your female roommates are evil hypnotists. ASMR roleplay 4K HD

your female roommates are evil hypnotists. ASMR roleplay 4K HD

thanks for answering her ad looking for
roommates my name is Nicole and this is Jennifer
we’ve got a lot of responses to our ad but not many of them are serious you
know so we don’t really need a roommate for financial reasons but we like to
have someone around to have fun way hmm Jennifer is right my eyes are
hypnotizing you my eyes are controlling you my eyes are
hypnotizing you sleep sleep for Nicole sleep for Jennifer under our power –
yeah one sleep now yes take critical sleep for Jennifer good
going deep now you’re deeply hypnotized feel this wave of obedience rippling
through your minds we dr. wave about babies live without being you Kikuyu
feeling it spread faster and faster hear this voice inside your head obey
Jennifer obey Jennifer obey Jennifer Jennifer is right here my voice inside
your head inside your brain echoing the truth
all other thoughts have vanished all their thoughts are gone you hear and you
obey you hear and you obey you hear you obey hypnosis hypnodomme roommate ASMR roleplay cosplay

13 Replies to “your female roommates are evil hypnotists. ASMR roleplay 4K HD”

  1. hello hey heya im or me my name is tommy.and
    im a fan of hypno hypnosis hypno nicole is ok or good
    or not bad but id rather hypno jennifer lol i wud nt mind being
    put under hypno by her she is so good at it she cud real me in to her
    erm place i meen home apartment lol to clean it she erm i meen
    hypno jennifer cud get me to do anything i hav 40 sessions of crap cbt theropy
    and her self stuck in me head a mind after jennifer gets those out she cud
    av fun with me lol she cud replace em with her own ideas

  2. I'm not gonna obey them do you really think that would work though actually now that I think of it I'm a minute through but nah that not possible possible possible …My I feel good like I want to obey ? I will obey

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