Your Tissues Hold the Story of Your Life

– The story of our lives is held in the tissues of our bodies. It often comes out as different symptoms, and we can access the story through deep presence and inner listening in different parts of the body, particularly those parts
that might be hurting. So different types of
stories tend to get attracted to different places in the body, and there’s lots of different systems of understanding how that happens. The chakra system is one of them. Lots of different energy medicine systems. But as an overarching principle, I think it’s really helpful to understand that when the body hurts, there’s often something else going on, particularly when it chronically
hurts and doesn’t respond to other physical type of interventions. Then we look and see with a combination of presence work, potentially homeopathy and
other therapies you might do, to try and unlock and
uncover some of the past that perhaps we thought we
processed that we didn’t quite. And it gets lodged into the tissues and prevents those tissues
from being as vibrant as they might be. So my invitation is to
look at pain and discomfort in the body as part of your story, and you need to listen to it.

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