the time it takes for your liver to process the medication and
therefore slows down your recovery period. Some antibiotics can also cause side effects
like dizziness and drowsiness so this may increase the nauseating effect of alcohol. But, it won’t actually stop the antibiotics
from working. However, of all the hundreds of antibiotics
that are available, there are five types… …that really should be avoided with alcohol,
but only two of these are commonly prescribed. Metronidazole, is used to treat dental and
gynaecological infections, as well as to treat clostridium difficile, an infection picked
up in hospitals. The other is Tinidazole which is used for
similar infections as well as to remove harmful bacteria from the gut. The combination of either of these medications
and alcohol can make you pretty sick. It prevents your body from breaking down the
alcohol properly, this leads to a build up of a toxin in the blood called acetaldehyde
and can result in vomiting, severe headaches, chest pain, an increased heart rate and breathlessness. I’m sure we can all agree that none of those
are particularly good for you. And although a study in 2003 disputed this, it is still
widely considered to cause these side-effects. Metronidazole is actually closely related
to Antabuse, which a drug used to treat alcoholism by making alcoholics nauseous when they consume
alcohol. So it’s best to stay away from the liquor if you’re on those, unless you
want to paint the walls of your local boozer with your breakfast, lunch and dinner. To be on the safe side you should also avoid
alcohol for 48 hours after finishing your course of Metronidazole and 72 hours after
Tinidazole. I hope that cleared up a few misconceptions,
but before you go, there is another school of thought about where the whole myth came
from… During World War Two, penicillin was in such
short supply that medics would reuse as much as possible from patients pee, and if the
patient’s drunk beer it would increase the volume of urine and make it harder to obtain
the penicillin. So a ban on beer was put in place so they could recycle as much of the
medication as possible. But we can’t go debunking myths with urban
legends so that just a nice side note. Anyway, I hope you learnt something new and,
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89 Replies to “You CAN Drink Alcohol And Take Antibiotics! DEBUNKED”

  1. this channel looks interesting but i only have one issue and i get it alot with nearly every channel asking for subs at the end if you actually trusted your audience you would never ask for such things. This is my only problem here how ever so i say keep going.

  2. my doctors actualy told me its because antibiotics makes your liver and kidneys work harder to filter the antibiotics and my drinking causes them to work harder then they already are while on antibiotics….so it can be more harmful to your liver/kindeys and more likely to worsen their conditions (but might be because i have existing conditions with my liver to begin with)

  3. Great video, and thank you for the information. Do you know what the effects are if you smoke marijuana combination with antibiotics? Asking for a friend 🙂

  4. Note: mixing alcohol with certain pain killers, like ibuprofen, can cause stomach ulcers. so remember just because most antibiotics are safe, does not mean all meds are safe. be smart dont drink while on meds ;p

  5. Great video 🙂
    I may add a few additional facts too:

    1) Don't take antibiotics if you are healthy, that's one of the easiest ways to breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria (the other way is to stop an antibiotic treatment of a bacterial infection halfway)

    2) Being intoxicated adversely affects your decision-making abilities and may cause you to miss an antibiotioc dose or two, which may cause some of the bacteria to adapt and you having resistant bacteria to deal with

    3) If you are sick enough to need antibiotics, getting intoxicated isn't going to help your body

  6. Never let a doctor decide between your happiness and hap-penis. Especially if his name is Dr. Sidebottom… Who let him be a Dr.?

  7. for quite a professional video im surprised you havent changed the screen colour as you can see a green glow on your face from the curtain… lol

  8. Drinking a large amount of liquid (water, beer, milk, OJ) flusher out any water soluble medication from your system much faster than normal, so whilst on a drinking session the antibiotic level in your blood is reduced to a much lower level. I've never drunk a gallon of water, milk or OJ in the same day but a couple of times a year Ill drink a gallon of beer in one night.

  9. It's just so stupid.

    Why would anyone drink such a think which has no benefits ?

    Just stop drinking this worthless liquid and you're all good.

  10. Debunked: "Spreading their infectious love juices…"
    Me (Spits out cereal): "Blah… oh…that's just…I mean…oh come on guys please…"

  11. Can you guys clear these misconception about 'drinking icy water while taking medicine reducing the effectiveness of the medicine compared to the plain, warm water' in your future video ?

  12. Listen to How It All Turns Out PROD.Syndrome by | Powderr #np on #SoundCloud

  13. I mixed 0.5mg of xanax (which is also a gaba inhibitor, just like alcohol) while using metronidazole (a common antibiotic used for people allergic to penicillin) and my resting heart rate went up to 180bpm!!! I had to be rushed to ER and almost got my stomach pumped! Not a fun experience!Be very careful with what you mix with certain antibiotics!!! please!

  14. I already mixed benzodiazepine with 6 shot of vodka (which normally alone is not enough to make me drunk) I completely forgot that I took these meds…
    Low heart rate, drowsy like opiates then black hole, but I had chance Cause I could have died. Benzo mixed with alcohol is really dangerous.

  15. So you say its ok to drink on antibiotics, REALLY, you're liver will be swollen, you're kidney will run overtime, and you are just stupid, maybe tell everybody to shoot heroin because it's the best drug ever. And also, people after seeing this will drink on antibiotics, fuckin idiot

  16. My mom always tells me to not drink when I use antibiotics, every time I try to explain this she never listens.

  17. Antibiotics kill all the friendly bacteria as well as the bad bacteria in your gut … Antibiotics should only be taken as a last resort.

  18. You should not debunk scientific thought on myth but scientific research. This is dangerous thinking.when drugs are going through drug trailers they ,most scientists dont put alchol as a factor.plz consult health professions before making such debankings .talk to a pharamacist e.t.c

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  20. i was sick and on penicillin last year and i had a big vacation planned and my doctor told me to drink whatever i liked while on it lol

  21. Other medications , (the use of the word medication not being limited to anti-Bionics ) can have strange effects on alcohol too ,
    some drugs can make it physically impossible to get drunk ,

    Great i hear you think , problem is people stop drinking when night is over or they feel drunk and had enough , if you never felt drunk you would kill yourself with alcohol toxicity , where you body could not get rid of the toxin and it would kill you.

    so in case you still reading wondering what drug this is that cause that i can say from personal experience , that "IM NOT TELLING " , to keep all you lovely people safe , and if you cant get drunk whats the point of drinking alcohol anyway , might as well enjoy a nice alcohol free larger , tastes just as good anyway

  22. asks my brother who's a doctor.

    said you'll get drunk quicker because your liver is processing antibiotics as well.

  23. Sugar feeds bacteria if you have a bacterial infection it seems logical to cut down on sugar in fact that's how ancient people delt with bacterial infections they took herbs and fasted. And how according too science we know it's super effective and antibiotics have serious side effects wiping out your microflora allowing fungus too grow on a HIGH refined sugar diet SAD diet. You debunked yourself at the end of the video.

  24. Currently on Amoxicillin and ear drop antibiotics. Been looking at my bottles quite thirsty. After seeing this video I have decided it is time to chug them down. Wish me luck

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